Characteristics of U.S. Education

By Esther Stevens,2014-06-25 20:38
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Characteristics of U.S. Education

    Characteristics of U.S. Education

    A. Education as a Conserving Force

    1. The avowed (公开承认的)function of schools is to teach the attitudes, values, roles, information, and training necessary for the maintenance;维持; of society.

    2. There is an explicit;明确的; or implicit;含蓄的;

    assumption in U.S. schools that the American way is the only right way.

    3. School texts rarely discuss internal struggles or the racist;种族主义者; history of the U.S.

    B. Mass ;集中的?群众的;Education

    1. People in the U.S. have a basic faith in education. 2. A democratic;民主的; society requires an educated

    citizenry;市民; so that individuals can participate in the decisions of public policy;国家政策;.

    3. As a result of the goal of mass education, an increasing proportion of people have received an education throughout U.S. history.

    C. Local Control of Education

    1. The majority of money and control for education comes from local communities.

    2. There is a general fear of centralization ;集中化?中央

    政权集中管理;of education.

    3. Local school boards believe they know best the special needs of their children.

D. Competitive Nature of U.S. Education

    1. Schools in a highly competitive society are likely to be highly competitive themselves.

    2. Throughout different aspects of school, such as academics, clubs, and sports, students learns two lessons:

    ---a. Your classmates are enemies because if they succeed, it is at your expense.

    ---b. You had better not fail. Fear of failure becomes a greater motivator than intellectual curiosity or love of knowledge.

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