My goals

By Barbara Armstrong,2014-06-19 14:15
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My goals

; Personal Development Goals

    In this year, my most important and urgent personal goal is to gain the excepted mark in IELTS in order to go to Britain for my further study after I graduate from university in 2012.

    Another goal is losing weight. The reason is simple- I am too fat! It’s intolerable for


     I also want to pass N2 test of Japanese in fives years. I am very fond of Japanese cartoons, so I have to learn Japanese. Otherwise, I will not understand what the characters in cartoons are talking about. And I think Japanese is an interesting language. Therefore, I would like to continue to learn Japanese.

    ; Material Goals

    The most desirable goal is having a travel to Japan in two years. I am interested in Japanese culture although I hate the nation. I am curious to study Japanese proprieties.

    The other goal is having a recording studio. I am a voice actor and I have played characters in several radio dramas. Although I am not professional, I still want to improve my dubbing skill and make more radio dramas in high quality because I really like dubbing and I want to remain this interest.

    ; Economic Goal

     I think I will never be very rich because I just want to be a teacher in the future. If I could earn 4000yuan per month (the salary is in the middle level in my hometown), I would support myself and my parents (they always tell me that they will not depend on me after their retirements.) and that is enough.

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