The Spring Festival

By Pedro Williams,2014-06-17 03:35
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The Spring FestivalThe,the

    The Spring Festival ththCelebrate the festival from the 8 day of the last month of the last lunar year to the 15 day of the first month of the following lunar year.Thorough cleaning

    Paper-cuts for window decoration

    Put up New Year pictures

And Spring Festival couplets

On New Year’s Eve

We would have a reunion dinner and people from the North would eat dumplings in midnight

    We visit relatives and friends from the first day of the lunar year and people who have married would give children Red Envelope-lucky money.

    People set off firecrackers when the clock hits 0:00 on New Year’s Eve and when they get up the next morning.

In some areas, there are Dragon dance, Lion dance and Yangko dance during the festival

The Lantern Festival

We would eat dumplings with sweet stuffing made of sticky rice powder, which means families

get together.

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