the qualifications of a good teacher

By Clifford Crawford,2014-06-20 10:10
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the qualifications of a good teacher

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    The Qualifications of a Good Teacher

    Teaching is a fascinating profession, which also is of a sense of mission. A good teacher plays a crucial role in students’ leaning. They use their knowledge to lead the

    students to the road of civilization, shape the students’ personality, and then teach the students how to pursue their own dreams in their life. It may be a fact that after a student listening to a good teacher's class, his life changes radically. So exactly how can a teacher be called a good teacher? Evaluation standard is unclear. But there is no

    doubt that a good teacher has many good qualities and respectable traits.

    In my opinion, the basic quality of a good teacher is to be knowledgeable. A good teacher should have broad and profound knowledge. For example, with enough

    knowledge of textbooks, a good teacher can convey to his students concrete and exact knowledge and teach them how to solve some difficult problems in a certain subject. Through these concrete knowledge, a student can have an access to explore the great treasure land of human civilization. And of course, the definition of knowledge should not just be confined within textbooks, but should also be spread into different aspects. For example, various life experiences, innovative world view and so on. By sharing with the students some of his own experiences, the teacher will have better impact on the students’ study and life. Then students will know how to get on well with other

    people, how to step into the society, how to fulfill their own ambitions and then be a complete person.

    Addition to knowledge, high morality is a must for a good teacher. Teachers are models of their students. Their words and deeds will exert an influence on students. A remark in The Analects of Confucius can best express what I want to mean: if you have had well behavior, your instruction will be complied with; on the contrary, the instruction will be ignored if you have had bad behavior. So a good teacher is a man of virtue, honesty and integrity. In order to set good examples to their students, he would never cover up himself when he made mistakes. He is always strict with himself. A good teacher teaches his students by personal example as well as verbal instructions.

    At the same time, a good personality is indispensable for a good teacher. For the students are young, naughty, full of marvelous ideas and have unique characteristics, a good teacher has to be patient, careful and considerate. Only patient enough will the teacher be willing to repeat the knowledge again and again. And only those considerate teachers want to make sure that their students enjoy their study and try to get their students out of depression.

    And another good trait a good teacher should have is to be innovative. The world is developing rapidly and new concepts emerge quickly. We can not always judge things

    with old view. At the same time, it is easy for people, especially young students with immature physical and mental conditions, to be confused. So a good teacher should keep pace with the society and use his own value to judge what is right and what is wrong. Then teachers should show the students the correct perspectives toward the world. By absorbing new correct concepts, a good teacher can not only improve himself, but also be a better guide for those young students.

    Last but not the least, professional ethics should be measured in a teacher’s qualification. A modern educator Xia Mianzun said, “It is like a pond without water if

    there is no sensibility and love in education. No water, no pond. It is the same with education.” So professional ethics of a good teacher should include these aspects, such as patience, selflessness, caring of students, and commitment to his work…. It is

    worth being mentioned that a responsible teacher is more favored after the Sichuan-Wenchuan earthquake. In this disaster, some teachers would rather sacrifice their lives than leave their students in danger, which exactly demonstrated their great love to students and their noble career. However, where there are heroes, there are cowards. Paopao Fan is such an irresponsible teacher that everyone pours scorn on him.

    And I should add one at the end ——try to be humorous . A teacher who has the

    sense of humor will make students at the smiling and the classroom full of laughter every moment .,which is fascinating!

    Education plays a vital role in a country’s national power. As Liang Qichao said, “So long as juveniles are wise, the nation will also be wise.” However, teachers have great impact on juveniles. Hence, a good teacher should own there three basic qualifications: a wide range of knowledge, high morality and noble professional ethics.


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