List of English Prefixes

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List of English Prefixes




    1. 远近

    Ab- 脱离 away ?后续介词from abscond


    Ad- 趋近 to?后续介词to advance

    Com- 伴随 with?后续介词with conform

    Dis- 分离 apart?后续介词from 2. 否定

    An- 否定 not, without amnesty


In- 否定 not

3. 方向

    Super over

    De- down?后续介词from Sub under


    Pre- before Post- after

    Inter- 居间 between Para- 侧伴 beside Per- 穿越 through

     across Trans 穿过

En- 向内 in

    Ex- 向外 out?后续介词from

    4. 对错

    Ob- 反对 against Pro- 赞成 for


    Mal- bad

Re- 回来 back




    uni- 1 unicorn: mythical creature with one horn

    mono- 1 monorail: train that runs on one track

    bi- 2 bicycle: two-wheeled vehicle

    tri- 3 triceratops: three-horned dinosaur

    quadr- 4 quadruped: four-footed animal

    quint- 5 quintuplets: five babies born at a single birth

    penta- 5 pentagon: figure with five sides

    hex- 6 hexapod: having six legs, an insect, for example

    sex- 6 sextet: group of six musicians

    hept- 7 heptathlon: athletic contest with seven events

    sept- 7 septuplets: seven babies at a single birth

    octo- 8 octopus: sea creature with eight arms

    novem- 9 novena: prayers said over nine days

    deka- or deca- 10 decade: a period of 10 years

    cent- hundred century: a period of 100 years

    hecto- hundred hectogram: 100 grams

    milli- thousand millennium: a period of 1,000 years

    kilo- thousand kilogram: 1,000 grams

    mega- million megaton: one million tons

    giga- billion gigawatt: one billion watts

    Latin prefixes Greek prefixes Numb[1]Sanskrit CardinMultiDistributier Ordinal Cardinal Multiple al ple ve

    [2] ? semi- demi- hemi-

    mono-, [3][4]1 uni- sim- singul- prim- hen- eka- [4]haplo-

    sesqu1? i-

    bi-, 2 du- bin- second- di-, dy- dis- dvi- bis-

    3 tri- ter- tern- terti- tri- tris- tri-


    -, quate4 quatern- quart- tetra- tetrakis- chatur- quadrur- [5]-

    quin-, 5 quinque- quinti- penta- pentakis- pancha- quinquen-

    [6]6 sexa- sen- sext- hexa- hexakis- shat-

    septem-, 7 septen- septim- hepta- heptakis- sapta- septi-


    8 octo- octon- octav- octa-, octakis- ashta-


    9 novem- noven- nona- ennea- enneakis- navam- 10 decem-, dec- den- decim- deca- decakis- dasham-

    undecakisekadasham11 undec-, unden-, undecim- hendeca- - -

    dodecakisdvadasham12 duodec- duoden- duodecim- dodeca- - -

    triskaidetridecakitrayodash13 tredec-, etc. ca- s- am-

    tetrakaidtetradecachaturdas14 quattuordec- eca- kis- ham-

    pentakaidpentadecapanchadas15 quinquadec-, quindec- eca- kis- ham-

    hexakaidesedec-, hexadecak16 ca-, [6]sexdec- (but hexadecimal) is- hexadeca-

    heptakaid17 septendec- eca-

    octakaide18 octodec- ca-

    novemdec-, enneakaid19 novendec- eca-

    icosa-, vicen-, eicosakis20* viginti- vigesim- icosi-, vigen- - eicosa-

    triaconta30 triginti- tricen- trigesim- -

    quadragestetracont40 quadraginti- quadragen- im- a-

    quinquagintiquinquagenquinquagepentacont50 - - sim- a-

    sexagesimhexaconta60 sexaginti- sexagen- a- -

    septuagesheptacont70 septuaginti- septuagen- ima- a-

    octogesimoctaconta80 octogint- octogen- - -

    nonagesimenneacont90 nonagint- nonagen- - a-

    hecato-, 100 centi- centen- centesim- hecatont-

    ducen-, 200 ducenti- bicenten-


     300 trecenti- tercenten-





    quadringentiquatercent 400 - en-,




    quingentenquingenti-, 500 -, quincenti- quincenten


    sescenti-, sescen-, hexacosio 600 sexcenti- sexcenten- i-



    septingent 700 septingenti- en-,





     800 octingenti- n-,



     900 nongenti- nongen-

     1000 milli- millen- millesim- chili-

    10,0 myria- 00

    Table 1: Latin-Prefixed Numerical Words

    Numera Prefix Base Relation Music Multiple Yearly Sides Exponent l

    1 unus uni N/A unary (solo) (single) (annual) unilateral (million)

    duple/doubl2 duo bi/duo binal binary duet biennial bilateral billion e

    3 tres, tria tri trial, tertial trinary, ternary trio triple/treble triennial trilateral trillion

    4 quattuor quadri/quart quartal quaternary quartet quadruple quadriennial quadrilateral quadrillion

    quinque/quinquinary, quinquennia5 quinque quintal quintet quintuple quinquelateral quintillion t quinquenary l

    senary/sexenar6 sex sex(t), se sextal sextet sextuple sexennial *sexilateral sextillion y

    7 septem sept septimal septenary septet septuple septennial septilateral septillion

    octal, 8 octo oct octonary octet octuple octennial octilateral octillion octaval

    nonus/novenonuple, 9 novem nonal nonary nonet novennial *nonilateral nonillion m noncuple

    1decem dec(a), de decimal denary dectet decuple decennial *decilateral decillion 0

    1undecim undec, unde undecimal undenary * * undecennial * undecillion undectetundecupleundecilateral1

    1duodeciduodec, duodecima*duodecteduodecilaterduodecenni*duodecillioduodenary duodecuple 2 m duode l al n tal

    Table 2: Greek-Prefixed Numerical Words

     Numeral Prefix Polygon Polyhedron Angle Ruler Meter Group Event 1 en mono N/A N/A N/A monarch N/A monad N/A dyo/duo/ddiarch, 2 di/dy N/A N/A N/A dimeter dyad biathlon i dyarch

    3 treis, tria tri triangle N/A triangle triarch trimeter triad triathlon 4 tessera tetra tetragon tetrahedron quadrangle tetrarch tetrameter tetrad tetrathlon 5 pente penta pentagon pentahedron pentangle pentarch pentameter pentad pentathlon 6 hexa hex hexagon hexahedron hexangle hexarch hexameter hexad *hexathlon 7 hepta hept heptagon heptahedron heptangle heptarch heptameter heptad heptathlon 8 okto oct octagon octohedron octangle octarch octameter octad *octathlon

    enneagon, 9 ennea ennea enneahedron *enneangle *ennearch * enneameter ennead *enneathlon nonagon

    1deka dec(a) decagon decahedron decangle decarch decameter decad(e) decathlon 0

    hendecagon1hendec(ahendecahedro*hendecanglhendecametehendecahendecathlohendecarc***hendeka , 1 ) n h erdnundecagon

    1dodecad(edodeka dodec(a) dodecagon dodecahedron * dodecangle dodecarch * dodecameter *dodecathlon 2 )

    Table 3: Latin Numerical Words: 13 to 1000

     Numeral Prefix Base Relation 13 tredecim tredec, tridec *tridecimal *tridenary 14 quattuordecim quatuordec *quatuordecimal *quatuordenary 15 quindecim quinde(c) * quindenary quindecimal

    16 sedecim sede(c) hexadecimal *sedenary 17 septendecim septende(c) septendecimal *septendenary 18 duodeviginti decennoct *decennoctal *decenoctonary 19 undeviginti decennov decennoval *decennonary 20 viginti vige, vice vigesimal, vicesimal vigenary, vicenary 30 triginta trige, trice trigesimal tricenary 40 quadraginta quadrage quadragesimal quadragenary 50 quinquaginta quinquage quinquagesimal quinquagenary 60 sexaginta sexage sexagesimal sexagenary 70 septuaginta septuage septuagesimal septuagenary 80 octoginta octage octagesimal octogenary 90 nonaginta nonage nonagesimal nonagenary 100 centum cente centesimal centenary 1000 mille mille millesimal millenary

    Table 4: Greek Numerical Words: 13 to 1000

     Numeral Prefix Polygon Polyhedron 13 tr(e)iskaideka triskaideca, trideca triskaidecagon, trisdecagon triskaidecahedron 14 tettares kai deka tetrakaideca, tetradeca tetradecagon, tetrakaidecagon tetrakaidecahedron 15 pentekaideka pendeca pendecagon pendecahedron 16 hekkaideka hexadeca *hexadecagon *hexadecahedron 17 heptakaideka heptadeca heptadecagon *heptadecahedron 18 oktokaideka octodeca *octodecagon *octodecahedron 19 enneakaideka enneadeca *enneadecagon *enneadecahedron 20 eikosi icos(a) icosagon icosahedron 100 hekaton hecato *hecatogon hecatohedron 1000 chilioi chilia chiliagon chiliahedron

    List of English Prefixes

    Prefix General Meaning Example

    atonality , asexuality , amoral , a(n)- not , without anarchy ab- away abduction , absolutism , ablution ac- acr(o)- high, up Acropolis aden(o)-

    aeronautics , aerodrome , aer(o)- air aeroplane , aerodynamics agr(o)- relating to farming agriculture an- an(a)- out of anachronism an(o)-

    androgyny , androcentrism , android , andr- man androgen anem- Anglo- English or British Anglo-Irish relations, anglophile ante- before antebellum

    anthropology , anthropocentrism , anthrop(o)- relating to human beings anthropomorphic ant(i)- against antidote , antibody , anticlockwise

    autonomy , autobiography , aut(o)- self automobile , autopilot bar(o)- atmosphere bathy- deep Bathyscape , Bathysphere

    completely, thoroughly; be- excessively; on; around; about;

    used to form transitive verbs

    bicycle , bijection , bilingual , bi- two bicameralism , bisexuality

    biology , biography , biosphere , bi(o)- life biotechnology bibli(o)- relating to books bibliophilia , bibliography blast(o)- brady- slow bradycardia brom(o)-

    bronch(o)- relating to breathing bronchitis cac(o)- cardi(o)- heart cardiovascular cent-, centi - hundred or hundredth centenary, centimeter, centipede cephal(o)- chrom(o)-, chromat(o)-

    chron(o)- time chronology, chronograph

    circumcision, circumnavigation, circum- around circumlocution, circumference cion(o)-

    co- together cooperative, cohabit colpo- com-, con-, col-, conference , connotation , context , with, together cor- Congress , congregation contr(a)-, contradiction , contraception , against, opposite contr(o) controversy

    cosmology , cosmopolitan , cosm(o)- cosmotheism

    counterpoint , counterweight , counter- against, opposite Counter-Reformation crin(o)-

    cryogenics , cryoelectronics , cry(o)- frost , icy cold cryostorage crypt(o)- hidden cryptography , cryptozoology cyt(o)- hollow, receptacle, cell cytoplasm , cytology dactyl(o)-

    taking something away, the decentralisation , deforestation , de- opposite dehydration dec(a)-, dek(a)- ten decamerous deci - one tenth deciliter dem(o)- people, nation demographics , democracy derm(o)-,

    derm(a)-, skin dermatology , dermatitis dermat-

    di- two , double didact(o)- apt at teaching dynam(o)- power , force dynamic , dynamite , dynamo

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