Mommy Takes America

By Ralph Long,2014-03-22 07:28
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With the encouragement and support of a compassionate team ofdynamic individuals throughout the Whole Foods Market chain, Anoa Gollman recently acquired

MmmŸ Takes America?

    An American Story of True Entrepreneurship


    Book release - 4 of July 2009

    The poignant story of Sheago Cosmetics

    (Detroit’s “Pursuit of Happiness”)

MmmŸ Takes America?

    Mother is the word for God on the lips of little children.

    I’m sorry Mrs. Gollman, you just can not do that! No one takes a

    child into a corporate meeting, especially not a baby! It’s just not

    appropriate. Don’t you have someone to watch him?

    No madam, I am breastfeeding so I can’t leave my child and travel

    out of the city. The baby must stay with me.

    How are you going to go into stores and do sales pitches with a baby?

    How will you lead your team with a baby on your back? Nobody is

    going to take you seriously!

    I’ll take my chances madam. My son stays with me. Now with all do

    respect, may I go forth.

    The receptionist was adamant, but despite her protests, Anoa Gollman, owner of Sheago Cosmetics, walked into the largest health food store in America that day with a small child sleeping peacefully in a baby stroller. She then gave a presentation that resulted in placement within Whole Foods Market Eastern Region, her company‟s first chain. Anoa brought home

    clearance into 35 U.S. stores and another located in England. Today, her line of natural cosmetics is one of the most popular brands throughout the Midwest and East Coast, particularly New York City.

“People always want to tell you that something can‟t be done; but my grandma always told me,

    „Nothing beats a failure, but a try.‟ I don‟t think in terms of can it be done; but rather, how can it

    be done? I believe most anything can be accomplished if you believe. Henry Ford said, „Whether you think you can or not, you are right.‟ Well, I think I CAN!”

    Get ready mommies of America. The story that I am about to share is one of perseverance and awe-inspiring triumph over overwhelming circumstance. This is a story with high mountains and desperately low valleys. This is a quick journey through the life of a young mother who overcame the long, arduous struggle for entrepreneurship.

    Born in April of 1970 in the small town of Bogalusa, Louisiana, Anoa Gollman represents a newer and younger generation of entrepreneurs that take matters into their own hands to create their own opportunities. She moved to Michigan at age 27 newly married to support her husband‟s desire to

    attend law school. Shortly after arriving to Detroit, Mrs. Gollman became pregnant with her son.

The trials begin…

    She left her job at the University of Detroit, to become a teacher at a private elementary school, but when they found out that she was pregnant, the job offer was retracted. “Here I was with no job, a