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    The Power of Twitter


    online microblogging service for distributing short messages among groups of recipients via personal computer or mobile telephone. Twitter incorporates aspects of social networking Web sites, such as Myspace and Facebook, with instant messaging technologies to create networks of users who can communicate throughout the day with brief messages, or tweets. A user types a tweet via mobile phone

    keypad or computer and sends it to Twittersserver, which relays it to a list of other users (known as followers) who have signed up to receive the senders tweets by either text message to their mobile phones or by instant message

In my research report,you will see "The Power of Twitter"

    November 26, 2008Mumbai Rocked by Shootings The first news headlines and photos of the devastating terrorattack in India shocked the world as more than 300 people losttheir lives and countless more were injured.

    Once again, we banded together as civilized people and pouredout our compassion and aid for those affected by this senselesstragedy. But what was equally amazing was the medium in which thosefirst headlines and photos were delivered.

    It wasnt CNN.It wasnt National Public Radio.And it wasnt The New York Times.

    No, the first accounts of what was taking place in Mumbai, andthe headline stated above,werewritten by regular peoplewhowereon the scene. Theywisely used aWeb site called Twitter to broadcastbreaking news.

    Justminutes after the initial attack, the followingmessages werebroadcast on Twitters site:Urvaksh: mumbai is in chaos. 18 dead, 40 held hostageat Oberoi, a five star hotel, firing going on at a JW Marriott.11:33 AM Nov 26, from the

    WebFossiloife: gun battles happening at two strategic points ofsouth Mumbai

    10:34 AM Nov 26, from the WebIt was hours later before the first reports of the terror attackappeared on broadcast news.CNN eventually ran a story titled, Tweeting the Terror: HowSocial Media Responded to Mumbai.While I gave

    careful, thoughtful consideration to beginning abusiness book using this terrible tragedy as an example, nothingbetter demonstrates how technology has changed the way we com-municate and interact.

    We now live in a time where ordinary citizens are empoweredto be conduits of information to the masses like never before. Themajor media outlets can not report as quickly or accurately as thosewho are actually on the scene. And whether we are talking about breaking news or opportu-nities to harness this same technology to grow your business, itsclear that the future belongs to

    those who embrace social media asregular part of their lives.

    Just as breaking news is now more breaking than ever, busi-nesses can harness the immediacy of Twitter to innovate and buildrelationships like never before. Thats powerful.Its Twitter Power!

    At zhe end ,we will ask:How many times can you possibly blink your eye in a second? Well to reflect something or some event as to occur very fast or rapidly we use the term in a blink of an eye. May be it is 5 times

    a second or to quote it moreoptimistically let us take it to be 7 times a second. But can you just imagine the number of Tweets per second. Nah ! it is not even near to your thinking as the average tweets per second are as many as 750 tweets per second. Well I guess we have got something to replace our old-used phrase and the new one should be in a blink of a tweet. Just imagine of the gigantic size of the Twitter organization with over more than 105,779,710 registered users. Statistics claim that if Twitter were a country then it would be 12th largest population country. It is amazing!

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