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    2010 Park Activity

Numbers 1 to 11 are all circle games, so keep kids sitting in a large circle

    Numbers 13 to 20 are all 2 team games. So after the picnic divide the class into 2 teams.

1 I Spy with my little eye something beginning with…

    2 Find the thief (one student holds a ball and stands in the middle of the circle blindfolded

    while another student comes up to him, says “ha ha ha”, takes his ball, sits down again,

    and hides the ball behind his back; the standing student must guess who the thief is: 3

    guesses only)

    3 Wolf and Ducks (choose one student to be the wolf and blindfold him with a scarf and

    make his stand in the middle of the circle; then choose a few students to be the ducks

    running around inside the circle; if the wolf says “Awoo” then the ducks must say “quack

    quack” and the wolf tries to catch one of them; both the wolf and the ducks must stay

    inside the circle)

    4 Duck Duck Duck Chicken (one student walks around the outside of the circle saying

    “duck” each time he passes a student; he then pats one of the students on the back while

    shouting “chicken”; the “chicken” then chases the student around the circle and tries to

    catch him before he can sit down in the chicken’s place)

    5 Piggy in the middle (students sit in a big circle and roll the ball across the circle while

    the kid in the middle tries to get the ball)

    6 Drink water

    7 Pass the Parcel (wrap a present in newspaper beforehand; start passing the parcel

    around the circle while you are rolling two big dice; if one of the dice is a 6 then the

    student with the parcel can open one layer of the parcel, and then the parcel is passed

    around the circle until you roll 6 again)

    8 Pass the bomb (the ball is the bomb; the students pass the ball around the circle while

    the teacher counts down from 10 to 0 and then shouts Kaboom to indicate the bomb has

    exploded; the student with the ball is dead)

    9 Dodge the Ball (students sit in a big circle and roll the ball while the kid in the middle

    tries to dodge the ball)

    10 Throw the sticky ball at the candy (you need two sticky balls and a candy; put the

    candy in the middle of the circle; each student has a chance to throw the ball at the candy;

    each time a throw is closer than the previous throw, use the ball that was further away for

    the next throw and remember which student was the best so far; the student who threw

    the best gets the candy)

    11 Blind Robot (Blindfold a child and tell him how to get to a candy that you put

    somewhere in the circle eg. go, stop, turn left, turn right)

    12 Have a Picnic

    13 Make 2 teams (of equal ability and weight)

    14 Egg and spoon race (2 students race against each other with a ping pong ball in the

    spoon; you can also do a relay race for the whole team)

    15 Leap Frog (the 2 teams line up; the 1st student from each team puts his hands on his

    ndrdknees; the 2 student leap frogs over him and puts his hands on his knees, the 3

    student then has to leapfrog the first 2 students and put his hands on his knees etc; when

    the last student in the line has leapfrogged the game is over)

    16 Crab race (2 students from each team make pairs and stand back-to-back with a ball

    between their backs; each pair must walk sideways without the ball falling on the floor;

    you can turn it into a relay race by making the pairs do a circuit around an object you put

    10 meters from their teams)

    17 Volleyball (with a balloon)

    18 Tug of war

    19 Dodge the monster (make everyone stand in a group; put the rope in a straight line

    about 50 meters from the group; you stand between the rope and the students; you are

    a monster and they must try to run past you and cross the line without being caught; if

    you catch a student then that student becomes a monster and must help you catch

    students the second time they run past you)

    20 Finish with a big group photo


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