Fact Sheet - The Alternative Board - Collin County Texas

By Sally Allen,2014-07-09 12:39
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Fact Sheet - The Alternative Board - Collin County Texas ...

    We get it, in the full “lying awake at 2:00 in the morning” sense

    of business ownership.?

All businesses need professional advice. Attorneys, accountants and consultants

    provide valuable expertise in their specific areas. There are questions, however,

    that only business owners ask, and only business owners can answer.

    How do I build a team of qualified people so that the company doesn’t rely so much on me? How do I maintain or increase my profitability in an increasingly competitive environment?

    How do I reduce my work load and stress?

    How do I grow the company, when I’m working as hard as I can already?

    How do I stay on target with my long term goals, despite the daily demands of running my business?

    How do I assure myself a better lifestyle 10 years from now?

    TAB members are successful business people who understand that outside

    advisors can bring value in all areas of the company. Professional advisors provide

    expertise in their areas, but it takes another business owner to truly understand

    the joys, pressures, excitement and loneliness of being “the one at the top.”


    We are passionate about working with company owners who compete aggressively, play fair, and who improve the quality of life for themselves, their employees and their community.

TAB Membership:

    ? Open to Owners, Presidents, CEOs and Managing Partners

    ? Boards are selected to blend industries and expertise

    ? No competitors, vendors or customers in the same Board

    ? Boards begin at 5 members, and none are larger than 10 members

    ? Members are matched for business size and complexity

    ? A Professional Certified Facilitator runs each meeting

    ? Highly confidential forum - members share the issues and opportunities that they can’t discuss with

     employees, family or friends.

TAB Benefits:

    ? Four hour Board meeting each month to work on business improvement ? 200 years (average) of executive experience in each Board

    ? Membership includes private coaching in your office by an experienced professional ? SBL (Strategic Business Leadership) - TAB’s proprietary planning system for entrepreneurs

    ? TAB Vantage - Our exclusive online resource for scoring every area of you operation ? Profit Cents An annual comparison of your financial performance to the rest in your industry

    ? A full schedule of optional networking, social events and seminars

TAB International Facts:

    ? Founded in 1990, in St. Louis Missouri

    ? TAB Boards meet in over 180 cities in 3 countries

    ? 3000 active business owners

    ? Over 5000 members have used the TAB process

    ? Recognized as one of “100 Best Franchises” by Entrepreneur Magazine

TAB Collin County Facts:

    ? TAB Collin County founded in 2006

    ? The largest TAB chapter in North Texas

    ? Membership is over 30 members in 4 Boards

    ? Certified TAB Facilitators on staff

    ? Operated by Eley Street Consultants to business owners since 2005

Considering Membership?

    TAB membership is by invitation only. Prospective members may schedule a complete presentation on TAB benefits by contacting us at (972) 620-2500 or .

    Nothing is sold. If you wish to further consider membership, we will continue the process with an in-depth personal interview, confidentiality agreement, and presentation for membership approval.

    What Texas TAB Members Say About the

    ?Value of The Alternative Board

    I have been running small technology companies for the past 27 years. TAB has helped me gain additional insight into some very practical solutions to the problems associated with this type of company. The lively discussion of common problems combined with the thoughtful suggestions of our board members and facilitator have provided some very useful ideas that we are implementing in our company. The return on your investment in TAB is very favorable.

    Lynn Heitman, ACR, LLC, Plano, TX

    I have been a board member for approximately one year. Being a small business owner limits my ability to be effective in all disciplines of my company. TAB helps me focus on my priorities and stay on track. When I make commitments during board meetings, I’m prepared to address and update those

    priorities before I am confronted by my peers. Using the members as a sounding board helps to crystallize my thoughts and eliminate wasted efforts. The board exposure has helped me redirect my energies and be more effective.

    John Sterrantino, WilliamsRipa & Associates, Addison, TX

    As a new participant in TAB, I have already gained more insight into the common issues that many small business owners deal with. It has certainly opened my eyes to the challenges that other business owners’ face and that somehow equalizes the pressure that I feel each day. I recommend this program for anyone who is in business for themselves. We all need a sounding board and the venue to discuss our challenges. I consider the experiences of my fellow board members to be a valuable resource. Steve Tucker, North American Stone Company, McKinney, TX

    The TAB Board has provided an avenue to set aside the time required to think strategically and better position the company for the future. The tools are helpful. The interaction with other business owners and the TAB facilitator help me better tackle difficult issue's and challenges. The network of people also benefits me and my company by obtaining other professional contacts required by my firm. Tom LeBlanc, Genesis Systems, Inc., Plano, TX

    TAB has been an invaluable benefit in growing my existing business as well as starting a new business. I never could have imagined how similar that business owners problems could be, when their businesses have nothing to do with each other. I am years ahead in my business growth of where I would have without the ability to work through and brainstorm with my fellow Alternative Board members. I would highly recommend Mike Sloan and The Alternative Board to any entrepreneur who faces challenges such hiring employees, managing employees, rising insurance rates, slow business growth, managing cash flow, effective marketing, or any other business problems.

    Vince Allen, webuildfun, Allen, TX

    I joined TAB about a year ago and have gained useful insights each month. The board has helped with hiring and firing decisions, policy-making ideas, employee issues, and many other situations that have come up. I look forward to my TAB meetings because I know that my business gets better each time I go. Plus, it gives me a way to be held accountable for my decisions because I know I need to report back on my goals. I would encourage any small business owner to try it out for himself. Josh Hopewell, Rainy Day Services, Allen, TX

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