On the psychological care of patients with cerebral hemorrhage_62786

By Sandra Ramos,2014-11-02 11:46
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On the psychological care of patients with cerebral hemorrhage_62786

On the psychological care of patients with cerebral hemorrhage




     [Keywords:] cerebral hemorrhage; patients; psychological care along with social progress, the medical paradigm shift attention to patient care not only to physical health, but

    also pay attention to the mental health of patients. Good mental state can promote the rehabilitation of the disease, On the contrary, the slow recovery of disease. As nurses, we must, through the good psychological care to patients with confidence, the right face of illness and actively cooperate with the treatment and care, promote patient recovery. Cerebral hemorrhage patients with multiple acute onset, severe illness, psychological care is particularly important, of experience as follows. 1 on the disease, the fear, anxiety Most of cerebral hemorrhage in sudden onset, often leads to limb function in patients with language barriers, manifested as slurred speech, aphasia, unilateral or bilateral limb numbness, weakness, paralysis. Whether or limb

    dysfunction language features are not immediately accepted by patients will be manifested as anxiety, fear, anxiety. At this time patients should be stable mood, told its causes and incentives, pay more attention to patients, to meet the

    treatment and care. 2 on the environment and the role of anxiety in patients Changing social roles of patients from the general to the patient role, away from the normal living environment, an unfamiliar environment, may lack a sense of belonging to the surrounding environment is full of suspicion, when nurses were introduced to the ward environment, the competent doctor, nurse, Ward, director, head nurse and the patient with the ward so that patients can quickly integrate into the current environment, a sense of belonging, to

    actively cooperate with the treatment and care, and promote recovery. 3 on the treatment of disappointment Cerebral hemorrhage there are individual differences, language recovery of limb function in different time, when the acute

    phase of treatment, language and limb function in patients is often difficult to return to the desired level. Long-term

    infusion of medication, patients will also produce weariness. At this point, the patient should be appreciated more communication with patients and guide patients in many ways the problem, say more success stories to build confidence to overcome the disease in patients. Meanwhile, medical personnel, family members of patients still do ideological work, start the family and social and many other positive

    factors to promote the rehabilitation of patients. 4 concerns rehabilitation period Patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage treatment time is limited, bleeding Once absorbed, the daily treatment to rehabilitation training based on the.

    Intracerebral hemorrhage rate and extent of recovery also vary, most patients have different degrees of dysfunction , the patient can not be restored to a previous worried about their level, become disabled, to families, social burden, worry about their later life. middle-aged patients to work,

    family, life, support for the elderly, raising children and so have deep anxiety. older others worry that drag their children, their families at this time to do the work in particular, encouraged the family to build the confidence to overcome the disease, actively assisting patients with functional exercise, a little small for the progress of patients to be good at discovering and sincere encouragement, patience to explain to prohibit mock patients, but not at

    liberty to show frustration. medical personnel from a professional point of view to the rehabilitation of patients and their families the right way, Professor, patients in the self-training to prevent damage. In short, a good psychological care can help patients overcome negative emotions, confidence, and promote recovery from disease. Therefore, the clinical nurse specialist treatment not only attention, but also to do a good job of psychological care. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http://

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