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TAXI-CAB TRANSPORTATION The maximum prices for taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague:

    ; ride in the district of the capital city of Prague 28 CZK/1 km

    ; boarding fee 40 CZK

    ; waiting 6 CZK/1 min The maximum prices are valid for all the vehicles offering the taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague. The price for waiting includes waiting in a traffic jam (slow traffic) as well as waiting on customer's request. Fare outside the district of the capital city of Prague is not limited. The current exchange rate. Warning for Customers:

    ; Each taxi has to be equipped with permanently installed yellow roof lamp with the TAXI sign in black letters.

    ; The registration number, company name and the price list including the basic rate, kilometre rate and one-minute-waiting rate must be displayed on both front doors of the cab. These prices must correspond with the prices set on the meters in the cabs.

    ; Customers are recommended to order a taxi with nonstop dispatching offices where the information on fares is available in advance.

    ; After the journey is completed, the customer has the right to ask the taxi driver for an orderly and fully filled receipt for the payment. The receipt has to be issued by the taximeter printer.

    ; Possibility to order the car by phone line AAA Taxi -14014 or 222 333 222, CITY Taxi - 257 257 257, TAXI PRAHA* - 222 111 000, PROFI Taxi* - 844 700 800 (* in Czech language only).

PRAGUE PUBLIC TRANSPORT (PPT) Passengers may travel by means of public transport (PT) with a valid ticket only. Tickets must be obtained before entering a surface transport vehicle or the compulsory ticket area of Metro or funicular to Petřín. The ticket is valid only if validated in the validating machine or supported by a relevant coupon issued by the operator and with all required and permanently legible data completed. Tickets are sold at each airport terminal, Metro stations, newsagents, Travel Information Centres, hotels, travel agencies, department stores etc. They are also available from a number of ticket vending machines installed next to surface transport stops, at Metro stations, funicular stations and their immediate vicinity.

    Tickets for 20 minutes or 5 days? Choose the ticket that best suits your time needs and travel throughout Prague quickly, comfortably, and traffic-free.

    Short-time tickets in Prague

    child pensioner adult 614 years old, under 70 years old, 15 or over type of ticket / type of passenger inclusive pensioner discount card holder

    full price discounted

    basic ticket (75 min.) 26 CZK 13 CZK

    limited transfer options ticket (20 min./30 min.) For trams and buses: valid for 20 min. from validation, with no transfer options. 18 CZK 9 CZK For metro: valid for 5 stations (excl. boarding station; transfer station is counted as a single station). Travel time must not exceed 30 min. after validation. For funicular, ferry and night lines: not valid for this form of transport.

    1 day (24 hours) 100 CZK 50 CZK


    3 days (72 hours) 330 CZK Allows for free accompaniment of 1 child between 6 and 14 (inclusive). 5 days (120 hours) 500 CZK

     Children up to the age of 6 and persons over the age of 70 with a valid ID travel free of charge. Tickets valid for 1 or more days allow for free carriage of one item subject to carriage fee. Does not apply for transport of dogs.

    Luggage transport type price 13 CZK luggage 26 CZK dog (without a case) bicycle, dog in a case, pram with a child

    Bicycles transported only in the metro.


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    PLACES WORTH TO VISIT ; Prague Information Service - Monuments, which you mustn't miss out

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    ; Vrtba Garden etc.

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