my hometown

By Sherry Lane,2014-08-20 10:27
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my hometown

    English 0906 沈珍珍

    My hometown

    Wherever I am, I find it hard to resist the tempting call of my hometown. Do you know there is a little town named Xianju? Maybe you have never heard it before. But for me, it is not only the place I grew up, but also the place I love deeply all along. She locates in the southeast of Zhejiang. The scenery in my hometown just like its name, very beautiful and it is a place for God to live. Though it is a little town, it is still famous for its fruit and food. I will introduce all the information to you in detail.

    In my hometown, there are many kinds of fruits, such as orange, grape, sugar

    cane, and waxberry. Among all those fruit, waxberry is the most prominence fruit. Every summer, there are numerous trucks from different companies and private cars come to my hometown. All of them only have one motive---buy and eat waxberry. Just because of their coming, the economy in my hometown has been developed quickly. And the local famer’s living has been improved as well. All in all, my

    hometown gets bogged down in busyness in every summer. And the rhythm of my hometown also becomes quicker than usual. Every famer’s face is full of lather and

    smile. Besides, the food in my hometown is also extremely famous. You must have eaten chicken, but do you have eaten Diced Chicken with savory sauce? If you dont,

    you are out. This kind of chicken was named by a great Chinese monarch named Zhuyuanzhang. As we all know, green food has becoming increasingly popular in todays age. Almost everyone wants to buy green products. However, the Diced Chicken with savory sauce is just fed in the nature, and there is no any pollution. Its meet tastes very tender and nutritious. It has high prestige at home and abroad. Whatever it takes, once you come to my hometown, the food and fruit you eat first is Diced Chicken with savory sauce and waxberry. Whats more, the scenery in my

    hometown is quite beautiful. Just as I said above, it is a place where God lives. The air is clear and fresh; the water is limpid and soft; the mountains are high and green; the sound of birds is sonorous and pleasant. All of these form a charming picture. If you are the person like nature or want to escape the busy city for a short time, I believe you must like it, and once you come, you may even want to leave anymore. Finally,

    English 0906 沈珍珍

one thing I want to add is that dont worry the peoples attitude in my hometown. The

    local people is very kind and hospitable, they will even let you feel at home.

    I have sad so much unconsciously, but the beauty of my hometown will be never finished in so little words. I do love my hometown. It is my childhood memories. There my grandparents live. My grandfather had a pond behind the house, every weekend with me and my grandfather fishing. Grandma taught me paper-cuts. Really beautiful!

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