By Tina Gomez,2014-06-11 01:09
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    ; Every shipment if found label wrong printing, rework that and charge rework cost

    to supplier per ctn RM50, raise rework fees form to management(bennto) sign.

    ; Packaging including pallet must film strength and properly, not accept wrong

    method packing.

    ; Prepare defective & golden sample 3sets for tidy,azum and nda to do standardize

    for quality lock(azum brand) bennto already classify which is can accept or not

    accept except simple, evol let management reconfirm standard. But evol and

    simple can’t request perfect turning or great quality, because these product is

    customer requirement just can install or normal use only.

    ; Accessories can’t accept rust in future, because these are can’t allow happened

    again.(eg. Key holder can’t fully close or Key ring rust because our hand always

    hold the key, always must be see its situation, if rusty, customer will lost

    confidence, so if these small issue will affect customer acceptability, why we

    can’t do it more better?

    ; If found incoming product eg. Ebar twist(exp: incoming 1000pcs, check 100pcs

    found 3 defective(this in aql standard also can accept this shipment). But these

    3%defective also want claim nda, calculate want claims 3 % product cost for all

    shipment quantity or sorting all until it done, claim rework cost and product cost,

    which is more saving cost and effeficency, let management do decision. If less

    accessories also do this procedure.

    ; if after two or three months, cust. Goods return to tidy, we can one to one request

    nda to do replacement or deduction,(let management decision) no need raise

    feedback report, do memo format inform problem and only. Don’t affect iso


    ; Handle must let mr er and management do decision must allow few percent is

    defective, cannot do 100% one to one changing(because these are lower profit

    margin product)

; Combine carton packaging and quantity.

    ; Every shipment per item must have extra quantity or accessories, if tidy use those

    extra quantity pcs, no need payment to nda, if not, tidy must pay money of those

    quantity to nda. prevent if meet defective product, can rework and replace right

    now.(but also can’t every times request certain percent of quantity)

    ; Must setup a policy a period of time after customer receiving goods, if not maybe

    after half of year or 3 years, they want claims for defective or give reasons not fit

    to use or other reason(except potential customer or theirs account payment or

    other, just can consider let them claims or return, but tidy policy is not encourage

    do this step, if want to do this step must record down( example: this customer if

    refer back the record, he already return once time before, is tidy want accept

    again or not?)

    ; Every time 441,666,442 (lion steel, big customer) incoming to tidy must sorting

    100% percent (tidy sorting itself or pass to azum sort). Check housing burr, clip

    not open enough or not even, number printing wrong, cam or metal part rusty, key

    holder loose, or not fully close.

    ; But beento already said quality issue, temporary cant recorrection right away,

    wait nda do confirmation deadline when can done solve problem. And after

    quality standard can catch up internation standard, tidy group must review quality

    can further more or not.

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