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From the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the system to see the nature of First

    from the original Road and St. library to see the impact of Christianity of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

    1, the original Road

    ;1Some of Hong use of anti-Christian doctrine, thought to farmers will worship God in the creation of the post for one year, respectively, writing, and other articles, so-called "original truth" means "Heaven," "God's truths," he to these articles As a thanks to God's basic principles, laid the theoretical basis of the Taiping movement Instill economic equality, that the world of men and women are brothers and sisters, regardless of you and I should enjoy the same benefits, so those officials in the Qing nobility and landowners to do is selfish, the annexation of the world should be the public interest, it must be expelled, so that the world community to enjoy Datong Obviously, and these two articles dealing with political and economic tradition born of oppression, suffering peasants under the feudal rule of the urgent demand, if through its religious cloak, you can see that it is the essence of the democratic revolutionary ideas, and it could be 100 should be a peaceful, get public support As is pointed out that a clear target against the paper, pointing out that the demons of various idols other than God is a human officials and the landlords, while the Qing government is the embodiment of darkness and evil, forced to stay for the whole people of God Sung-eun occupation, it should be clear, this proposal is a kind of courage to the people so that they dare to oppose the idols and the emperor, adding thanks to God This three articles to promote equality and oppose the rich, the oppression of the emperor, filled with the courage to compete against the feudal society, these revolutionary truth has become a powerful weapon for the revolution launched

    ;2, St. Library The original Road, a series of books to promote the practice, the most obvious is the "sacred library system" Xianfeng ten years, Hong, Yang Xiuqing and other leaders, ordered the entire congregation to jintiancun collection, the congregation sold the property, to abandon their homes, the net worth of the property to take out by the "St. bank" store, this "Santa library" is to provide the necessities of life to all the congregation of the sources, equivalent to the concept of communism For the general public in terms of hunger, "the same food with the wear", "all average" of the rules as they boarded the heaven because of their own village they also do not eat and no warm clothing, "St. library" will provide live protection to them, so that we inspire revolutionary zeal, it is rapidly growing ranks of the uprising, more determined to fight courageously fighting And later, "public" principle be extended to the general community, into a legal looting, but he was robbery, looting rich treasure, each of whom also forgive selfish, have possession of wealth, and even leadership, too, upper and lower layers do not want to return wealth into the "sacred library", this system has been corrupted, coupled with complaints are heard everywhere, and subsequently failed From the "St. Library" This is an example we can see that the upper root of "Saint bank" intended to distort, simply can not have the original set of "communist purpose of all the world major powers will be the original concept of distortion, they can be aware of the communist leaders, aims to snatch the community on the wealth, then the private

     ;3 Christian doctrine of the distorted In fact, Hong is very superficial understanding of Christianity, for example in 1847, he was the American missionary school Roberts Road, Roberts full name of the Hong did not know much of the Bible is simply a standard it is not a Christian, so the teacher asked Hong help baptize him, the teacher, and said no, Hong is self-baptism Subsequently, in 1860, Roberts also with Britain, France, the United States and other countries of

    the missionaries that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom There was no Christian, but some sort of terms on the pretext of the implementation of a deviant idolatry, the publicity of his own doctrine and the Hong an ideal world, so we can know that the Christian religion and must not encourage the revolution took place, has been Hong distorted teachings can only say that, while the ideological weapon of the revolution, the real revolution, because the legacy left by a traditional agricultural society disaster, it is not a religion, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom the nature of the revolution, the Christian right as a whole the impact of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom may be negligible

    2, from the Taiping Heavenly Land System to see the nature of the communist philosophy Taiping leader Hong believe that 1853 marked the beginning of Dien are Tianjing is a small paradise into heaven on the ground that they continue to the Revolutionary War at the same time, it is envisaged through economic reforms, social reforms to create a "new heavens and new earth" society Therefore, promulgated the "Heavenly Land System" It is the central theme "Where the people of the world with the cultivated fields the world" and the ideal human kingdom of heaven is that "those fields with farming, there is rice with food, clothes to wear with the rich with the making, no Department uneven everywhere saturated warm " This system is the first one in the history of peasant revolution in China, but also an equal distribution of land is the last program that it claims the world in per capita farming, sub-fields method is based on the family as a unit, the size of its population count, both men and women older than 16 points in a , 16-year-old the following sub-half of the land according to the amount of points on the middle and lower production of 3 9 and so on, sub-fields with good and bad Any person assigned to the land, must participate in sideline production and labor, and strive to cultivate a reward lazy items are subject to punishment in the distribution set to "all the world is not private, and material's return to the Lord" both principle and therefore In addition to the farmers and painstakingly acquired the necessary rations outside the reserve, all reverted to the state treasury, regardless of agricultural products, clothes, etc. Along the poultry, or the money to silver, should be reverted to the state treasury In addition, the 25 months of marriage, Mi happy event married requirements are taken from the national treasury, while incapacitated by the Treasury supply, although this average distribution system, can ensure that the people get fed warm, but even in the bumper grain harvest of the year to ensure that the warm-fed, only limited to the extent necessary the lowest level, the number of farm laborers may not be able to get benefits "Heavenly Land System" is the impact of feudal land ownership and negative, reflecting the broad masses of peasants strongly opposed to feudal exploitation and oppression, and hungry for land, the pursuit of equality requirements of farmers in doctrine than in the past, with more comprehensive content, touch the core of the feudal society, therefore, Heavenly Land system than ancient peasant uprisings program proposed by a deeper, reaching the peasant uprisings of the highest ideological level, for the struggle of an active role in inspiring the masses and significant social impact Heavenly Land implementation of the system must be abolished private ownership of land as a precondition, however, abolished private ownership of land they are not consistent with the concept of private farmers, while violating the interests of farmers or the poor peasant, is bound to cause dissatisfaction with this part of the farmers are also other words, if the system, if implemented, will be violated because some of the interests of the peasant masses, it will certainly blurred the peasants against the landlord class, and so that exposure to heaven in the same regime itself in opposition to the status of the peasants, thus determining that the reform of the land system vision can not be implemented Moreover, this

    system exists between the production and distribution of Mao Dun, production is carried out by an individual one, but each speaker has to the fruits of labor from the state treasury is absolutely equal distribution, not harder and is bound to dampen the enthusiasm of farmers, is not conducive to the development of social production, therefore, Heavenly Land system is a sub-trend of social development is backward, utopian, but in practice it is also impossible to achieve The Taiping Heavenly Land system and other systems have demonstrated the fighting spirit of the peasant class, but is not actually the Taiping peasant wars simply can not create a new peasant class, peasant class lifestyle inherent weaknesses and limitations of the system in a variety of significant reflected out, which is to be taken seriously Third, a new chapter from the government-funded look at the internal contradictions of the Taiping movement By Hong's Zudi - Rengan identified Rengan created by County in Guangdong to spend the early years, had participated in worship God, in the 1853 refuge in Hong Kong, so he has greater access to modern Western culture, and learned that the West back to the capital doctrine, so in April 1859 when the Prime Minister's royal government put forward The main objective of the contents of three parts first is the "air damper of" namely "air damper type": advocate consolidation trend, promoting some degree and want to get rid of the old to create a new technology to transform the decadent lifestyle of the second is " Law of law, "or" France and France classes ", this is a central element, to implement new social and economic policies, demand to understand the world of things, absorb foreign civilization, so rich and strong progress in their own country and finally," with criminal punishment of " that "criminal punishment category," is to adopt a new penal system, so that there are objective criteria for reward and punishment, on the establishment and construction of some of the judicial system-wide measures to Now from an economic, political, cultural, diplomatic and talk about the practical aspects of criminal law five reform measures First, the economic front, Hong Ren-gan advocated the development of modern communications and transportation, offering a modern industrial, construction, transportation and manufacturing of modern trains, ships and a variety of equipment that the foreign instrument is a "useful thing", and advocate in the mines, Hing water, to do banking, office insurance, legislation to establish post offices and newspaper building measures in these economies, he also raised the incentives for private individuals invention, protection of private patents, and allowing private investment in developing China's capital, Lord my policy, and encouraging "the rich" invest in such as banks and other "big business Gushi Min favorable," the cause of another, in order to meet the construction, Rengan proposal of setting up modern health care institutions, to prohibit trafficking in persons and the use of slaves and replaced by wage labor, and forced not a proper job of homeless and non-productive and rich in labor and production, asking them to "self", "self-support its body" which shows the Rengan advocated the strengthening of labor legislation and to take the capitalist system of partial commission Secondly, the political front, Hong Ren-gan advocated the establishment of the government officials are not generally restrained, "press officer" and a suggestion box, it is recommended to respect public opinion and listen to people's views, proposals to prohibit the sale of Guanjue, and set up similar to the independence of the accountancy bodies of money and grain in order to prevent official corruption in addition, Hong Ren-gan that the key lies in governance, "employment" and "trying", if "people in the wrong, appropriate enough to a bad law; managed properly, appropriate enough to harm anyone," "seek" and " employment "is a complementary emphasis on" cut-off cronies of the harm, "and firmly opposed to cliques that cronies of the disastrous consequences, to promote impartiality and integrity of the style, back to religion,

    demanding a centralized and unified view that must be eliminated" as a self-dealing outside of the school, which Yun weak at the end of the disadvantages of this strong "to achieve" attributed to reunification "purposes, and in trying to return to face, will have to learn from Western countries in order to rule by law Chinese and foreign transport, Hong Ren-gan advocates equality and that should begin to trade on the basis of contacts, for expatriates, we should forbid them to carry such as the opium ban things like the entrance, "smugglers was given in" Further, in the and the "delicate art," the capitalist countries, when trade in the not interfere in internal affairs under the principle of allowing foreigners to China to teach academic knowledge, and in criminal law, Rengan think it proper use of the criminal law, that "unlawful under, on can not do without punishment, "but no" do not teach without prior warning, "and proposed to the place the people" must first be to heaven and then Qi to law of the land, "that advocated" to treat minor offenders "for the prisoners to" incentives and penalties ", the first education, No it any further punishment, to the order of coexistence of people and the Government Jieyou Finally, culture is the idea of "Man to documentary," All heresy Yinci must be prohibited, we must get rid of bad habits people China's first-round development of an advocate of capitalism's platform, it is the combination of economic and social reforms, is the Chinese people to learn to emulate the West, a milestone of Western capitalism, but completely away from the fight for the rights of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the original meaning of the farmers, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom farmers begin to build political power into the path of development of capitalism and advocated protection of private, recognizing the rich, a millionaire's existence does not repeal any exploitation system to encourage the rich production workers, the objective is to seek to replace the capitalist relations of production of feudalism the relations of production, although in line with the direction of social development, but can not touch the root of China's revolution, that is, land and farmers, the reform of the class just to those who are departed from the Taiping peasant socialist reform, the final failure

    4, sum up In addition to the Taiping Heavenly Land System and senior advisers, a new chapter, there are other systems used to regulate the system of a country of her people, finalizing the consolidation of political power, but also needs the system to the country the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom From the political side, scored from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in Nanjing, the renamed "Tianjing," the establishment of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom on Hong self-styled "kings", while his subordinates were established as king, such as the East days, Yang Xiuqing, north Wang Wei Changhui and so on, others would Liehou as well as two positions in the Division, a total of 16 of her office and other bureaucratic structure and dynasties or less the same to support the ruler By the time the occasion coincided with hurried retreat, both internal and external problems, first, the Qing court corruption, foreign invasion after the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, therefore the principle of "unity of military people" act, so as to strengthen the capacity of people in the armed forces for every set a man on the All 12500 man-made one-Jun, Wang Jun Shuai guide by the most basic of the two Sima jurisdiction over 25 people, while local civil affairs cadres, but also responsible for managing the finance, education, justice, joy or worship, etc. In order to allow the people to Shen Ji cycle, enacted "heaven," Si Dou, Jie You kill penalties In addition, the selection of talent, a Science exam, its contents outside under the peace, etc., either the people themselves to participate freely in and set table for men and women 2 to break the traditional mode of examination only allowed men The social system, advocates for the elimination of social habits, such as the ban on the sale of marriage, monogamy lines, and are

    prohibited from people smoking opium, gambling, slavery, bound feet and other social vices, but also to promote equality between men and women as sisters, brother men, the first , marriage regardless of wealth, and women can be in politics, join the army, Cabinet Secretary, to test scientific and Shoutian, which are the principle of equality Enactment of the new calendar called "calendar days", set 三百六十六日 for one year, a single month on the 31st, the bi-monthly on

    the 30th stipulates that for the religious life that compel people to read, believe in God, and morning and evening prayer for children Every day, made on Sunday of each week to listen Chapel Road, Taiping also prohibited the people of ancestor worship, respect for holes and read, and Confucian traditions and customs However, the above measures, including the Heavenly Land system and a new chapter of financing had not been fully implemented, because of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is established, has been in a war, the new system difficult to implement or enforce them Initially, there was to absorb the force of the peasants set up, the content focus to improve the lives of farmers to enable them to food and clothing to show the military of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, to drive away foreigners, economic recovery, thus giving rise to the peasant uprising, which is the direct cause of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Kang Da reason The system to re-farm benefits, loss gentry, so much dissatisfaction with the gentry, the transfer of the Qing Hong Ren-gan to help find things that serious, immediate remedial measures, based, and strive to turn the tide in order to win over the gentry, the landowners support the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, but in the end because the system before and after the different damage people's interests would make farmers and the gentry are not happy with, leading to failure of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Religion in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is just a drive shell, and she is to use the cloak of Christianity to promote their own ideology or ideal of Hong Xiuquan, there is no real religious significance in the Fan with the longevity, Feng Yi, two major articles of a book, also and the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, not even 0 Christianity, but terms on the pretext of " Therefore, the early Taiping movement was a socialist movement of peasants, and their leadership in the uprising in early years and the interests of farmers in mind, the fight against oppression of the peasants only emphasizes the traditional landlord class, the average wealth of ideas and resources, leaving a large number of farmers to join the war with the Qing Empire, but within the practical difficulties because of the war, for the leadership of the rapid corruption, for the farmers of the heavenly system of political apathy and, out of internal contradictions, and so are ideal products can not be achieved, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom can not be sustained development

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