module 6 old and new

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module 6 old and new

    必修3 Module 6 Old and New

    基础操练 1. 这家超市的停车场只能容纳不到50辆车。(accommodate)

    ?. 单词拼写

    1. R are used to store water in case of floods or droughts.

    2. Our school has a large hotel which a 1,000 guests. 2. 这种电脑已经过时了。(out of date

    3. Burning coal has led to g warming.

    4. Water will change into ice when the temperature drops to the f point.

    5. He is seriously ill. So he can’t take the t examinations. 3. 读这种无聊的小说毫无意义。(make sense

    6. The DCIO (坠毁) shortly after take off.

    7. A bridge is a (建筑物) built over a river or road that allows people or vehicles to cross from

    one side to the other. 4. 我正想从那棵大树上跳下来时,我的老师阻止了我。(hold back)

    8. It is difficult to travel through the city on a (有雾的) day.

    9. He is studying (土木工程) at university.

    10. The submarine (浸入水中) to avoid enemy ships. 5. 我们从这里步行到车站要30分钟。(take



    14______________________正对……进行访问 提升练习

    15________________________阻止16_____________________等于,胜任,和……匹敌 ?.单项填空,从ABCD四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

    17____________有意义;有道理18____________(梦想等)变成现实 1. Those students by Confucius’s teachings began to travel from state to state explaining his 19____________算出;解决 20____________划掉,删掉 philosophy.

    21____________既然,由于 A. influenced B. influencing C. being influenced D. had been influenced ?.辨析填空 2. We have to all the furniture to another room, for this room will be used as a kitchen. A. spend/take/cost/pay A. replace B. produce C. remove D. lift 1. Careless driving him his life. 3. By doing the experiment, the scientist aims to record the exact point at which salt water

    2. It them 15 years to finish the project. turns .

    3. More money should be on health and education. A. frozen; freezing B. frozen; frozen C. freezing; freezing D. freezing; frozen 4. When can you me for the work? 4. Seen from the hill, the of the teaching building of my university looks like a flying plane. B. historic/historical A. project B. structure C. terminal D. construction 1. He likes reading novels. 5. The worried mother couldn’t _______her tears when she learned her son had got hurt in a car accident. 2. This is a meeting between the two great leaders. A. hold back B. hold up C. hold off D. hold on to C. mainly/mostly 6. He has always expected to be a competitor in the programme Luck 52, and now his dream________ . 1. His spare time is spent in playing computers. A. has been come true B. has realized C. has come true D. is realizing 2. The fault of the accident is in the driver himself. 7. What Mr Black said was so _________ that most of us couldn’t believe it.

    ?. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 A. influential B. fascinating C. boring D. ridiculous 1. In China the needle treatment (date) back ancient times. 8. The custom the 10th century when people knew little about the earth. 2. The temperature has dropped to the (freeze) point. A. is dated back to B. dates back to C. is dated from D. is dating from 3. He was (submerge) in debt. 9. Every year our country used about 12 billion tons of coal for heating and electricity, which

    4. They lived in a well (accommodate) hotel last night. has a bad effect on our environment.

    5. The ladder came (crash) through the window. A. offering B. producing C. generating D. creating ?. 翻译句子 10. It is studied that the hotter the climate, the lower the percentage of fatty people.


    必修3 Module 6 Old and New

    24On a________morning the little match girl was found______at the corner of the street. . When its hot, I dont feel like eating a lot.

    A. It makes a great difference B. It couldn’t be worse Afreezingfreezing Bfreezingfrozen Cfrozenfrozen Dfrozenfreezing C. It drives me crazy D. That makes sense 25May I ask a favor of you? In my opinionthe answer to the question you gave us just now doesn’t make any________. 11

    ________. Aidea Bmeaning Csense Dpoint

    AIt’s my pleasure BSurego ahead 12The new apartment built a few months ago is large enough to________over two hundred people.

    CWith pleasure DI’ve no time Acontain Bprovide Creside Daccommodate

    26(2009?烟台调研)Nowadays teenagers like to go to fast food restaurants, ________ as the name 13The needle treatment________from the ancient times has cured many dieases.

    suggests, eating doesn't take much time. Ato date Bdating Cbeing dated Ddated A. who B. where C. which D. what 14A local woman couldn’t________her tears when she saw her store destroyed by the fire. 27.(2009?天津)I shall never forget the day ________ Shen Zhou V was launched, ________ has a

    Ahold back Bhold outChold up Dhold on great effect on my life.

    15You look absolutely________in those tight jeanschange them for another pair. A. when; which B. that; which C. which; that D. when; that Aanxious Bcurious Cridiculous Dserious 28.(2009?乐山调研)If a shop has chairs ________ women can park their men, women will spend

    16Large amounts of money_____spent on the bridgewhich_____to be completed the next month. more time shopping.

    A. that B. which C. when D. where Awaswas expected Bwerewas expected

    29.(2009?海淀)While driving through the city, she showed me the building ________ she once Cwasexpected Dwereexpected

    worked as a lift operator. 17The project under________in the city will be completed at the end of this month.

    A. when B. which C. by which D. in which Acontrol Bconstruction Cdiscussion Drepair

    30.(2009?东城)The supermarket has so little parking space, ________ is really a problem. 18“________the glassor it will be knocked down”said the mother.

    A. which B. what C. it D. as ARemove BRemoving CIf remove DTo remove

    31.The Beatles________ many of you are old enough to remembercame from Liverpool. 19The book which is based on________events is helpful for you to study history.

    A. what B. that C. how D. as Ahistorical Btraditional Cglobal Dterrifying 32.I was given three books on cooking, the first ________I really enjoyed. 20Recently some Chinese experts______that another law on wildlife protection ____as soon as possible. A. of that B. of which C. that D. which Asuggestedmust be passed Bhave suggestedbe passed 33. I have many friends, ________ some are businessmen. Chave suggestedpass Dsuggestedwould be passed A. of them B. from which C. who of D. of whom

    34. Once more I am in Boston, ________ I have not been for ten years. 21You’ll find the map of great________in helping you to get round London.

    A. which B. where C. that D. as Aprice Bcost Cvalue Dusefulness

    35.________ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. 22I’d like you to________my name from your list.I don’t want to be involved in the matter.

    A. Which B. When C. What D. As Amodify Bguide Cremove Dweed

23He was born and________up in this town________he left at the age of 16.

    Agrewwhere Bgrewwhich Cbroughtwhere Dbroughtwhich


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