Lesson Statement

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Lesson Statement

     Lesson Statement

    -------Unit 2 What’s the matter?

Part 1 Analysis of the teaching material

    1. Unit 2 Whats the matter? Comes from Go for it Book 2 Section 2. This unit selects from our daily life, about health. In this unit I will

    start with groups of pictures and PPT to show new words of

    ody parts and illnesses. As we all know that interest is best b

    teacher for students. Then they will learn new words in theirs

    interests. And I play a word game to enhance the new words. In

    the active game they will keep the new words in mind. And then

    leading the new patternWhat’s the matter? I have a cold. by

    some illness pictures. The vivid pictures draw students’ attention

    to learn the pattern and I will let them practice it in pair work or

    group work. They can grasp the vocabulary in the practice. And

    now they can use the pattern to concern others health problems

    and answer the questions properly. When we find a problem, we

    had better solve it. Therefore I introduce the new vocabulary

    give advice(提建议)then students think some advice in Chinese,

    and I will give these advice in English in a chart. I will teach

    them these words to words. How to deal with the illness

    problems? Then give advice. It has an important role in the book,

    and the illness is the most important, because it often checked in

    many examinations. At finally, I will explain them to use the

    model verbshould and shouldnt in giving advice. In that

    way students can grasp the vocabulary clearly.

    2. The 36 students are junior 2 in middle school. They have learned

    English for one year. So they have the ability to learn the unit

    very well.

    3. The unit divided into 4 periods, I will teach the period 2, P7 Period 1 words about body parts and illnesses;

    Period 2 vocabulary about Whats the matter? I have a cold.

    Period 3 new vocabulary give advice;

    Period 4 practice and consolidate the learned vocabulary.

Part 2 Teaching aims

    According to the Unit2Whats the matter? My students are able to

    talk about the health problem in real situation, which approve theirs

    spoken English. Not only concern others health, but also can give

    correct advice. In the knowledge goals, they grasp new vocabularies

    in their interests. In the skill goals, they understand how to

    communicate in health topic. And in the emotion goals, they concern

    each other close theirs relationships. They also approve theirs ability

    to deal with problems.

Part 3 Teaching methods

    1. Use the PPP teaching method:

    (1) Presentation shows some pictures on new words to attract students

    attention to learn them. Leading the new vocabulary Whats the mater?

    /I have a cold. / I should have a rest.

    (2)Practice used the new words in a game to practice and remember. Practice the new vocabulary from the PPT.

    (3)Production Let students practice the new vocabulary in pair work or in group.

    2. Task based on Language in the unit, I also practice students listening,

    speaking, reading, writing skills in the word game and PPT.

Part 4 Teaching procedure (period2)

    Step1 warming up: greeting class to warm the class atmosphere Step2 review: review the learned words by some pictures, students

    are interested in pictures. Consolidate theirs memory of

    learned words. It is an easy access to the new lesson. Step3 presentation: To cultivate students ability to solve problems I

    will ask some questions. I show some illness pictures, ask

    students to think how to ask others health problems. Then

    I will leading the new patternwhats the mater?How to

    answer the question? Set another problem to let them solve.

    There have some factors to courage students to answer

    these questions. Then I will guide them to get the answer.

    For example: Whats the matter? /I have a cold. /I should

    have a rest.

    Step4 practice and production: Let students dialogue to practice the

    vocabulary many times in the setting situations. In the

    practice they will grasp very well.

    Step5 homework: let students make a new dialogue in two students

    group. In the homework can consolidate theirs vocabulary

    what have learned in this class.

    Part 5 Blackboard design

     Unit2 Whats the matter?

    Learned words : Homework : head/neck/hand/arm/ Whats the matter? Make a dialogue on

    back/throat/face/fever I have a fever. health in two headache / sore back/ He has sore back. students.

    have a fever She has headache.

    sore throat

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