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Increase in the number of farmers entering solid, liquid and gasous bioenergy supply chains. - Achievement of referential agreements between the main market

    Research Realization Institute of Renewable Energy Sources

    Dunajské nábrežie 14, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia


    Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe

    Type of Action: Integrated initiatives

    Call: Bio-business initiative



    Up to date the situation of the utilization of solid biomass energy is very limited in the participating countries Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland. However, the biomass potential (wood, crops and agricultural residues) is huge in the above mentioned countries. Boosting bioenergy market will foster the comepetitiveness of agricultural firms, will create a number of local jobs in the selected regions and will increase the level of awareness of the public sector and stakeholders.

     The main obstacle to expand bio-business seems to be the lack of knowledge, need for financial support from the bank sector and/or decision makers, coordination of the business development.


    The overall objective of the project is to make a survey about the present state and obstacles and generate appropriate frame in which bio-business chain of bioenergy sources can be established involving farmers and landowners, public authorities, investors, distributors and end-users in selected regions of participating countries which have had limited development up to date in comparison to leading EU member states like Austria and Germany.

The proposed project will focus on selected regions in Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, and

    Hungary that have made limited progress in establishment of market chains for bioenergy sources in compliance with European policies and targets.

    The work starts with an analysis of the current market barriers including raw material supply potentials in selected regions, legal and technical barriers. After that, in order to achieve the above mentioned general objective the work will be carried out on three channels:

Public campaign Training Mobilizing market actors

    Strong awareness campaign - Teach farmers how to Create network of the

    aimed at target groups: cultivate energy crops. concerned stakeholders.

    European Pro Truck Tour, - Persuade farmers about in a form of interest-

    info booklets, day seminars. the advantages of utilizing groups.

     agricultural residues. Create market website

     - Seminars and/or workshops for bioenergy sector.

    on solid bio-business opportunities

     for decision makers.


    - Analyzing the present situation and market barriers including raw material supply

    potentials, legal and technical barriers in selected regions.

    - Work out the best strategy for networking the stakeholders, regional decision makers and

    the public sector.

    - Stimulation of regional policies and energetic plans beeing in harmony with EU targets and

    policies regarding bioenergy sector.

    - Fostering dialogue between stakeholders, decision makers and public sector in order to

    stimulate large-scale investments

    - To promote different bioenergy sources for differenet energy applications.

    - Training of farmers and landowners why and how to cultivate energy crops, collect a

    percentage of their residues.


    - General confluence between regional and European policies (EU Biomass Action Plan) - Regional plans for integrated production of bioenergy sources

    - Increase in balanced exploitation of biomass resources in the participant regions - Increase in the number of farmers entering solid, liquid and gasous bioenergy supply chains. - Achievement of referential agreements between the main market actors.


    RRIORES is looking for partners from Polish, Czech and Hungarian regions, especially where crops and agricultural residues are the main sources of biomass. Furthermore we are looking for a coordinator and/or partner from sector-leading countries where biomass utilization for energy application is on advanced level in compliance with EU targets.


    Mgr. Melinda Gábovicsová

    Mobile: +421 915 793 092


    European support: max.75%


    Max. 36 months


    Submission to the IEEA: 28 September 2007

    Partner search: July 2007

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