klM2 Unit5 Musiciz

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klM2 Unit5 Musiciz

    M2 Unit5 Music 同步练习材料


    Have you ever wanted to be a famous singer or ___1___ (music)? Have you ever dreamed of being in front of thousands of people at a concert, ___2___ everyone clapping and enjoying your ___3____ (sing)? Do you sing karaoke___4____ close your eyes and pretend you are Coco Li or Liu Huan? If we are honest with _5___ (we), most of us have dreamed of being famous. But just how do people get to ___6___ a band? Most musicians meet and form a band ___7___ they like to write and play music. Many times in America, bands are formed by high school students____8_____ practice their music in someone’s

    home. They may play to ___9____ (passer-by) in the street or subway so that they can earn some extra money. This ___10___ gives a group a chance to dream of becoming famous.


    I do a lot of management training each year for the Circle K Company.

     we discuss in our classes is the 22 of quality employees ;雇员; Among the 21

    “What has caused you to stay 23 enough to become a manager?" I asked.

    After a while a new manager took the 24 and said slowly, "it was a baseball


    Cynthia said she used to 25 a Circle K clerk job as an interim (时临的.) one

    while she looked for something 26 . On her second day behind the counter, she

    received a ( an)27 from her nine-year-old son, Jessie. He 28 a baseball glove for

    the little League. She 29 that as a single mother, money was 30 , and her

    first check would have to go for paying 31.

    When Cynthia arrived for work the next morning, Partircia, the store manager asked her to come to her small office and handed her a box. “I overheard you 32 to your son yesterday,” she said, “and I know that it is 33 to

    explain things to kids. This is a baseball glove for Jessie. I know you have to pay bills 34 you can buy gloves. You know we can’t 35 good people like you as

    36 as we would like to; but we do 37 and I want you to know how 38 you are to


    The thoughtfulness, empathy (同情) and love of the store manager show

    vividly that people 39 more how much a( n) 40 cares than how much he pays.

    21. A. topics B. problems C. difficulties D. lessons

    22. A. employing B. praising C. keeping D. improving

    23. A. soon B. long C. strong D. calm

    24. A. position B. decision C. question D. advice

    25. A. take B. change C. lose D. consider

    26. A. lighter B. easier C. better D. higher

    27. A. letter B. call C. answer D. email

    28. A. bought B. kept C. needed D. offered

    29. A. complained B. explained C. understood D. admitted


    30. A. short B. enough C. spare D. tight

    31. A. food B. education C. clothes D. bills

    32. A. talking B. crying C. arguing D. scolding

    33. A. easy B. hard C. simple D. nice

    34. A. after B. until C. when D. before

    35. A. value B. remain C. pay D. fire

    36. A. much B. many C. pleasant D. possible

    37. A. regret B. agree C. worry D. care

    38. A. excellent B. important C. thankful D. thoughtful

    39. A. remember B. refuse C. thank D. realize

    40. A. mother B. clerk C. official D. manager



    Background music may seem harmless, but it can have a powerful effect on those who hear it. Recorded background music first found its way into factories, shop and restaurants in the US. But it soon spread to other arts of the world. Now it is becoming increasingly difficult to go shopping or eat a meal without listening to music.

    To begin with, “ muzak ” ;音乐广播网; was intended simply to create a

    soothing (安慰) atmosphere. Recently, however, it’s become big business? Thanks

    in part to recent research. Dr. Ronald Milliman, an American marketing expert, has shown that music can boost sales or increase factory production by as much as a third.

     But, it has to be light music. A fast one has no effect at all on sales. Slow music can increase receipts by 38%. This is probably because shoppers slow down and have more opportunity to spot items they like to buy. Yet, slow music isn’t always answered. Dr.Milliman found, for example, that in restaurants slow music meant customers took longer to eat their meals, which reduced overall sales. So restaurants owners might be well advised to play up-tempo music to keep the customers moving? Unless of course, the resulting indigestion leads to complaints!

    1. The reason why background music is so popular is that ______. A. it can have a powerful effect on those who hear it B. it can help to create a soothing atmosphere C. it can boost sales or increase factory production everywhere D. it can make customers eat their meals quickly 2. Background music means ________. A. light music that customers enjoy most B. fast music that makes people move fast C. slow music that can make customers enjoy their meals D. the music you are listening to while you are doing something 3. Restaurant owners complain about background music because ______.


A. it results in indigestion

    B. it increases their sales

    C. it keeps customers moving D. it decreases their sales

    4. The word “up-tempo music” probably means_____. A. slow music B. fast music

    C. light music D. classical music


    Scientists are trying to make the deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the desertsso people can live and grow foodThey are learning a

    lot about the desertsBut more and more of the earth is becoming desert all the timeScientists may not be able to change the desert in time

     Why is more and more land becoming desertScientists think that people

    make deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth

     Some places on the earth don’t get much rainBut they still don’t become

    desertsThis is because some green plants are growing thereSmall green plants

    and grass are very important to dry placesPlants don’t let the sun make the

    earth even drier. Plants do not let the wind blow the dirt awayWhen a bit of

    rain fallsthe plants hold the waterWithout plants the land can become desert

    more easily

    5 Deserts ,,,,,,,,

     A never have any plants or animals in them

     B can all be turned into good land before long

     C are becoming smaller and smaller

     D get very little rain

    6 Small green plants are very important to dry places because ,,,,,


     A they don’t let the sun make the earth even drier

     B they don’t let the wind blow the soil away

     C they hold water

     D All of the above

    7 Land is becoming desert little by little because ,,,,,,?

     A plants can’t grow there

     B there is not enough rain

     C people haven’t done what scientists wish them to do

     D scientists know little about the deserts

    8 After reading this passage we learn that ,,,,,,,,

     A plants can keep dry land from becoming desert

     B it is good to get rid of the grass in the deserts

     C all places without much rain will become deserts

     D it is better to grow crops on dry land than to cut them



     In Canada you can find dogs cats horses etc in almost every

    familyThese are their petsPeople love these pets and have them as their good friendsBefore they keep them in their housesthey take them to

    animal hospitals to give them injections;注射;so that they won’t carry

    diseaseThey have special animal food storesthough they can get animal

    food in almost every kind of storeSome people spend around two hundred

    Canadian dollars a month on animal foodWhen you visit people’s houses,

    they would be very glad to show you their pets and they are very proud of themYou will also find that almost every family has a bird feeder in their gardenAll kinds of birds are welcomed to come and have a good mealThey are free to come and go and nobody is allowed to kill any animal in Canada. They have a law against killing wild animals. If you killed an animalyou would be punished. If an animal happened to get run over by a carpeople would be very sad about it

     People in Canada have many reasons to like animals. One of them might beTheir family ties are not as close as oursWhen children grow up they

    leave their parents and start their own lifeThen the old will feel

    lonely But pets can solve this problem. They can be good friends and never leave them alone

     The passage mainly talks about 9

    A. how to keep disease from pets

    B. pets in Canada

    C. how to take good care of pets

    D. life of the old in Canada

    10 In Canada, children leave their parents when they grow up because A. they don’t love their parents any more

    B. they can only find jobs far from their parents

    C. their parents’ houses are too small

    D. they wouldn’t depend on their parents any more

    11 Which of the following is TRUE

    A. People buy animal food only at the animal food stores

    B. Pets eat better than people

    C. Almost every family has a birdcage in his house

    D. Any bird can come to the bird feeders to eat




    1 .musician 2.with 3.singing 4.and 5.ourselves

    6 .form 7.because 8.who 9.passers-by 10.also


    阅读题答案, 1 B 2 D 3 D 4 B

    5-8 DDCA

    9-11 B DD


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