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    Should We Worship Celebrities?


    1 我们是否应当崇拜名人?明确阐述你的观点;

    2 从正反两方面具体论述你的观点。


    各自的领域in their respective fields

    名人 celebrity/ celebrities

    成就 achievement

    偶像 idol

    崇拜 worship

    盲目 blindly

    模仿 imitate

    普通人 ordinary human-beings

    职业的顶点zenith of their professions

    观其行听其言 let their actions speak for them

     非凡的 extraordinary

    无害的 of no harm

    Should We Worship Celebrities?

     Celebrities have excelled in their respective fields and made a place for themselves in the society. Actors, athletes, rock stars and even politicians whom we look up to are all celebrities. However, achievement in careers does not necessarily make celebrities idols to be worshipped blindly, as they think and make mistakes too as we common people do.

     Having a role model is of no harm, but we should not imitate everything we hear about the celebrities without any judgment. Learn from the celebrities with our minds open; do not let their persona overshadow our judgment. We should remember that however extraordinary these people are, they are also ordinary human beings and

    liable to make mistakes or even very bad decisions at some point of their life. For example, a number of athletes and rock stars have been associated with drugs. It is for us to decide what we should imbibe from them and what not.

     Meanwhile, though the celebrities are at the zenith of their professions, it is not always necessary that they are as good in their personal life. We should let their actions speak for them. What they do in real life is more important than what they preach. An ordinary man on the street, though unknown to the public, may be a better person than they are.

     In conclusion, we should keep ourselves open to others’ opinions, but at the same time decide by ourselves what is right.

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