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    Assignments for Week 8

    Readings: 1. Chapter 4 of Basic English Writing: Paragraph


     2. Why Are Students turned off? on P 645 in College

    Writing Skills

    Writing: Write a paragraph of 150-200 words on the topic: Chinese

    food reflects Chinese culture.

     Step 1. Freewrite for ten minutes following the example of

    P24 in CWS.

     Step 2. Choose ONE feature of Chinese food and do focused

    freewriting, trying to find out details about how it reflects

    Chinese culture. Follow the example on P. 24 (CWS).

     Step 3. Organize your chosen points into an outline.

    Step 4. Write the first draft of a paragraph with a topic

    sentence stating what feature of Chinese reflect what feature

    of Chinese culture (refer to the essay Food for Thought),

    adequate supporting points each of which being expained

    with evidence or details, and a concluding sentence.

     Step 5. Show your first draft together with the peer-review

    sheet to your study group and ask for feedback.

    Step 6. Considering your group members feedback, compose

    your final work. Your final work is supposed to be 150-200


    Step 7. Double check the content, structure and language and prepare to turn in your work on Oct.18/19.

    Step 8. When you turn in your assignment, it should be a package in this order: 1) the final work typed and printed in

    the required format; 2) first draft; and 3) peer-review sheet.

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