List of English Prefixes

By Julie Price,2014-06-25 19:15
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List of English Prefixes




    1. 远近

    Ab- 脱离 away ?后续介词from abscond


    Ad- 趋近 to?后续介词to advance

    Com- 伴随 with?后续介词with conform

    Dis- 分离 apart?后续介词from 2. 否定

    An- 否定 not, without amnesty


In- 否定 not

3. 方向

    Super over

    De- down?后续介词from Sub under


    Pre- before Post- after

    Inter- 居间 between Para- 侧伴 beside Per- 穿越 through

     across Trans 穿过

En- 向内 in

    Ex- 向外 out?后续介词from

    4. 对错

    Ob- 反对 against Pro- 赞成 for


    Mal- bad

Re- 回来 back




    uni- 1 unicorn: mythical creature with one horn

    mono- 1 monorail: train that runs on one track

    bi- 2 bicycle: two-wheeled vehicle

    tri- 3 triceratops: three-horned dinosaur

    quadr- 4 quadruped: four-footed animal

    quint- 5 quintuplets: five babies born at a single birth

    penta- 5 pentagon: figure with five sides

    hex- 6 hexapod: having six legs, an insect, for example

    sex- 6 sextet: group of six musicians

    hept- 7 heptathlon: athletic contest with seven events

    sept- 7 septuplets: seven babies at a single birth

    octo- 8 octopus: sea creature with eight arms

    novem- 9 novena: prayers said over nine days

    deka- or deca- 10 decade: a period of 10 years

    cent- hundred century: a period of 100 years

    hecto- hundred hectogram: 100 grams

    milli- thousand millennium: a period of 1,000 years

    kilo- thousand kilogram: 1,000 grams

    mega- million megaton: one million tons

    giga- billion gigawatt: one billion watts

    Latin prefixes Greek prefixes Numb[1]Sanskrit CardinMultiDistributier Ordinal Cardinal Multiple al ple ve

    [2] ? semi- demi- hemi-

    mono-, [3][4]1 uni- sim- singul- prim- hen- eka- [4]haplo-

    sesqu1? i-

    bi-, 2 du- bin- second- di-, dy- dis- dvi- bis-

    3 tri- ter- tern- terti- tri- tris- tri-


    -, quate4 quatern- quart- tetra- tetrakis- chatur- quadrur- [5]-

    quin-, 5 quinque- quinti- penta- pentakis- pancha- quinquen-

    [6]6 sexa- sen- sext- hexa- hexakis- shat-

    septem-, 7 septen- septim- hepta- heptakis- sapta- septi-


    8 octo- octon- octav- octa-, octakis-