Some exercises for SC and FAU, mostly based on the texts

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Some exercises for SC and FAU, mostly based on the texts

Vocabulary Exercises on SC and FAU, mostly based on the texts:

    1. Tomorrow, millions will g___________ at parties to watch the Super Bowlp___________

    football’s c___________ game.

    2. For years, Super Bowl has r___________ as America’s most-___________ a___________

    television event.

    3. Each team must avoid___________ (get)________(tackle) and strive ____________(score) . 4. Players must d___________ an amazing c___________ of elephant-like strength and cat-like


    5. Ask your friends to name some things made with aluminum. C___________ are that they’ll


    6. Thanks to their i___________ way to separate aluminum from other minerals, it became easier

    to p___________.

    7. ___________ (prize) for its many uses and d___________ (depend) on which metals are added,

    aluminum can be made into strong or flexible a___________.

    8. Featured as a light and d___________ metal, the uses of aluminum r___________ widely. 9. The i___________ of Dora the Explorer is so f_______ around the world that almost 2 million

    American kids watch the cartoon every Monday ___________ Friday.

    10. It is hoped that kids would first r___________ to Dora, the very first L___________ star of a

    Children’s TV series.

    11. While watching, Dora’s young fans p___________ in the adventure and learn to be brave,

    a___________, kind and c_______.

    12. Confucius Colleges p___________ the way for foreigners to learn___________- Chinese and

    Chinese culture.

    13. The Beatles’ a___________ability, s___________, music s___________, even their

    u___________ clothes and haircuts were well loved by the teenagers. Nevertheless, their

    seemingly ―o___________‖ success did come from working hard in difficult c___________,

    like performing eight hours a day and sleeping in an u___________ room. Hamburg

    f___________ honored its 50th a___________ by hosting 4 performances.

    14. I have s___________ a meeting with the t___________ production staff. Don’t remind me

    ___________ (bring) the s___________of the toy spaceship.

    15. Harry handed Susan a b___________ of flowers, saying they were p___________

    o___________ by Michelle.

    16. I find myself in an e___________ situation that I forgot to e___________ our appointment in

    my appointment book.

    17. --I’m thirsty. What do you r___________? --Get a drink of water at the f___________.

    18. Can I take your order, sir? --I’ll have a crab, some vegetables, say, c___________ and

    carrots, and a p___________ of lemonade. By the way, do you tie the feet of the crab with a




    1. gather professional championship 2. ranked watched annual 3. getting tacked to score 4. display combination agility 5. Chances

    6. inexpensive process

    7. Prized depending alloys 8. durable range

    9. impact felt through

    10. relate Latina

    11. participate adventurous curious 12. pave Mandarin

    13. artistic songwriting sensation unique overnight conditions unheated

    fondly anniversary

    14. scheduled talented of bringing sketches

    15. bouquet picked out

    16. embarrassing enter

    17. recommend fountain

    18. celery [u.n] pitcher string


Vocabulary Exercises on AR

    1. The dispute over the song rights p________ impossible to resolve.

     I wish he'd stop trying to p___________ himself all the time.

    2. Later, Safeway discovered that someone b_______ into the company’s web site and sent the

    f____ e-mail. As the result, the p_______ traveled around fast.

    3. After someone s_________ the sugar and salt and someone else took away the sugar by mistake, there b______ (burst) a lot of l_____________(laugh).

    4. With many classes now a______ through the Internet, it is easier for people to get d_______ and training by d_________ learning.

    5. A person’s zodiac sign is c________ to his or her birth date.

    6. Susan is really h_________. She seldom leaves her home.

    7. Watching Li Na playing tennis, you might discover that she is c__________, who likes to compete with others, e__________, who seems never to feel tired, and d______. She never hesitates to stroke(击球).

    8. By making calls and sending i_______ message to your parents you can comfort them in a way. But ___________(从长远的角度来看);a face-to-face conversation is much warmer and more

    soothing (bringing comfort).

    9. The 1990s _______ great changes in people’s life, especially the way of communication.

    10. Don’t involve too many people. Let’s make it a p____________ competition, only us two.

    11. Around the world, people play n_______ different ball games, which are hard to count. 12. Winning the Jules Rimet T______ in the World Cup t__________ is the life-long dream of all football professionals.

    13. Due to safety, the school has b_____ using electric appliance in the dorms. 14. ______ with(至于) many sports, it is not ________________(确切地知道) how soccer began,

    which can be really r_______, causing many injuries.

    15. P_____ for its size and beauty, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was chosen as one of the 7 W_________ , with 127 c ________or e_________ m______ c________.

    16. The Theory of Relativity was so i_______________ that when it first came into e_______, few people could understand it.

    17. How could you r_______ the soccer players when they are running so fast on the pitch? They dress the same way and just look a______.

    18. _____ ______(总的来说);it isn’t the hottest this time of the year. Much hotter days can be expected.

    19. Many famous actors and actresses were accidently spotted by t_____ a_____ and turned acting. 20. Grandpa used to be a bird maniac, who r_______ all kinds of birds.

    21. M_______ the explanations to the new words according to the contexts.

    22. Follow the i________ when you are in the lab, because some experiments and chemicals can be very dangerous.

    23. Don’t worry about the kids starting their boarding school. They i _____________themselves

    very quickly, so they will get i________ into the environment.


    24. It mattered a lot who c________ England when speaking of the development of the English language.

    25. Steve Paul Jobs is among the top w__________ people in the world. 26. Speaking of the c_____, we mean art and literature from ancient Greece and Rome. 27. Ketchup is a l___________ w___________ from Malay.

    28. English, with a lot of v __________, is used for international communication in o_____ related

    to medicine, business, and travel. Among all, the British English and North American v_______

    are the most popular.

    29. The younger the kids are, the less slightly they d________, or v_________, from each other.

    30. It’s usually too late before you get a________ that you have lagged behind (落后). But you

    know very clearly from when you start to s______ to make progress.


    1. proved prove 2. broke fake prank

    3. switched burst laughter 4. available degrees distance 5. connected 6. home-loving 7. competitive energetic decisive 8. instant in the long run 9. Saw 10. person-to-person 11. numerous 12. Trophy Tournament

    13. banned

    14. As known for sure rough

    15. Prized Wonders colossal enormous marble columns 16. indiscernible existence

    17. recognize alike

    18. In general

    19. talent agencies

    20. reared

    21. Match

    22. instructions

    23. integrate integrated

    24. conquered

    25. wealthiest

    26. classics

    27. loan word

    28. variations occupations varieties

    29. differ vary

    30. aware strive


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