On the importance of the original Web site optimization_55459

By Cynthia Turner,2014-11-02 11:46
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On the importance of the original Web site optimization_55459

On the importance of the original Web site optimization




     Website Optimization want to have to be the original article. Of course, bother to write original articles effort, original articles written the more difficult. If you do not

    have good subject matter and their own insights, writing articles to waste a lot of time, some people even said that it might as well go as a reporter. This is the angry words, but the site needs to support a large number of original articles,

    only the original articles in order to better attract the search engines. To write, write authoritative on the more difficult. Is there a simple way to write original articles, the effect and achieve the best level? Of course, is to use the site for an interactive message board post. First, to find material to find ideas. Want to write an article of weight, just like painting a picture with meaning, like, need to seek source of ideas and creative inspiration. Itself the right direction to find some related articles, and then talk

    about their point of view is a good original content. Second, add keywords. In my opinion, the answer came back from the web copy does not matter, but it must be more than a few different comments, the most important issue is to truly

    meet the requirements, so that visitors can learn from that comment is, there is help. This is more authoritative, more to keep viewers. Add some appropriate keywords, without prejudice to the case of the article read, the more wonderful, and the search engine love. Question should note the following points: the problem associated with site optimization. Problems with the site title as key words, concise use of keywords, long tail keywords. This is inevitable with the site selection of key words, if more

    exercise is better to use long tail keywords, has a better analysis, where not much to say. A web page can generate long-tail keywords, I got it, very professional software. Description of the problem in as many different keywords or long tail keywords, repeated questions in different ways. Questions with different keywords and more; with the same

    keywords, different questions are asked meet more users of different language habits. Expand the scope of the search groups. Review issues, as much as possible angle, many, many comments as possible. "Cross as many different angles, near and far different level." Multi-angle, multi-faceted

    understanding and recognition of the foundation. In real life, due to the limited knowledge of each person, or obtain

    the information incomplete, leading to the understanding of things are often not comprehensive in order to understand and deal with problems in the hair Health deviation, each person's needs are different. This will allow more visitors to find this problem on their help, of course, will be more attractive to stay in this page, and even more to see the other pages have no other need. If you can invite more people to comment, the effect will be better. Question whether or articles, grammar, layout as much as possible standardized. Many people publish articles, do not pay attention to the format of the article, the first statement, I do not like the syntax, the text of articles riddled with errors, which makes browsing them very uncomfortable. The same token, let others

    see your interest in this article how much? Although there are professional editors, but many insist on SEOer to write articles. The reason is simple, edit, and then, after all, is not doing professional web site optimization! Although the

    original need to waste a lot of time, but do we have to strictly.

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