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Kylix Q&A

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     : Kylix Q&A

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     Here's some of the typical questions asked at Linux Business Expo, and the answers to them. Michael Swindell, the Linux Product Manager, provided them for all of us to use in the booth. Although the details of the answer are subject to change, this is at least an attempt to let our developer know what we are planning for Linux support in Delphi

    C++ Builder. If you are interested in field testing Kylix, send and

    an email

     name, address, phone number, with your

    fax number and why you'd like to be involved in our testing. Is Kylix "Delphi for Linux"?

     Kylix is the project to develop both Delphi and C++Builder for Linux. Kylix will have a feature set very similar to the Windows versions of Delphi and C++Builder.

    When did the Kylix project begin?

     The Kylix project began in Spring 1999 at about the time of the first Linux World conference. The project began in a mostly research phase, but some development such as the primary backend compiler work also began inSpring 1999. The project was switched from a research project to a development project by Dale Fuller, theinterim Inprise CEO, in the summer of 1999.

    When will Kylix be available?

     The products that will come out of the Kylix project are expected to be available around mid 2000. More exact timeframes will be disclosed

     as the project moves along.

    Why are you announcing the Kylix project this far in advance?

     While it's Borland's historical operating mode to be generally "tight lipped" about products in development,there has been a greater

     than usual degree of speculation and rumor about Delphi and C++Builder

     for Linux. We're very happy to see the Linux development community and

     the Windows development community this excited about the prospect of Delphi and C++Builder for Linux and we want to provide some facts to clear up,dispell, and confirm some of the rumor and speculation, and begin the planning of application development projects for 2000. Is Kylix a native Linux development tool?

     Definitely. Native rapid application development is the primary goal of the Kylix project. A completely new ultra high performance Linux native code compiler is under development specifically for the Kylix project. Also, a new native Linux Visual Component Library (VCL) is under development to provide a fully component-based abstraction to the Linux operating system, GUI, Internet and database access.

    Is the Kylix VCL compatible with the Delphi and C++Builder VCL?

     Yes, with qualifications. The new Linux VCL architecture is based on the Delphi and C++Builder VCL architecture. The orginal VCL was

     a component framework deeply abstracting the Windows designed as

    operating system in order to radically simplify Windows development. The new Linux VCL is based on the same architecture but some differences in the underlying operating system and graphics subsystems

    will surface as minor differences between the two VCLs. Which GUI toolkit will the Linux VCL based on?

     There are several GUI toolkits currently being evaluated. Details on GUI toolkits will be disclosed at a later date. It is Borland's belief and goal that there should be greater interoperability both visually and technically between GUI toolkits and Borland will be taking steps in this direction.

    Which Linux Desktop, KDE or GNOME, will Kylix apps work with?

     Kylix generated apps will operate perfectly under either KDE or GNOME. The amount of desktop support directly encapsulated in Kylix has not yet been determined. It's Borland's intention to provide as much cross-desktop support as possible to the developer. Will I be able to recompile a Delphi for Windows app under Kylix?

     Many basic applications will simply recompile - a form and button "hello world" application for example. However, most applications will likely require some modifications in order to compile with Kylix . Though some source changes may be necessary, porting from Windows to Linux with Delphi, C++Builder, and Kylix will by far be the fastest

     and easiest way to build native applications for both platforms. Will Kylix be both Delphi and C++Builder in the same IDE?

     The Kylix project is being developed to support both Delphi and C/C++ RAD development. While it is initially intended that both languages be supported or able to be supported in the same development

    e nvironment, how the tools are packaged has yet to be determined. How will Kylix be priced?

     We haven't decided that yet.

    Are you concerned whether there is a market for commercial products

on Linux?

     Our research has shown great demand for tools like Delphi and C++Builder on Linux. Our research has also shown that developers are eager to purchase high quality, high performance, supported development tools.

    Which Linux distributions will Kylix and Kylix generated applications support?

     Kylix and Kylix generated applications will support the major Linux distributions in 2000, including Red Hat Linux and Corel Linux. Other major distibutions to be supported in the first release will be

     later date. announced at a

    Is Kylix an Open Source project?

     While the Kylix project itself is not being developed in an Open Source model, it is a top requirement that developers be able to use Kylix to develop both Open Source and proprietary applicaitons. To accomplish this may require that some portions of the Kylix project itself be released under an Open Source license. These details are currently under investigation.

    How far along is the Kylix project?

     All areas of the Kylix project - compilers, VCL, IDE, database connectivity - are well underway.

    When will we be able to see Kylix?

     We expect to publicly demonstrate Kylix in early 2000. Exact dates and events will be disclosed as we know them.

    When will the Kylix beta be available and how can I get on the beta program?

     Information on the Kylix beta schedule has not yet been released. To get on the Kylix Beta invite list please send email to

     - be sure to include your name, contact phone,

    address and fax number.

    What databases will be supported in Kylix?

     The R&D team is currently working on MySQL and Interbase support. Other major databases will be supported and announced before Kylix is released.

    Will a Linux BDE be included in Kylix?

     It has not yet been determined whether or not the BDE, with support for Paradox and Dbase, will be available in Kylix.

    Will developers have to learn a new data access model?

     No, the primary data access model in Kylix will be Midas for Local, Client/Server, and Multi-tier Distributed database access. This will allow desktop and Web applications to seamlessly scale from local to distributed data models as needs dictate. So if developer use datasets and Midas today, little if anything will

    appear to have changed with Kylix. A new cross-platform data access layer will sit under Midas providing thin high-performance, easily distributable and easily maintainable data access.

    Will Kylix support Interfaces for Delphi development?

     Yes, Interfaces are supported and will work exactly the same in Kylix as in Delphi. Therefore instances may be created directly or with a call to QueryInterface. The Delphi Interface language features were designed to support COM, but are implemented independently of COM.

    Therefore Kylix will not support Dispinterface or the Dual-interface

     Interfaces to be invoked remotely via COM. mechanism that allows

    There are several 3rd party implementations of COM remoting on Linux so the mechanism in the compiler will be available but a default implementation will not be provided.

    How is Kylix different than other commercial and open source development tools for Linux?

     While tools such as GCC, Emacs, MetroWerks Code Warrior, and Cygnus Code Fusion are well suited for system level development, rebuilding the Linux kernel for example, Kylix is focused on building high performance native Linux applications. The Kylix development environment takes the traditional "Compiler/Editor/Debugger" to a completely different level by radically simplifying the multitude of complex application technologies such as GUI (Graphical User Interface), database, Internet, client/server, and distributed object technologies.



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