Answers to Unit 1 Book 2

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Answers to Unit 1 Book 2

The Answers to Book2---Unit1

    Enhance Your Language Awareness

    (I) Working with Words and Expressions

    1. (1) tackle (2) alternative (3) initial (4) universal

    (5) crippled (6) genuine (7) construct (8) impressive

    (9) shallow (10) react (11) generate (12) entitled

    (13)contact (14)constant (15) rough (16)captured

    (17) move (18) put

2. (1) in any case (2) took hold (3) root out (4) countagainst

    (5) find it myself to (6) aware of (7) do her wrong (8)like it or not

(II) Increasing Your Word Power

     (2) heal (3) treated (4) cure 1. (1) cured

    (5) treated (6) heal (7) treat

2. (1) Action speaks louder than words.

    (2) The production here needs temperatures lower than 25 degrees Celsius.

    (3) I like to keep things rather than throw them away.

    (4) There is nobody here other than me.

    (5) Shed rather leave her job than (be forced to ) work for that boss.


    Adjectives Adjectives(negative Adjectives Adjectives (negative

    in meaning) in meaning)

    fair unfair patient impatient

    responsible irresponsible direct indirect

    able unable moral immoral

    agreeable disagreeable fortunate unfortunate

    logical illogical necessary unnecessary

    polite impolite harmonious disharmonious

    affected unaffected formal informal

(III) Grammar Review

    Task 1:

    (1) preparing (2) to thank (3) repairing/to be repaired (4) to get (5) studying (6) being treated (7) missing (8) to reduce (9) to leave (10) worrying

Task 2:

    (1) kept nodding, rather confused

    (2) Fallen leaves

    (3) Surprised, hiding

    (4) Deeply moved

    (5) following

    (6) Being, interested

(IV) Cloze


(1) harmonious (2)that (3) ironically

    (4) For (5) recover (6) go about

    (7) realize/remember (8) hardest (9)unfair

     (11) forgiveness (12) dealing with (10)who

    (13) emotional

V. Translation

    1. Translate the sentences

    (1) In life, our stupidest course of action is to cling too much to what we have and refuse to let go.

    (2) I am willing to work in the IT industry, but have no idea how to go about it. (3) Many people are aware of the importance of living in harmony with nature.

    (4) Problems like the generation gap cannot be swept under the carpet. (5) I never did understand what was eating away at her.

    (6) He has been at peace with the world all his life.

    (7) He did not speak out/say what he thought. For one thing, she might not understand. For another, he was afraid that she might not forgive him.

    (8) As the years rolled by, he became increasingly interested in/ fascinated by Chinese culture.


    Sample Essay for Task 1:

     In my middle school years, I had a best friend. We talked about everything. And we loved singing songs together. Once, however, there was a bitter quarrel between us and we stopped talking to each other. It was obvious that both of us wanted to keep the friendship, but neither had the courage to break the ice. It went on like this for months.

     Then, one day we were asked to write about friendship. I wrote in my composition what friendship meant to me and the misunderstanding that had separated us. It was given the top mark, and I was asked to read it in class. When I ended my presentation with the words from our favourite song, my friend was singing along. All misunderstanding was cleared and once again we were best friends. To break down the walls between people is easy; all it takes is a little forgiveness!


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