Theme Transportation

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Theme Transportation

    Theme: Transportation Dates: Jan. 25 29 2010

     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Arts and

    Crafts Paper towel roll airplanes Tire track paintings Create and decorate fancy flying Paint large cardboard box and Graham Cracker fire truck (eat

    paper airplanes make into a car for the for snack after!)

    dramatic play centre.

    Fine Motor

    Lacing: rockets, cars, ships, etc Use carpet and thumbtacks to Folding paper Transportation puzzles (train, Use tinker toys and k’nex to

     trace along vehicle pictures and fire truck, etc) make a moving vehicle.


    Math and

    Science Guess and Check: figure out Outdoor experiment: Explore Use different methods of Test paper airplane designs in Charge our flying saucers and

    which vehicle made tracks in the what forces a rocket into space pushing and pulling to move the science centre with a take them for a test drive.

    sand by testing with paint. (coke and mentos experiment). boats in science centre (fanning, teacher’s supervision Document best flying position

    Open with p.123 “In questions blowing, etc)

    children ask”


    Play Kinder room Car Garage in the Boats and people in the water Set up and change routes for Model Airplanes and runways Felt board: Things that move

    block centre table! trains in the block centre at the manipulative table (space ships, motorcycles,

    cars, etc)

    Gross Motor

     Bring dump trucks outside: move Park Day: Running and Jumping Outdoor Simon Says: Park day: get from point A to Shovel snow for the daycare

     them along through the snow, at Fraser Park. Climbing aboard Transportation and movement point B on a sled! kids like city vehicles (use

     create pathways. the train apparatus. related (i.e, fly like an airplane, buckets as loaders)

     toot the train horn, etc)


    Play Have Train conductor and Use wooden train apparatus at Wednesday - Flight Schedules posted, airline dinner menus out, Set up an extravagant first

     Airplane pilot costumes out all Fraser Park for a scenic ride borrow kinder room serving tray,etc. class area on your plane or

     week. through Alberta. Teachers train. Use pictures provided

     bring play money and initiate by teachers for ideas.

     imaginative play by charging a

    fee to board.

    Resources: Competitive or Cooperative sport Child Inspiration: Leadership or Team

     games: work Activities: - questions children ask - upon returning from my Christmas vacation in

    - DLTK website - there are no sports games planned Mexico many of the children shared stories with children at the science this week. However children at me about vacations they had been on and centre may cooperate onartscraftstvehiclescarstrucksboatstrainskids.html the science centre may cooperate whether they flew or drove to their destination. when deducing the tire

     when deducing the tire track track mystery or

     mystery or figuring out the multiple figuring out the

     methods to make boats move. multiple methods to

     make boats move.

     - Leadership: older

     children have

     volunteered to read to

     younger children

     about the daily


    Self Directed Activities: Outdoor Supervision: Learning Outcomes: Other Notes:

- All activities are self directed except for the art - one staff will accompany the small - the multiple types of transportation

    projects which will require teacher explanation. group outdoors to the attached - how a rocket is propelled

    - The science experiments will have interest playground. - that certain modifications on a paper glider can

    catching cards that explain what children are to do - On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s one change hoe fast or the direction the plane flies at this centre. staff will supervise the skating rink in.

    - the fine motor activity of poking pins into pictures side of Fraser park while the other

    will also be staff supervised. staff supervises the basketball area

    - All other activities will be set up to engage child


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