How to start a YP group

By Lawrence Boyd,2014-07-09 14:00
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How to start a YP group ...

    How to Start and Maintain a Young Professional (YP) group - Summary

    I. Reasons why to start a YP group

    a. Networking

    b. To help Young Professionals build a community of peers under the

    guidance of AIChE social networking c. Career building

    d. Leadership Development

    e. Mentoring

    f. Provide input to your local section about the needs of young professionals,

    increase relevancy of topics and events

    II. Help from Local Section

    a. - find out where the local section is in your area

    b. Work in conjunction with section

    i. From a committee to establish a YP group

    1. Does not have to be under 35 at first, but eventually should


    2. Should meet on a standard basis to discuss current status of

    YP attend local section committee meetings and talk to

    section coordinators

    3. Work in cooperation with the local section leadership and

    let them decide how involved to be in the YP group

    whether they want to be very involved or mostly hands-off

    III. Committee

    a. Members

    i. 4 to 5 people on startup committee, as few as 2 can plan a few

    events per year

    ii. Establish jobs/roles for each person

    iii. Example of Specific Jobs note these are suggestions. If a

    section‟s population is small, one or two people could do several of

    these jobs.

    1. Chair/Co-chair answers to local section leadership and

    oversees the health of the YP group. Co-chair is the

    Chair‟s backup in case the Chair is unavailable or unable to

    fulfill his/her duties.

    2. Social Events Coordinator plans social events like Happy

    Hours, field trips, etc. The coordinator can delegate these

    events to others and make sure that those events get the

    resources they require

    3. Technical Events Coordinator plans events that are

    technical in nature like speakers on engineering topics as

    well as organizing training seminars or hours for local YP

    members. They may delegate these events to others and

    make sure that they get the resources they require.

    4. Outreach events coordinator plans events for outreach to

    college students, K-12 students and the local community to

    spread knowledge of AIChE and chemical engineering.

    Should work closely with marketing.

    5. Advertising/Marketing manages how events are

    advertised to members and non-members via website or

    email. Advertising consists of website, emails, newsletters

    and other methods to reach current members and those

    already on your mailing list. Marketing includes contacting

    companies, other technical societies and local colleges to

    promote participation in YP.

    6. Treasurer (if working with a budget) makes sure any

    costs associated with events are within their budget or how

    much to charge for certain (usually large) events. Treasurer

    also should be responsible for grant applications,

    reimbursements and submitting an annual budget to the

    local section.

    7. College Liaison to keep in contact with local universities

    and update the YP group on changes in student chapter


    8. National Liaison- keep up to date with national events and

    requests, bring opportunities to local yp group (e.g.

    conferences, seminars, open volunteer positions, resources)

    b. Start establishing a contact list

    i. Advertise at local section meetings try to recruit current section


    ii. Talk with younger co-workers and try to get one to be a contact/rep

    at each local company who will share YP news and upcoming


    iii. Try to set up a meeting with mid-level managers in local

    companies/corporations to explain the benefits of AIChE so they

    will let you contact their YP/new hires

    iv. Advertise at non AIChE meetings (ex. ASME)

    v. Visit local colleges

    c. Build a budget

    i. Determine what your current available budget is and what events

    you would like to complete within the timeframe of your budget.

    Keep in mind that many events can be completed with little to no


    ii. Allocate money to go toward “recruiting events”, possibly get this

    money from local section or corporate fundraising

    iii. See whether events can be sponsored by grants offered by AIChE.

    iv. In some communities, discounts are given to non-profit societies

    for using their facilities. Also look into local industry about

    donating space or volunteers.

    v. For some large, extravagant events consider charging a very

    nominal fee. Or run a few events where non-local section

    members must pay.

    d. Develop event schedules

    i. Space events evenly throughout year

    1. Initially, plan 2-4 YP events a year (maybe one each

    quarter). Initially, the number of events held is not as

    important as their success. If the events that you run leave

    people with a positive impression, that is what will be

    passed along to their peers and will result in greater

    numbers for your next event

    ii. Suggested Events Many YP groups rotate through these

    1. Social events

    2. Technical events

    3. Half social half technical events

    4. Speaking to Student Chapters

    5. Events with other groups

    6. Volunteer events

    iii. Specific Examples of events that have succeeded caveat, what

    works for one section might not work or even be feasible for

    another. Figure out what your members are interested in and cater

    to their interests.

    1. Happy Hour at centrally located bar after work. Both YPs

    and students from local universities were invited.

    2. Technical event for YPs held in conjuncture with local

    section monthly meeting

    3. A YP seminar held during a weekend with complimentary

    social hour afterwards to those who registered for the event.

    4. A social hour put together by another engineering society

    in which the YP group was asked if they wanted to co-

    sponsor and advertise.

    5. Sending YP volunteers to a local Science Fair to judge or

    host a booth.

    6. Don‟t let this list of examples limit ideas. Please feel free

    to think outside the box and do something „untraditional‟

    IV. Advertise

    a. Local section meetings

    i. Some young people usually show up to these when no YP is


    ii. When attending local section meetings be sure to make YP reps are


    iii. At the meeting, have YP reps interact with any young engineers,

    retrieving their contact info and advertising upcoming YP events.

    iv. Giving goodie bags to new young engineers with the YP groups

    upcoming events and (if one is established) link to website

    b. Work

    i. At local section meetings, make the more experienced engineers

    (sometimes managers) aware of the local YP group, convince them

    of the benefits of having a local YP group, and have them

    encourage their young engineers to participate.

    ii. Some companies have YP groups within themselves when a

    company has organized YP groups it makes advertising local

    section YP events easier and more effective. Other than company

    groups, the local YP group has to depend upon the contact list

    from the local section which may not have as many YP contacts as

    the local companies.

    iii. Encourage members to advertise at their offices and bring a friend

    to aiche events

    c. Facebook / Myspace

    i. Setup Facebook group be sure to maintain it and utilize it.

    d. Make web page an example of a good design for a webpage is the YP-

    STS group website:

    i. Automated calendar for future events

    ii. For each event utilize some kind of reservation system (Evite, etc

    or your own system)

    iii. Pictures of past events

    iv. Contact emails for YP leadership easy to find and visible

    v. Establish stable webmaster who can post meeting/event notices

    e. Local Universities

    i. AIChE Meetings

    ii. Establish contact with local Student Chapter Leadership. Contact

    info can be found online at

    iii. Send representatives to nearest Student Regional Conference held

    in different regions across the United States during March-April.

    V. Events

    a. Advertise events well in advance and in multiple forms

    i. Facebook Events

    ii. Web Page

    iii. E-vite / Email most important (move to top), with good timing

    (2+ weeks, 1 or less weeks, day before reminder)

    iv. Work / Post fliers in break room

    b. Have sign in sheet on day of event