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    Application Form


    Organisation Name:

    Legal form: Limited Company

    Year of foundation:

    Visitor 1:

    First Name: Pedro Family Name: Garcia-Caballero Position: International Cooperation Expert

    Language Ability: English (?good ?normal ?bear) Chinese (?good ?normal ?bear) Visitor 2:

    First Name: Family Name:


    Language Ability: English (?good ?normal ?bear) Chinese (?good ?normal ?bear) Address:

    Phone: 00 34 957 771 720 Fax 00 34 957 773 072 Email: Website: Organisation Type


     Technical Centre / Technology transfer centre

     Research institute / University

     Consultant / Contracting organisation

     Other (please specify):




    SdV present cooperation project is mainly based on Commercial & Technical Assistance Cooperation. Next phase could be a Technology / Production project but not at present.


SdV offert:

    a) As a client to import Chinese products like ES/PV modules ( several technologies) or ES/TH

    chillers ( absorption units)

    b) As supplier to cooperate with Chines SMEs on integrated ES/PV projects in China or in some

    priority Developing Countries like Marroco or some Latin America countries.

Description/ Special features.

    Please give a description of the relevant results or characteristics of the offer.

    When ever possible, provide background information or a short introductory text to the technology described

    (usually this can be found through an internet search).

    ; Describe the technology or product, try to indicate clearly the innovation you propose (provide

    quantitative data if possible).

    ; Clearly establish the potential application of the technology, perhaps considering more than one field. ; Provide information about the expertise or know-how of the proposer.

    ; Do not include sales promotion of your technology or product

    ; Do not include advantages of your technology or product, this will come below

    ; Provide a picture or drawing if one is available.

Innovative Aspects of the Technology / Production

    Describe clearly the innovative aspects of the technology. Avoid generalities such as best or unique, but try to

    specify innovation by comparison with prevailing technologies.

Main advantages of the Technology / Production

    Give the main economic advantages / benefits of the technology (if possible in a quantitative way), regarding such elements as performance, ease of use, need of specific know-how, or expertise to adopt your technology.

Current stage of development of the offered technology

     Development phase laboratory tested

     Available for demonstration field tested Already on the market


Intellectual Property Rights

     patent applied for* patents granted **

     copyright protected exclusive rights ***

     secret know-how others (registered design, plant variety right,


* It the patent applied for is ticked, you must list the countries in which you have applied for patents in the

    Comments Box.

    ** If the patents granted box is ticked, you must enter the countries that have granted the patents in the Comments Box.

    ***If either the patent granted box or the exclusive rights box is ticked you must indicate where the initial patent

    was granted and say a few words about the company.

    Whenever possible, you should indicate the year a patent was granted and its reference number, although if the client does not want to disclose this information you should respect his wishes. Finally, if the others box is

    ticked you must explain what this means.


    SdV is a Small & Medium Enterprise in Spanish Andalucia Region working in HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Sector ) and Renewable Energies ( mainly Solar Photovoltaic &

    Thermal ) from more than 20 years.

    Example SdV is at present involved in several SE/PV projects with power of several MWp each and its main suppliers in Solar Energy / Photovoltaic (SE/PV) projects are BP SOLAR, ISOFOTON, ATERSA, SUNTECH POWER, ….. SdV is responsible for all technical and financial phase of the ES/PV project using subcontractors in specific areas. The projects are mainly on-

    grid but also off-grid. SdV is responsible for long term maintenance and technical assistance of these Huertos Solares / Solar PV parks. SdV is starting commercial and technical cooperation with several Chinese ES/PV companies from 2006 January.



    Market applications domain(s)


    TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGIES ; Medicine, Human Health

    ; Design and Modelling / Prototypes ; Biology / Biotechnology

    ; Industrial Manufacture ; Genome Research

    ; Process control and logistics ; Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological

    ; Plant Design and Maintenance sciences

    ; Packaging / Handling

    ; ENERGY ; Construction Technology

    ; Materials Technology ; Energy storage and transport

    ; Transport Infrastructure ; Energy production, transmission and

    ; Transport and Shipping Technologies conversion

    ; Aerospace Technology ; Fossil Energy Sources

     ; Nuclear Fission / Nuclear Fusion ; ELECTRONICS, IT AND TELECOMMS ; Renewable Sources of Energy

    ; Electronics, Microelectronics ; Rational use of energy

    ; Information Processing, Information System, ; Other Energy Topics

    Workflow Management