Internal Workshops

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Internal Workshops ...

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement

    Economic Development Theme Group

    ndTuesday 2 March 2010 at 10am 1pm

    Cabinet Room D - County Hall, Preston

    Notes & Actions

    In attendance: Aidan Murphy (LCC LAA Policy Officer)

    Alison Davies (Burnley Borough Council)

    Ann Fitzgerald (UCLAN)

     Anne Ainsworth (LCC Economic Policy Manager)

    Anne-Marie Morgan (LCC Corporate HR)

    Barrie Moreton (LCC LAA)

    Bill Kindon (Lancaster City Council)

    Bina Limbachia (LCC Corporate HR)

    Carol Melia (Jobcentre Plus)

    David Presto (Rossendale Borough Council)

    Hanna Latty (Pendle Borough Council)

    Ian Filbin (LCC LAA)

    Imtiaz Shah (Pendle Borough Council)

    Jo Turner (LCC LAA)

    Jon Powell (Lancaster University)

    Kath Buddle (LCC Policy Officer)

    Keith Launchbury (Preston City Council)

    Khalid Saifullah (Business Link North West)

    Kulli Paddan (Wyre Borough Council)

    Lisa Quinn (LCC LAA)

    Melissa Watts (Ribble Valley Borough Council)

    Michelle Arthur (Preston City Council)

    Mike Townson (LCC LAA)

    Nuala Lewis (Chorley Borough Council)

    Paula Huber (West Lancs Borough Council)

    Peter Scott (Lancashire LSC)

    Phil Russell (LCC LAA)

    Raeleen Duthoit (Lancashire Work-Based Learning Executive Forum)

    Rebecca Lawlor (LAA Housing Indicator Lead)

    Tim Kenyon (LCC Learning Access + Policy)

    Vladimir Pejcinovic (Hyndburn Borough Council)

    Apologies: Steve Dean (LAA Economy Theme Lead), Rachel Dyer (Lancashire Probation), Nikki

    Bell (LCC Finance), Cath Burns (Chorley BC), Anne Gornall (LSC), Charlotte Iddon (LCC - Corporate

    HR), Jennifer Clough (South Ribble Borough Council), Ian Lapping (Jobcentre Plus) & Paul Pinnington

    (Government Office NW).

    1. Welcome & Apologies

    Barrie Moreton (LCC-LAA) opened the meeting and asked partners to

    introduce themselves.

    2. Review of Notes & Actions from previous meeting/Matters arising

    Item 3) Beacon Open day Mike Townson (Beacon Coordinator)

    reported that it was a successful event with over 100 attendees

    and extended thanks to partners. All presentations and case

    studies can be found on the website see;


    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 1 Economy Theme Group Meeting

Item 4) Lancashire Work Based Learning Executive Forum to present

    Advanced Apprenticeship new data down load at next meeting. thDownload scheduled this Friday 5 March 2010 from LSC.

    Also noted Service Level Agreement for LWBLEF is waiting

    clearance from Legal Services.

    Item 6) Big Ticket Issues Martin Kelly, Director of Economic

    Development is now leading on this. Thanks were noted for

    Nick Briggs of Lancashire Economic Partnership for all his help

    over the years, he has moved to work for Lancashire Sport


AOB Thanks was extended to Keith Launchbury at Preston City

    Council who is hosting the next LAA Economic Development

    thTheme meeting on Tuesday 20 April 2010 at 10am, at

    Preston City Council, The Council Chamber, Town Hall,

    Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL.

    thWith one amendment (page 3), the draft notes of the last meeting on 12

    January 2010, were agreed as a true record.

3. District & Partner Updates

Pendle Borough Council (Hanna Latty & Imtiaz Shah) advised Sainsbury's

    development ongoing; Pendle BC are considering the best use of the section

    106 money to regenerate Colne Town Centre; advised they are a member of

    the Evolve network, promoting vacancies, training and placement opportunities

    in the area.

    Further details:

Business Link North West (Khalid Saifullah) they are hosting an event this thThursday 4 March 2010 for ISUS providers looking at the customer journey thand on Thursday 11 March 2010 an Equality and Human Rights event

    looking at procurement in public, private and third sector, for more details see

    website. They are also developing an offer of business support targeted at

    businesses under 3 years old in partnership with the local authorities.

Lancaster CC (Bill Kindon) 2 vacancies for FJF now with Jobcentre Plus

    and their Council have identified 5 jobs for next year. The Lancaster &

    Morecambe worklessness project (supported by the LSP) is approaching the

    end of its first year. Despite the current economic climate, the project is close

    to meeting its targets, except around sustainable employment. The project is

    now extending to offer support in vulnerable households which will provide

    more referrals for the main project. Rent Grant scheme progressing well,

    there are 11 businesses with offers for this year; rural development

    programmes doing ok, with 3 offers out in North Lancs. Lancaster are hosting tha Lancaster District Business Advice Night on 14 April 2010 at 4pm at The

    Hexagon, Lancaster & Morecambe College.

    Registration at:

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 2 Economy Theme Group Meeting

Hyndburn BC (Vladimir Pejcinovic) their economic development has been

    devolved to Regenerate (Pennine Lancs EDC) and governance and

    accountability arrangements are being developed. The section 106

    agreement for Whitebirk is in the final stage of agreement and in Accrington

    there is a new Tesco, generating ?1m in section 106 funds for the

    development of the town centre and ?2 million is to be spent on the Town

    Market Hall which will create approx. 22 business units.

Multi Area Agreements (Anne Ainsworth) of the 3 MAA's, Pennine

    Lancashire has been signed off and NWDA funding secured so that

    Regenerate (Pennine Lancs EDC), is nearly ready to start delivery; the Fylde

    MAA was signed in October and an economic development company is

    'under construction'. The Mid Lancs MAA is in the final stages of

    development. The aim is to complete and submit by end of March 2010. It is

    focusing on unlocking the potential of the M6 corridor. The Mid-Lancs cluster

    isn't asking for much funding, but is concentrating on changing policy and

    using pump priming.

    ACTION: Anne Ainsworth to supply a briefing for partners of the current MAA


Rossendale BC (David Presto & Rebecca Lawlor) DP reported the

    Community Animators outreach/worklessness project has engaged with 110

    participants 11 have secured work; they have 10 vacancies for FJF and

    there are 8 vacancies in VCFS; ?210,000 secured from the economic

    efficiency partnership for travelling (covering Rossendale, Ribble valley and

    Pendle) One-Stop-Shop which is a 5 year project in partnership with Help


LCC Corporate HR (Anne-Marie Morgan) all district partners engaged in

    two tier working; there are 4x FJF opportunities in Mid Lancs and the closing

    date for applicants is 8th March 2010; discussions are ongoing for possibly 100 opportunities for next year and Anne-Marie introduced Bina Limbachia to

    the group who is leading on FJF.

Burnley BC (Alison Davies) - reported that there are 16x FJF jobs in Burnley;

    they have an apprentice starting in April; had a very successful jobs-fair in

    February (630 attended); close to securing ERDF for a public realm scheme

    to develop and improve the area around the Burnley College/UCLAN site,

    which will incorporate a high growth enterprise facility. BBC is working with


Ribble Valley BC (Melissa Watts) fully included in No-Limits offer and fully

    engaged with Regenerate; currently 3 vacancies under FJF, but are seeking

    to increase the offer; support being offered to 80 staff (60 of these live in the

    village of Chipping) being made redundant in the area from HJ Berry's.

    UCLAN (Ann Fitzgerald) update on business starts recorded to 131.

    Chorley BC (Nuala Lewis) are running the Intense Start Up Project and have evidence from Business Link to show an increase in new starts; the

    Chorley redundancy task force is ongoing and Chorley Community Housing

    have offered 2 vacancies for next years FJF.

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 3 Economy Theme Group Meeting

LSC (Peter Scott) LSC comes to an end this month and becomes the Skills

    Funding Agency and Young Peoples Learning Agency. Peter will continue to

    work on MAA's and LAA along with Anne Gornall and Rosie Gregson. Will

    continue to develop wrap around support for FJF and develop offer on 18-24

    year olds with Jobcentre Plus, including continuing to increase sector route

    way options. Hope to have contacts for circulation at next meeting.

Lancashire Work-Based Learning Executive Forum (Raeleen Duthoit)

    said she had been asked by the National Apprenticeship Service to attend

    any events for BME employers to promote Apprenticeships. Raeleen asked if

    any partners knew of or were holding any events that she could be involved

    with. Please contact her direct on

    Jobcentre Plus (Carol Melia) Backing Young Britain current focus, all JCP offices now have two dedicated teams (one each for 18-24 year olds + over

    25's) even though 18-24 age group is 30% of their workload 50% of their staff

    are dedicated to this work; unemployment rose slightly after Christmas (which

    was expected); FJF issues have been ironed out - 281 placements have been

    filled in the Cumbria & Lancashire area with 140 in the last month. There has

    been an increase from 8 to 17 sector route ways, resulting in 71 vacancies

    filled in Nov and Dec, 46 in Jan.

Preston CC (Michelle Arthur & Keith Launchbury) Preston Employment

    Partnership (PEP) and FJF on going. PEP is running a series of road shows

    over the summer. There is an outstanding bid with Flexible New Deal as PEP

    is hoping to be sustainable beyond the Working Neighbourhoods Funding;

    developing the Community Food Growing scheme which will support people

    with mental health and disabilities issues using mentoring and coaching (just

    need to agree location).

    Thanks to Business Link for their support. The have made a bid to the LSP to

    consider enterprise coaching and are keen to work with other districts to look

    at cross boundary working and to strengthen the partnership bid.

LCC Learning Access + Policy (Tim Kenyon) considering the 14-19 yrs

    Reform update, progression routes and access to Higher Education in line

    with the Brown Review (regarding student finances); working with Lancashire

    Student Services looking at getting the best deal and developing strategies

    for student choice making.

    Future Jobs Fund (Ian Filbin) Mid Lancs FJF going quite well trying to maintain momentum into next year; have completed appraisals of new

    partners and have made a commitment to roll-on to next year; extended

    thanks to partners for all their help.

    Wyre BC (Kulli Paddan) advised 15x FJF jobs in YMCA, 6 in Wyre BC and 5 at Myerscough College, with the remaining vacancies (up to 64) to be

    carried over to post-April; Wyred Up and Find Your Way Event Thursday 4th

    March 2010 and have 120 business registrations so far; there are 2 bids in

    the PRG, one for StartNow, one for Wyred Up; waiting on ?450,000 ERDF for

    environmental improvements.

    Lancaster University (Jon Powell) as an enterprise champion they are impact not target driven; he promoted their Enterprise Start-up Fund /

    National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship which has secured a 3year

    extension, it supports 20-25 new business start ups per year.

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 4 Economy Theme Group Meeting

West Lancashire Borough Council (Paula Huber) noted thanks to LCC

    Corporate HR who met with their Chief Executive last week, also thanks and

    recognition to Kath Fearn who was made redundant last week and also to

    Pete Trewin who leaves this month. Advised working closer with Business

    Link NW and gave an update on Lancashire West Rural Programme.

    4. Big Ticket Issue

Aidan Murphy (LCC-LAA Policy Officer) gave a brief update on indicator focus

    and advised looking at links to other strategies. Lead Officer now Martin Kelly, thDirector of Economic Development. On 16 April 2010 need to report back to

    the Executive.

Barrie Moreton (LCC-LAA) circulated a document to the group and discussed.

    Khalid Saifullah (Business Link NW) noted that they had recently completed research about high growth businesses and this can be shared with partners.

5. Q3 Performance Report & Q4 reporting deadline

Barrie Moreton (LCC-LAA) referred to document circulated with papers which

    highlights what we have tried to do.

6. GONW Refresh Position

Barrie Moreton (LCC-LAA) referred to above document and the following

    targets were confirmed and agreed by the Theme Group:

NI 153 Worklessness the new target is to maintain or improve Lancashire's

    position compared to the North West, currently this is at 2.8%.

NI 152 Worklessness the new target is to maintain or improve Lancashire's

    position compared to the North West, currently this is at 2.8%.

    NI 155 Number of affordable homes small reduction which has been agreed.

    NI 163 Level 2 & NI 165 Level 4 - not up for renegotiation, on current trends don't think will reach this target.

    NI 166 Average earnings base line 98.7 for Lancashire and regional figure, suggested reduction to 98.1%, this is a moving average and a broad indicator

    of GVA.

    NI 171 Business registration rate constantly changing figure, should we offer 49 or 50 registrations per 10,000 population, suggested 50 and this was

    agreed by the group.

7. Map of Lancashire LSC Interventions

Peter Scott (LSC) referred to papers previously circulated and noted they

    attempt to capture on a single sheet of paper all of the LSC provision plus

    Jobcentre Plus and other partners interventions for the In Employment,

    Facing Redundancy and Unemployed categories. He advised the document

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 5 Economy Theme Group Meeting

    is constantly changing and the difficulty is in keeping it up to date. Partners

    agreed this was a very useful document.

ACTION: Peter Scott to up date the above and circulate.

8. Equality & Diversity Assessment

    Kath Buddle (LCC Policy Officer) advised that 'Narrowing the Gaps' is the

    Lancashire Partnership's toolkit for identifying priorities for all our communities

    and embedding actions to address those priorities within the Lancashire Local

    Area Agreement. Primarily, it is an Equality and Cohesion Impact Assessment

    process which, as well as helping us to improve the quality of life for all

    people living in Lancashire, also helps us meet a number of audit and

    statutory requirements.

    The toolkit has now been completed with the support of partners and the

    priorities agreed by the members of the LAA Economic Theme Group.

    Each member of the group was asked to join their preferred of 3 workshops:

    ? Skills - NI 163, NI 165

    ? Business Enterprise NI 166, NI 171

    ? Employability NI 152, NI 153

    The outcome of this exercise is to develop and agree upon an Equality &

    Diversity action plan for the financial year 2011 / 2012. Once agreed, this will

    be presented to the Equality & Diversity board for further comments.

ACTION: Kath Buddle, Phil Russell and Mike Townson to summarise outcomes

    of workshops, circulate and propose some draft actions for discussion

    at the next meeting.

    9. Any Other Business


Next meeting at a New Venue: Tuesday 20th April 2010, Preston City Council,

    The Council Chamber, Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL. For

    directions please click here

     thAlso: Tuesday 25 May 2010, 10am Cabinet Room D, County Hall thTuesday 13 July 2010, 10am Cabinet Room D, County Hall thTuesday 24 August 2010, 10am Cabinet Room D, County Hall thTuesday 12 October 2010, 10am Cabinet Room D, County Hall thTuesday 30 November 2010, 10am Cabinet Room D, County Hall

    Lancashire Local Area Agreement; 6 Economy Theme Group Meeting

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