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unit8 topic1 reviewUnit8,unit,Unit,unit8


    1. ( )If you plan to travel __ your holidays, youd better __ the weather in different places in August.

    A. for, find B. on, find out C. in, find out D. at, look for 2.( )So its the best time __ there.

     A. going B. go to C. to go D. to go to

    3.( ) Please remember __ warm clothes.

     A. wear B. put on C. to wear D. to put on

    4.( ) You need __ sunglasses, a T-shirt and shorts.

     A. to wear B. wear C. put on D. in

    5.( ) ---__ the weather __ in England? ---Its warn.

     A. How, / B. Whats, / C. Whats, like D. Hows, like

    6.( )The weather in England is different from __ in Australia

     A. it B. one C. that D. this

    7.( )Its a good time ____ a picnic.

     A. for having B. having C. to having D. have

    8.( )Its a good season ____.

     A. go swimming B. to go swim C. for go swimming D. for going swimming 9.( )---which season do you like best? ---_____

     A. I like spring better. B. Yes, I do. C. Well, its hard to say. D. I dont like spring at all.

    10.( )How many ___ are there in a year? ---Four.

     A. months B. days C. weeks D. seasons

    11.( )---Hows the weather there? ---Its ___, the ground is white with ___.

     A. cloudy, cloud B. snow, snowy C. snowy, snow D. windy, wind 12.( )There was a heavy ____ on my way to school.

     A. rain B. cloud C. rainy D. wind

    13.( )Im writing a letter ___ you. A. to B. for C. with D. of 14.( )___ you want to learn English well, you must do more reading and writing.

     A. Because B. If C. When D. So

    15.( )---Miss Zhou works too long every day. ---I think so. She needs ___ a good rest.

     A. have B. to have C. having D. to be

    16.( )---The weather report says it may get sunny ___. ---Thats good. I can play soccer with my friends.

     A. now B. a moment ago. C. just now D. later on

    17.( ) Here is the weather report ___ sine big cities ___ the world.

     A. of, for B. for, for C. for, in D. of, in

    18.( )In China, the wind blows ___ in winter in Beijing.

     A. heavily B. strongly C. strong D. heavy.

    19.( )--How long did the meeting ___? Two hours. A. begin B. last C. end D. began .( ) Winter ___ from December to February. A. begin B. last C. end D. began .( ) Summer ___ in June. A. begin B. last C. end D. began 20.( )In Beijing, the wind blows ___ in winter, so we ___ go out to play.

     A. hard, always B. brightly, never C. strongly, seldom D. hardly, seldom 21.( )Its cloudy now. If you go out, youd better ___ a raincoat ___you.

     A. takes, with B. bring, with C. took, with D. take, with 22.( )---___ it going? ---Very well. A. How does B. what about C. Hows


    1.Its hard ____(say). 2. I ____ winter before, but now I ___ summer best. (like) 3. I can often go ___ (swim) in summer. 4. --___ (be)it snow in your area yesterday? --No. But it ___ (snow)hard today. 5.The summer holidays ______ (come) soon.

    6.If you plan ______ (travel) on your holidays, youd better ___ (find) out the weather in different

    ___(place) in August.

    7.In England, it is ___(warm) and ___(rain) a lot. 8.The sun shines ____ (bright) in the morning 9.Sometimes in the afternoon, it __ (rain) suddenly, but later on, it may __ (get) fine again. 10.My classmates are all ______(friend) to me.

    11.Its very hot today. You need ___(wear) cool clothes. 12. The famers are busy ___ (harvest). 13.Please remeber ____(wear) warm clothes. 14.Whats best time ___ (go) there?

    15.We took a walk in the park and ___ (see) some old people ____(perform) Beijing Opera. 16.The wind blows ____(strong), and sometimes it ____(snow).

    17.The rain was____ (heavy) last night.==It____ _____ last night.


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