LI To read persuasive texts

By Philip Perez,2014-04-24 16:30
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LI To read persuasive texts

LI: To read persuasive texts.

    Choose a book, and read the ‘blurb’ on the back. Now read it to a partner, in a voice that tries to make them want to read the book. Now fill in this chart:

    What does the blurb tell you about the story? Try to explain What information is there to help you decide if you will buy the book? (What in your own words. age it is for, how much it costs, etc.

Is there a bar code? What is it for? How many colours are used as part of the back cover? What colours are they?

     Do you think they might make a difference if you were deciding whether to buy

     this book?

Does the back of the book tell you the name of the publisher Is all the writing the same size? How many different sizes are there?

    and author? If so, what are they?

Has your blurb got any graphics or pictures to help persuade Can you spot any persuasive words or phrases? Write them here:

    you to read it? If so, copy them here:

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