Powerful Women in History

By Catherine Matthews,2014-05-31 16:51
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Powerful Women in History

     Powerful Women in History


    thOn March 29, 2011, we had a speech given by our foreign oral English teacher Madson Thompson. After his introduction of himself, the speech began.

    That day, we talked about Powerful Women in History supported by PPT. Mr. Thompson

    gave us some examples including ten famous powerful women in history from different countries. The first woman he talked to us is one of Egypts most successful rulers named Hatshepsut who

    reigned for 22 years. She was born in 1508BC, died in 1458BC. The most important thing which is really worth mentioning is that Hatshepsut ruled longer than any other woman in Egypts history,

    ordering the temple at Kama built. As known to many people ,she is the wife of Ptolemy?,She

    loved sculpture and today ,the famous sculpture Sphinx has her face. Its known to the people all

    over the world.

    Empress Theodora is the next one who is the empress of Byzantium, wife of Justinian?,lived 500-548AD,reigned 527-548AD.She is a strong supporter of Christianity who made a saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church. Besides, she reformed the capital of the worlds great cities

    including Constantinople and Istanbul and built many aqueducts and many church.

    Then, Mr. Thompson talked about Isabella?of Castile who lived 1451-1504, reigned

    1474-1504.She is the first person to unit Spain under one ruler and she promoted Catholic Church and Pope. She is the person who sent Columbus to discover the New World and captured Grenada, the capital of the Muslim empire in Spain. And she expelled the Jews and Muslim through the Spanish Inquisition.

    Elizabeth?is the forth person Mr. Thompson talked about, who lived 1533-1603AD, reigned 1558-1603AD.The powerful woman created The Golden Age of British history who became

    queen after her brother and sister both died. In the war, she defeated Spanish Armada in 1588 and solidified British control in Northern Ireland. And she also improved trade and relations and relations with France. However, she helped decide the Future rulers of France, Spain and much of central Europe.

    Empress Dowager Cixi is the next powerful woman who lived 1835-1908, reigned 1865-1908.At that time, she regent for her son and her nephew. As a Chinese, she did not like foreign influence in China so that she declared modernizing reforms in 1900 after Boxer Rebellion.

    After a short introduction about Chinese woman, Mr. Thompson give us a example of Russian woman who called Catherine?,lived 1729-1796, reigned 1762-1796. The most important

    thing which is really worth mentioning is that she expanded the territory of the Russian Empire covering an area of 500,000,000,000?. The woman is also a great leader for battle. She

    modernized Russia including increasing trade and exposure to Europe and inventing the first Russian paper money. Under her command, they initiated contact with Japan and created grand patron of arts and science.

    Queen Victoria is the next woman who let India become part of Britain and expanded the empire in Africa, lived 1819-1901, reigned 1837-1901, longest for any female monarch in history.

    At that time, her empire had 1/4 of all the land and 1/4 of all the people on earth. She had 9 children who married into the ruling houses of much of Europe.

    Indian Gandhi is the eighth woman who is the third Prime Minister of India, lived 1917-1984. She is the first woman who became the Prime Minister. The most powerful thing is that they obtained nuclear weapon for India.

    Next, Mr. Thompson talked about Eleanor Roosevelt who was the first lady of USA from 1933-1945, lived 1884-1962. And she was the first American delegate to the United Nations. She held the job for 7 years. She also had some commissions like UN Commission on Human Rights and UN Commission on the Status of Women.

    thMargaret Thatcher is the last one who was born on October 10, 1925 and she was the PM of

    Britain from 1979-1990, longest serving female. At her hand, the country grew GDP by 24% and fought against UK joining the European Union.

    Those are what Mr. Thompson told us about Powerful Women in History. In his class, I felt an upsurge emotion at the bottom of my heart because of his accent, his gestures and his presentation skill. From that day on, I have knowledge of the powerful woman in history. For us, maybe speech is a start, but what Mr. Thompson told us that day will give us a good start.

    Listen to speeches, our heart will bloom out beautiful flowers!

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