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nxWho Pays to Studywy

Who Pays to Study? Page 130 Seventh article

    P1: Visiting Oxford or Cambridge is depressing because the new buildings are of a low quality , especially when you compare them to the grand old buildings.

    P2: The paragraph suggests that the two famous universities don’t have much money these days , and

    are ‘living in the past’.

    P3: Nontheless O and C are still performing well because the are ‘self-governing’. The author suggests

    that this is a good system. They are still better off than other British universities. P4: O and C have good endowments; much better than the other universities. But this is still nothing compared to America where Harvard alone has ‘twice Britain’s total’ of endowments. The expansion of

    British universities has caused a debt of ten billion pounds.

    P5: This p suggests that the uni’s are becoming more and more controlled by the government, which is

    not a good thing, according to the writer.

    P6: The British govt want to increase the amount of working class students and students in general that go to university, and are succeeding. The writer suggest that this is a bad thing because it is lowering the academic standards.

    P7. One school with a high reputation has been forced to accept lower level students, and this has lowered the performance of that school. This is an example of the govt interferring with bad results. P8: Universities have increased the number of qualifications which mean that they are not as valuable. This is because a lot of ‘polytechnical’ schools became universities. There are now a lot of degree

    courses of ‘dubious merit’.

    P9: The writer suggest that a proposal of reform of university finance, where students will be required to pay fees, will be a good thing.

    P10. Some critics say that this will create too much debt for the students, but the writer that there is a ‘broadly similar system’ in Australia which works.

    P11. However the writer suggests that the fees should be a lot higher because the cost (to the university) are very expensive.

    P12: The writer suggests that the higher education system in Europe is even worse than England’s.

    P13: The writer gives an example of a teacher at a famous French university (Sorbonne) where the teacher refused to start teaching because there were too many students.

    P14: Another example where some teachers in Germany will teach a whole semester’s course in a


    P15: Some examples of corruption at universities in Spain and Italy.

    P16: The writer suggests that the reason the university systems are so bad in Europe is because they are govt owned they are ‘government-owned degree-mills.’

    P17: While there are some examples og good universities in Europe, for the most part, the universities are ‘dreadful…consequences of nationalization.’

    P18: The writer suggests that the American system is much better than England or Europe in this paragraph. 35 of the top 50 universities in the world are American.

    P19: Nonetheless there are some bad ideas that come out of America, like ‘political correctness.’

    P 20: More students go to university in America and it is cheaper.

    Part 2 of the article the writer will explain why he thinks the American university system is better than England or Europe.

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