Profiles of Major Kuwaiti Companies

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Profiles of Major Kuwaiti Companies




    Abbas Ahmad Al Shawaf & Brothers Co.

    ABB Engineering Technologies Co.

Abdulla A. Mughni & Co. Ltd.

    Abdul Mohsin S. Al-Abdulrazzak & Co.

    Abdul Rahman AlBisher & Zaid AlKazemi Co.

Action Consultancy Bureau

Action Group Holdings Company

Action Real Estate Company

Advanced Technology Co.

    Aerated Concrete Industries Co.

Al-Ahlea Circle Cleaning Co.

Al-Ahleia Switchgear Co.

Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Company K.C.S.C.

Ajal Contracting & General Trading Company W.L.L.

Alalamiah Technology Group

Ali Alghanim & Sons Group

Ali Sayegh Contracting Co.

    Al-Ammar & Partners Electrical Co.

    Arab Group for Equipment & Construction

    Arab Information Management Services

Arabi Company

Arabian Construction Co.

Arabian Motors Group

Ashraf & Company Limited

AZ Trading Co.


Al-Babtain Group

    Bader Mohamed Abdulaziz Al Mailam Co.

    Al-Baghli Sponge Manufacturing Co.

    Al-Bahar & Bardawil Specialities

Al-Bahar United Co.

Bahrah Trading Co.

Al-Bayan Investment Co.

Beidoun Trading Co.

    Bin Nisf General Trading & Contracting Co.

Burgan Group Holding Co.

Business Machines Co.


Caesars Group

    Carrier Kuwait Air Conditioning K.S.C.

Combined Shipping Co.

Consolidated Contractors Co.


    Dan Trading & Contracting Co.

Dia Behbehani Trading & Contracting Corporation

Diyar United Co.

Draieh General Trading Co.


    Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons Co.

Efad Holding

Equate Petrochemical Co.

    Al-Essa Medical & Scientific Equipment Co.


    Fawaz Refrigeration & Airconditioning Co.

Food Industries Co.

    Fouad Alghanim & Sons Group of Companies


    General Transportation & Equipment Co.

Alghanim Industries

Global International General Trading & Cont. Co. W.L.L.

Gopco Gulf Trading Co.

Group 4 Al Zahem

Gulf Agency Company

    Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Co.

Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co.

Gulf Group Holding

Gulf Investment Corporation

Gulf Investment House

    Gulf Maritime General Trading & Cont. Co. W.L.L.

Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co.

Gulf Spic Contracting Co.

Gulf Supply Company Limited

Gulfweb International


Habchi & Chalhoub W.L.L.

Al Hadabah International Co.

    Hally Trading & Contracting Corporation

    Hamad Al-Khaled & Brothers Group of Companies

Hamza Abbas Mukamis Est.

AlHasawi Industrial Group

Hasibat Holding Co.

    Hasibat Information Technologies Co.

Hassan’s Optician Co.

    Heavy Engineering Industries & Shipbuilding Co.

    HOT Engineering & Construction Co.

House of Development for Agricultural Contracting Co.


Industrial Metal Center Co.

    Intaliq Co. for Transport & Handling

Integral Services Co.

The Investment Dar Co.

    Isofoam Insulating Materials Plant


    Jassim Ahmad Yousef Al Nisf & Co.

Jassim Al Wazzan Group

    Al-Jisr International General Trading Co.

    Al Julaiah Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.


Al Kazemi International General Trad. & Cont. Group Co.

KGL Car Rental Co.

Al-Khalid Group of Companies

Khalil Bahman Trading Establishment

    Al-Khonaini General Trading & Contracting Co.

KIPCO Asset Management Co.

Kuwait Agriculture Co.

Kuwait Airways Corporation

Kuwait Automotive Imports Co.

Kuwait Catering Company

Kuwait Cement Company

    Kuwait Company for Process Plant Const. & Contracting

Kuwait Consulting & Investment Co.

Kuwait Controls Co.

Kuwait Dairy Company

Kuwait Development & Trading Co.

    Kuwait Drilling Fluids & Oil Services

Kuwait Dynamics Limited

Kuwait Financial Centre

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Co.

Kuwait Food Co.

    Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co.

    Kuwait Furniture Manufacturing & Trading Co.

Kuwait Hotels Co.

Kuwait Industrial Refinery Maintenance & Engineering Co.

    Kuwait Maritime & Mercantile Company K.S.C.

    Kuwait Metal Furniture Manufacturing Co.

    Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Co.

Kuwait Oil Tanker Co.

Kuwait Oxygen & Acetylene Co.

    Kuwait Packing Material Manufacturing Co.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

    Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co.

Kuwait Projects Company (Holding)

Kuwait Proteins Co.

Kuwait Real Estate Co.

    Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Services Co.

Kuwaiti British Readymix Co.

Kuwaiti Danish Computer Co.

    Kuwaiti Japanese Airconditioning Co.


Livestock Transport & Trading Co.


Almadar Finance & Investment

Mahatta Trading Company

Al-Mailem Group of Companies

    Al-Mailem Oilfield & Industrial Equipment Co.

Al-Mailam & Shaalan Co.

Al-Maousharji Catering Co.

Massad Company

Mawarid Trading Co.

    Mechanical & Industrial Services Co.

Al-Meer Technical Services Co.

    Middle East Telecommunication Co.

    Mobile Telecommunications Company

Mohammad Hamoud Alshaya Co.

    Mohammad Naser Al Sayer & Sons Est. Co.

Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group

Al Mulla Group

Al Mulla Security Services Co.

    Muntaser Trading & General Contracting Co.

Musaed Bader Al Sayer Group

    Mushrif Trading & Contracting Co.

    Mustafa Karam & Sons Trading & Cont. Co.


Al-Nahar International Co.

    National Canned Food Product & Trading Co.

The National Co. for Mechanical & Electrical Works Ltd. (Kharafi National)

National Consulting Bureau

    National Industries Co. for Building Materials

National Investments Co.

National Real Estate Co.

National Textiles Company

    Al-Nawasi General Trading & Contracting Co.

NCR Corporation

    Northern Gulf Trading Co. W.L.L.


Al-Ostoura International Company for Gen. Trad. & Cont.

    Al-Othman & Al Bisher Trading Co.


    Packaging & Plastic Industries Co.

Palms Agro Production Company

PELMA General Contracting Co.

The Public Warehousing Co.


    Quality Light & Heavy Equipment Co.

    Al Qurain Automotive Trading Co.


    Raith Engineering & Manufacturing Co.

    Al Rashad Supply & Marine Services Corp.

Al Rashed Group

Refreshment Trading Co.

    Refrigeration Industries & Storage Co.

Refrigeration & Oxygen Co.

Resources for Food Products


S & N General Trading Co.

Safat Catering Services Co.

    Safwan Petroleum Technologies Co.

    Salem M. Al Nisf Electrical Co.

Saud Aujan & Brothers Co.

    Sayed Hamid Behbehani & Sons Co.

Seas & Deserts Group

Al Sharhan Industries

Alshaya Trading Co.

Shuaiba Paper Products Co.

    Siemens Electrical & Electronic Services

    Sons of Hamad Yousuf Al Essa Trading Co.

Specialist Oilfield Services

Al Sultan & Khalaf Trading Co.


Tamdeen Real Estate Co.

    Tamdeen Shopping Centre Development Co.

Tariq Alghanim Company Limited

    The Trading & Industrial Equipment Co.


Union Trading Co.

United Arab Shipping Co.

United Fisheries of Kuwait

United Gulf Construction Co.

United Real Estate Co.

United Shipping Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L.


    Warba National Contracting Co.

Wataniya Telecom

White Stores Co.


Al Yasra Food Co.

Yiaco Medical Co.


Al Zamel International Co.

Al Zayani Trading Co.

Abbas Ahmad Al Shawaf & Brothers Co.

Address :

    P. O. Box : 1902 Safat 13020 Kuwait Tel. : 4716477 (5 Lines)

    Fax : 4749580 - 4760440


    Email: Website :

Working Hours :

    (Saturday - Wednesday)

    8:00am - 12:30pm & 4:00pm - 6:30pm 8:00am - 12:30pm (Thursday) Showroom

    (Saturday - Thursday)

    8:00am - 12:30pm & 4:00pm - 7:30pm

Management :

    Saleh Ahmad Al Shawaf (Chairman) Ahmad Saleh Al Shawaf (Managing Director) Zaid Saleh Al Shawaf (Deputy Managing Director)

Employees : 250

Activities :

    Agents & distributors for

    - Passenger Cars

    - Double / Single Pick-up

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