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Casper College Course Syllabus

    CMAP 1765-01: Spreadsheet Applications: Microsoft EXCEL 2007

    Fall Semester 2008

Lecture Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 2 Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Lois A. Davis

Office: AD289C Phone: 268-2703

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. (I have duties

    other than teaching and may not be available on a walk-in basis. Please call early in the day and arrange an appointment if possible or send an e-mail.)

    Course Description: This course covers the features of Microsoft Excel. Topics include creating worksheets, charts, formulas; developing functions, formatting, Web queries, What-If analysis; creating static and dynamic web pages, data tables, financial schedules; creating, sorting, and querying a list; creating templates; working with multiple worksheets and workbooks, object linking and embedding (OLE), using macros, importing data, and working with PivotCharts. (Dual listing MOUS 1630)

Prerequisite: None

    Goal: After completing the textbook, students will be prepared to take the specialist-level examination for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and to use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for personal or business use.

Outcomes: The student will:

     ? Create Data (Chapter 1)

     ? Organize Data (Chapter 4)

     ? Analyze Data (Chapter 3, 5, and 8)

     ? Format Data and Content (Chapter 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)

     ? Collaborate (Chapter 6 and 9)

     ? Manage Workbooks (Chapter 1, 2, 3, 9)

     ? Customize Excel (Chapter 7)

    Methodology: This is an Internet course. Students use the course management software Moodle for posting assignments, taking quizzes, and receiving feedback from grading. Students use their Web Advisor login and password to login to Moodle Course Management Software. The web address is:

    Once logged into Moodle, use the enrollment key: CMAP1765N1

    to join the class.

    When student complete Chapter 9, they may take either Microsoft Specialist Exam or the Comprehensive Final for their Final Exam.

Evaluation: The student will

     ? achieve a minimum of 85% of overall possible points on class training and Chapters in Chapters 1-9 and pass the Microsoft Office Specialist examination or the Comprehensive Final for a grade of A or

    ? achieve a minimum of 80% of overall possible points on class training and Chapters in Chapters 1-9 and pass the Microsoft Office Specialist examination or the Comprehensive Final for a grade of B or

     ? achieve a minimum of 75% of overall possible points on class training, Chapters, and Comprehensive Final exam in Chapters 1-9 for a grade of C.

     ? achieve a minimum of 70% of overall possible points on class training, Chapters, and Comprehensive Final exam in Chapters 1-9 for a grade of D.

Points will be accumulated by:

     Chapters 20 each Chapter

     Chapter Quiz 20 each Chapter

     Final Exam or MS test 100

     Total possible 460

    Final Grade:

    A >= 391

    B >= 368

    C >= 345

    D >= 322

    F<= 321

    Mid-Term Grades have 200 possible points and are assigned as follows:

A>= 190

    B>= 170

    C>= 150

    D>= 140

    F<= 139

    Class Policies: Final Exam is mandatory unless the student successfully completes the Microsoft Office Specialist examination. The Final Exam will be available on the website November 12 and must be taken by midnight, December 18. If a student elects to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam instead of the course exam for a final exam and fails to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam, a percentage score for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam will be assigned when calculating final grade. Students may take both their appropriate final and the Microsoft Office Specialist examination. If both tests are taken, the best score of the two tests will be used in calculating the final grade.

    Students are expected to upload their completed Chapter assignments to the Casper College course management system, Moodle. The URL for Moodle is:

    Your Web Advisor login and password will log you into Moodle where you can join CMAP 1765 using the enrollment key CMAP1765N1. Students can expect the instructor to contact them via e-mail and are expected to read their e-mail on a regular basis. No more than 2 Chapters may be submitted in any given week.

    When you take an end-of-chapter quiz, you are allowed to change your answer if your first answer is incorrect. The first time you make a mistake, a penalty is assessed, but the penalty is less if you go back and answer the question correctly. To get the highest score, you should verify your answer with the textbook before answering the question.

    Your midterm grade will be determined based on work submitted through Chapter 5 and must be received by 3:00 p.m. October 16, 2008. All Chapter assignments, quizzes, and Final Exam must be by midnight, December 18, 2008. Microsoft Certification tests must be taken by 5:00 p.m., December 18, 2008.

    Microsoft Certification tests are given in BU123. Register with the testing center, BU 123, phone 268-3850, two weeks prior to taking the test. Information regarding the exam is available at:


    You can prepare for the exam by taking the practice test at the above URL or borrowing the instructor’s text and CD Microsoft Office Specialist Study Guide.

    The last date for withdrawal or change to an Audit is November 14, 2008.

Required Text and Materials: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Comprehensive

    Concepts and Techniques by Shelly, Cashman, and Vermaat. The textbook Bundle (ISBN: 1435414985) includes the text, a 180-day full version of MS Office 2007, and a USB drive. If you have access to MS Office 2007, you may purchase the textbook alone with ISBN-13: 978-1-4188-4344-1.

    Required Software: Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (received with textbook bundle.)

Computer System Requirements: Minimum 2 gigabyte (GB) hard drive, 1 GHz

    Processor with 1 GB RAM. Windows XP with Service Pack (SP 2) or Vista system software. (I will be using Windows XP in my office.)

Internet Requirements: Phone modem connections will work You must learn

    to wait for the system to refresh or your computer may freezemodems connect

    at 56k. Recommended: Bresnan Cable or Qwest DSL which connect at

    speeds up to 3 Mbps.

Casper College Computer Labs: Administration Rm 6 (1/2 of the room only) and

    Library 205 (1/2 of the room only) have Microsoft Office 2007 installed. Please let the instructor know if you encounter any problems in the labs. The schedule for Casper College Computer labs is available at:

Student Rights and Responsibilities: Please refer to the Casper College Student

    Conduct and Judicial Code for information concerning your rights and responsibilities as a Casper College Student.

    Chain of Command: If you have any problems with this class, you should first contact the instructor in order to solve the problem. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by the instructor, you should then take your problem through the appropriate chain of command starting with the Division Chair and lastly the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Academic Dishonesty Cheating & Plagiarism: Casper College demands

    intellectual honesty. Proven plagiarism or any form of dishonesty associated with the academic process can result in the offender failing the course in which the offense was committed or expulsion from school. See the Casper College Student Code of Conduct.

ADA Accommodations Policy: It is the policy of Casper College to provide

    appropriate accommodations to any student with a documented disability. If you have a need for accommodation in this course, please make an appointment to see me at your earliest convenience. You may also contact Brent Heuer, Accommodative Services Counselor at Casper College. His office is in the Administration Building, Room AD112A. His e-mail is

    CLASS SCHEDULE, Fall 2008

August 25 First day of class

September 5 Chapter 1 due

September 12 Chapter 2 due

September 22 Chapter 3 due

October 6 Chapter 4 due

October 16 Chapter 5 due

October 17 Midterms posted to Web Advisor

October 20, 21 Fall Break

November 3 Chapter 6 due

November 17 SmartArt & Images and Chapter 7 due

December 1 Chapter 8 due

December 10 Chapter 9 due

    December 18 Comprehensive Final or Microsoft Certification


December 18 All assignments and testing due

    Student Data files are on CD distributed by instructor, posted on Moodle, and/or are available from


    IMPORTANT: Excel 2007 default file type is (*.xlsx) and these files are not readable by earlier versions of Excel. If you need to read Excel 2007 files in earlier versions of Excel, click on the drop down box and choose Excel 2003 file type (*.xls). Our class will use the 2007 default file type *.xlsx.

    The following assignments should be submitted by posting to the Moodle Course Management system. Assignments can be resubmitted at any time. The latest submission will override the previous. I will grade; you will be able to see my comments and your assigned points under Grades. Chapter Quizzes are scored automatically and the Grade is posted under Grades.

Read & Do Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet & an Embedded Chart EX1-EX69.

    Submit Walk and Rock Music EX 63 per Figure 1-93 (10 pts) _____

    Submit Make it Right 1-1- Book Sales EX 73 per Figure 1-101 (5 pts)____

    Submit In the Lab 2 Annual Sales Analysis (Scissors Office) through #7 instructions. EX 75-77 per Figure 1-103 (5 pts) _____

     Chapter 1 Quiz (20 pts) _____

Read & Do Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, & Web Queries

    EX 81-159 Complete directions as you go with the exception of EX 142-143 Read Only as we do not have an Exchange Server . When entering formulas use an = or + before entering cell location.

     Submit Silver $$ Stock Club Portfolio Summary Wkbk EX 141 per Figure 2-80 and 2-81. (10 pts) _______

    Submit Apply 2-1 Car-B-Clean Profit Analysis Complete EX 145-146 through instruction #6, Part 1 per Figure 2-84 (5 pts) ________

     Submit In the Lab 2-3 Part 1 Benson Yackley Equities Online Workbook through Instructions Part 2 per Figure 2-91 and Figure 2-92 (5 pts) ________

     Chapter 2 Quiz (20 pts) ________

    Read & Do Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets EX161-248.

     Submit Campus Clothiers Worksheet and 3-D Pie Chart as in Figure 3-72 on EX 219 (10 pts) ________

     Complete EX 220-228, no submission needed

     Submit Apply Your Knowledge EX 229 through instructions Part 2 (Complete this assignment by typing the answers on either an Excel spreadsheet or Word file and submitting to Moodle.) (2 pts) ________

     Submit Lab 3-1 Salioto Auto Parts Eight-Year Financial Projection through Part 2 per Figure 3-85 and 3-86. EX 233-236. (8 pts) _______

Read and Do Web Feature Creating Web Pages Using Excel EX 249-263

     No submissions.

     Chapter 3 Quiz (20 pts) _______

    Complete Chapter 4 Financial Functions, Data Tables, and Amortization Schedules EX 265-336

     Submit Braden Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator per Figure 4-46 on EX 306 after Step 5 at the top of the page. (10 pts) _______

     Submit Apply 4-1 Monthly Loan Payment Complete EX 323-325

    with Home information (5 pts) _______

    with Jacuzzi information (5 pts) _______

     Chapter 4 Quiz (20 pts) _______

Read & Do Chapter 5 Creating, Sorting, and Querying a Table EX 337-415

     Submit Silver Photography Accessories Sales Rep Table per Figure 5-45 on EX 376 (5 pts) _______

     Submit Silver Photography Accessories Sales Rep Table per Figure 5-67 on EX 395 (complete through EX 395 and post)

     (5 pts) _______

     Submit Apply 5-1 Fritzs Luxury Kennel Guest (you can either submit the criteria as shown in #1 or the output of each query.) (5 pts)

     #2 ______

     #3 ______

     #4 ______

     #5 ______

     #6 ______

     Submit In the Lab 5-3 Do-Gooders’ Student Club Table through

    Instructions Part 1 EX 412-423 (5 pts) _______

     Chapter 5 Quiz (20 pts) _______

    Read & Do Chapter 6 Creating Templates and Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks EX 417-503

     Submit NextDVR, Inc. Workbook per Figure 6-72 on EX 477(10 pts)____

     Submit Lab 6-3 Learn-N-Earn Stock Club Portfolio EX 501-503 through Instruction 6, EX 503 as per Figure 6-96 (10 pts) _______

     Chapter 6 Quiz (20 pts) _______

Read & Do SmartArt and Images EX 507-527.

     Submit Malik LegalServices IT Department Complete as per Figure 20 on EX 525 (5 pts) _______

Read & Do Chapter 7 Using Macros and Visual Basic for Applications with Excel

    EX 529-621

     Submit Caliber Steel1 workbook with PrintPortrait macro as per Figure 7-19 EX 547 (Execute the macro and verify it works before submitting.)

     (5 pts) _______

     Submit Caliber Steel1 workbook with New Data button complete per EX 566 through instructions 7 per Figure 7-47 (5 pts) ________

     Submit Caliber Steel3 Workbook with Personalization Center macro complete through EX 600 as per Figure 7-85 with test information for Gina Moira entered (5 pts) _______

     Chapter 7 Quiz (20 pts) _______

    Read & Do Chapter 8 Formula Auditing, Data Validation, and Complex Problem Solving EX 625-703

     Submit Perfected Packaging2 after completing instructions on EX 659. It will compare to Figure 8-35, 8-36, and 8-37. (10 pts) ________

     Submit Perfected Packaging2 after completing instructions on EX 663 through 682. (10 pts) ________

     Chapter 8 Quiz (20 pts) ________

    Read & Do Chapter 9 Importing Data, Working with PivotCharts, PivotTables, and Trendlines EX 705-784 (Read only EX 735-745)

     Submit FasToast Ovens Analysis1 per Figure 9-39 on EX 734.(5 pts) ___

     Submit FasToast Ovens Analysis3 workbook after completing instructions on EX 745-759 (5 pts) _______

     Submit FasToast Ovens Travel Expenses with Trendline after completing instructions on EX760-769 as per Figure 9-96 (10 pts) _______

     Chapter 9 Quiz (20 pts) _______

Take Microsoft Excel 2007 Specialist Exam _______

    Or Take Final Exam (100 pts) _______

    Total Points (460 possible) _______

    Grade _______

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