Exercises of Tour

By Chad Peterson,2014-06-25 16:56
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Exercises of Tour

Vocabulary exercises

    1. Peter is a famous designer, the buildings he designs are very e___________. 2. Nearly every woman likes diamonds, because they think it is e_________. 3. I’m writing p__________, because I cut my finger yesterday.

    4. Some people like to put some s__________ in their house during Halloween to create a horrible atmosphere.

    5. We expect to get these laws passed during the president p_________. 6. America is a d_________ , but China is not.

    7. Newton First Law(牛顿第一定律) is e________ truth.

    8. Mona Lisa is a remarkable p________ by Da Vinci.

    9. Macy always visits galleries and goes to concerts. That’s why she has an e_______ taste.

    10. Jack is an ambitious man who wants to get success eagerly. He m________ to solve many difficulties.

    11. Many p_______ ran out when the guards were not in the prison. 12. It’s no use _________(argue) with her. She’s extremely s_________.

    13. Jenny m________ to pass her driving test on the fifth attempt. 14. A bird flew down and p_______ my hand, it really hurt me. 15. Many small firms did not w_________ the storm of the recession(经济衰退).

    16. Who was on g______ when the fire broke out? I want to ask him some questions about the fire.

    17. Rome is s____________ by hills.

    18. Twenty four Old Master w_______ will be on display in the museum. 19. Jim raised his hand before the invaders in a hopeless g_________. 20. His book gives a very convincing p________ of life in medieval(中世纪的) England.

    21. The ‘Mona Lisa’ was Leonardo’s m_________.

    22. Her mother bought her an e________ piece of jewelry as birthday gift. 23. I’m sick of their e_________ complaints(抱怨).

    24. The Eiffel Tower is the most famous l_________ in France. 25. She strained(睁大) her eyes in the d__________ to find her d________ ring. 26. A half-moon caused the rippling(涟漪) sea to g_________.

    27. The flour was ground() from b_________.

    28. The United Kingdom was a m_______ empire before World War I. 29. The driver was slanging(大骂) a p_________ who had got in his way.

    30. Clouds g_______ before a thunderstorm.

    31. Strong winds b_______ the ship from time to time.

    32. Many Arabs(阿拉伯人) wear long flowing r_____.

    33. The breakers(浪花) came tumbling(翻滚) onto the s______.

    34. Knowledge makes h_______, ignorance(无知) makes proud.

    35. He likes to take part in a lot of competitions. He is extremely c____________. 36. Elephants are very precious. We cant catch them and get their i_________.

    37. Most of the pillars of the hall are made of m___________. 38. This drink is very healthy that contains no a__________ colors. 39. The royal m___________ is a magnificent and special building to hold the dead body of an important person.

    40. Look at that skirt! Surely its too short to be d_________.

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