Moving can be a stressful time for some people, but if you are

By Keith Roberts,2014-04-24 16:34
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Moving can be a stressful time for some people, but if you are

    Moving Tips

    Moving can be a stressful time for some people, but if you are organised and

    plan in advance, your stress levels can be significantly reduced.

    Here are a few pointers that should help you move into your new home with

    the minimum of fuss:

    As soon as possible after your move is confirmed

    ; Order boxes, bubble wrap and packing materials.

    ; Start packing in good time and not leave everything to the last minute,

    particularly non-essential items like non seasonal clothes, DVDs, CDs

    books etc.

    ; Start to clear attics, cellars, garages and outbuildings. This is your

    chance to de-clutter so do it before you move.

    ; Divide unwanted items between rubbish (for the dump), donations (to

    charity, friends or family) and those you want to sell ; Start to empty your freezer and clear your food cupboards. Throw out

    any out of date items.

    ; Start letting people know that you are moving:

    ; Order change of address cards to send out to friends and


    ; Let your broadband supplier know as soon as possible that

    you are moving to ensure you are not penalised for shutting

    down your account. They usually require 30 days’ notice.

    ; Inform your doctor, dentist and optician and if you are moving

    out of the local area you will need to register with new ones

    in your new area.

    ; Inform your credit card provider, store card provider and

    insurance companies.

    ; Inform the DVLA of your change of address. Failure to do so

    is an offence.

    ; Notify your local councils (current and new) of your change of


    ; Call your home phone company to transfer your account.

    ; Tell your bank/building society.

    ; Inform TV Licensing. Keep hold of your current licence, as

    you will not be issued a new one until your existing one


    ; Tell your mobile phone provider.

    ; Arrange with Royal Mail to have your mail forwarded to your

    new address. You can do this online at:

    ; Tell your employer of your new address, or if you are self-

    employed, inform HMRC.

    The week leading up to the move

    ; Arrange for parking of the removal van outside your current and new


    ; Settle all outstanding accounts with your milkman and newsagent and

    cancel subscriptions.

    ; Check with your estate agents that the keys to your new home will be

    available on the day of your move and what you should do with your

    own keys. Spare keys should be labelled and left in a secure place in

    the house

    ; Drain fuel from petrol equipment such as lawnmowers and strimmers,

    and water from hoses etc for transit.

    ; Pack a box of essential items for use in the new home, this could

    include light bulbs, tea, coffee, mugs toilet rolls, candles, screwdrivers,

    matches, washing up liquid, a tea towel etc

    The day prior to the move

    ; Empty, disconnect and drain the pipes of your dishwasher and washing

    machine. Secure the drum with travel brackets. Some appliances such

    as gas cookers will have to be disconnected by qualified tradesman ; Empty your fridge and freezer of any remaining unwanted food. ; Check that all storage cupboards and wardrobes have been emptied. ; Disconnect hi-fi, computer and TV equipment. Secure and identify

    cables for reconnection.

    ; Dismantle furniture if this hasn’t been agreed with your removal


    ; Assemble some essential cleaning items for a final clean round, unless

    you’ve arranged for someone else to do it (you may also need this for

    your new property).

    ; Pack bags of personal luggage to cover the first night in your new

    home (this could include towels, underwear, nightwear, a change of

    clothes, mobile phone charger and maybe some toys for the children). ; Collect any essential medicines that you may need over the next

    couple of days (this could include inhalers, paracetamol, contact lens

    solution and prescription medicines)

    ; Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

    Moving Day!

    ; Remember to take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water. ; Make sure you keep your personal items (mobile phone and charger,

    glasses, credit cards etc) and essential keys (house and car) where

    you can find them.

    ; Remove all bedding and clearly label the box for immediate unpacking

    for the first night at your new home.

    ; Identify to the removers anything that is not to go to the new home. ; Once the van is loaded do one last check around the house

    outbuildings and garden to ensure nothing is left behind.

Day one in your new home

    ; Contact your old gas and electricity companies to give them your final

    meter readings.

    General Points for consideration

    ; Check the weight of boxes and cases as you are filling them

    particularly when packing heavy items such as books. There are no

    legal weight limits, but 25kg is a good benchmark. And make sure the

    boxes you are using are strong enough to hold the load.

    ; Inform your mover of any vehicular or pedestrian access problems to

    either premises.

    ; If you are moving to a flat many floors up and a lift is available,

    arrangements may have to be made for it’s use with the property


    ; Place your personal records and certificates (birth, marriage, medical,

    vehicle, cheque book, etc) in a safe and accessible place.

    ; If the removal company is likely to get to your new home before you do,

    consider giving them a key to avoid wasting any time.

    ; Make sure the removal team know which items are going to which

    rooms in your new home. Labels on boxes and furniture and a plan of

    the house are things that will help. If possible, identify the actual

    position for the furniture in each room.

    How Move It Move It Move It can help you.

    If you are a homeowner, business owner, landlord or tenant our flexible system aims to take the stress out of your house, shop or office move by going the extra mile to help things go smoothly for you.

We specialise in moving people and our one-stop removals service can take

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