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Entrepreneurship Process Courses ...



    Entrepreneurial Management Institute

    Graduate Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Thank you for your interest in the Boston University SMG Concentration in

    Entrepreneurship. Whether you are participating in the start of a new venture, a major

    corporate innovation, or running a small business, you will face a unique set of obstacles

    and opportunities. Successful entrepreneurs are able to recognize them and identify and

    obtain the necessary resources for success. At the School of Management, we view

    entrepreneurial education as an opportunity for you to learn how to effectively use all of

    the knowledge and skills that you are gaining while obtaining your MBA to create value

    in an entrepreneurial venture. Our objective is to provide you with a set of tools that will

    significantly increase your chance of success.

Upon acceptance into the concentration, you will be invited to join the Graduate

    Entrepreneurial Organization (GEO) and will gain access to the resources of the

    Entrepreneurial Management Institute. Through these organizations, you will gain an

    opportunity to benefit from a variety of programs and events designed to enhance your

    learning experience at SMG. The EMI is also developing a series of activities and

    programs for its alumni, which you will hopefully find to be a rewarding and useful

    resource after you graduate.


    In addition to taking all of the core courses required for your MBA, you need to take 5

    full semester courses from the list attached to this note. At least 2 of the 5 must be from

    the Entrepreneurship Process courses. Further, at least one of the elective courses must

    require a team or group focus and one an individual focus. In order for a course to count

    toward the Concentration requirement, you must achieve a grade of at least B-.


    ? Fill out the attached application form and return it with a current resume to the EMI

    Office (SMG room 571).

    ? We will schedule an interview with you, in which we will discuss your interest in and

    qualification for the Program, as well as your plans to meet the course requirement.

Should you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Caferri (, Room

    571, Phone 358-1971) or me (see below). We look forward to welcoming you to the


Peter R. Russo

    Director - Entrepreneurial Management Institute

    Boston University School of Management

    617-353-6164 Fax: 617-353-5003

     Entrepreneurial Management Institute Boston University School of Management

    595 Commonwealth Avenue Room #570 Boston, MA 02215 Telephone: 617-353-9391 … Fax: 617-353-5003 … E-mail:



    Entrepreneurial Management Institute

    Entrepreneurship Process Courses

    SP 850 Social Entrepreneurship

This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts, practices, opportunities and challenges

    of social entrepreneurship. The course will provide frameworks and tools that will help you be

    more effective in this arena, and will provide an opportunity to practice your business skills

    through the development of a business plan for a socially responsive, income-earning venture.

    Classes include case discussions, lectures, small group exercises and guest speakers. The

    capstone project for this class is a full business plan completed by teams of 1-3 people. Business

    plans can be prepared for a profit or nonprofit start-up, an earned income venture for an existing

    nonprofit organization or a socially responsible project in a large for-profit institution.

    SP 851 Entrepreneurship

This is the introductory course, which focuses on the process, risks, rewards and cost of

    entrepreneurship. The course explores the various approaches to becoming an entrepreneur

    (starting a new venture, acquiring an existing business, franchising, intrapreneurship, etc.). It

    addresses the wide range of complex challenges facing entrepreneurs as they bring their ideas

    from the concept stage to a working enterprise and then traverse the various stages of growth.

    The entrepreneur’s options for start-up and growth capital, organization design, sales and

    marketing approaches, resource allocation and a myriad of other decisions are considered from

    the entrepreneur’s perspective. A team project, involving a feasibility plan and presentation, is

    used to integrate the course material.

    SP 852 Starting New Ventures

This course focuses on the process of identifying and obtaining the necessary resources to launch

    an entrepreneurial venture through the development of a business plan. A well-written business

    plan will communicate the business concept in a way that attracts the various resource providers

    necessary for the venture’s success. Students will individually develop a business concept and

    prepare and present a professional business plan.

    SP 853 Entrepreneurial Management

This course explores the changing demands that a business places on the entrepreneur as it moves

    from start-up through its phases of growth. The skills, competencies and perspectives required to

    manage the organization through its growth are considered. There is also a special emphasis on

    the process of developing the financial resources necessary to fund the venture’s growth. This course will help the student integrate prior learning to perform integrated analyses, considering

    the strategic, financial, operational, marketing and organizational dimensions of managing the

    venture. Teams of students will interview CEO’s of entrepreneurial companies to explore and

    report on the demands and challenges their respective organizations present.

     Entrepreneurial Management Institute Boston University School of Management

    595 Commonwealth Avenue Room #570 Boston, MA 02215 Telephone: 617-353-9391 … Fax: 617-353-5003 … E-mail:



    Entrepreneurial Management Institute

    ? ? ?? ?Current Curriculum Related Electives, continued ?MBA Core courses (all required) ? ??SP835 Real Estate Management Process courses (2 Courses Required) ???SP838 Technology Commercialization????SP850 Social Entrepreneurship: A Mission-based ??SP842 Real Estate Development Venture * ??SP843 How Industries Evolve ???SP851 Entrepreneurship ??SP845 Implementing Strategy ??SP852 Starting New Ventures * ??SP854 Entrepreneurial Finance ??SP853 Entrepreneurial Management ??SP856 International Entrepreneurship ??SP861 Emerging Issues in Business Law ??SP865 Strategy Consulting * Please note that students may not take both SP850 Social ??SP867 Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship and SP852 New Ventures towards fulfilling this 2-???SP870 Government, Society and International course requirement Entrepreneurship ??SP874 Entrepreneurial Sales Strategy?

    ??MK848 Marketing Leadership?

    ??MK852 Marketing Research?Related electives (The equivalent of 3 Full-Semester

    ??MK854 Product and Brand Management?Courses Required)

    ??MK855 E-Commerce and Marketing????AC810 Strategic Cost Analysis????MK857 Customer Service Management ??FE814 Intellectual Property & Business Strategy???MK859 Business Marketing???FE815 Competitive Decision Making ??MK864 Pricing Strategy and Tactics ??IM842 Business in Asia-Pacific ??OB844 Managing Organizational Change? ??OB848 Leadership? ??OB853 Negotiations?????OM863 Linking Enterprise Strategy and Action????OM870 Management of Technology ???OM877 Global Operations Management ???OM880 Product Design and Development ???QM830 Information for Business Leaders ? ?? ?

     Entrepreneurial Management Institute Boston University School of Management 595 Commonwealth Avenue Room #570 Boston, MA 02215 Telephone: 617-353-9391 … Fax: 617-353-5003 … E-mail:



    Entrepreneurial Management Institute

    Application and Student Fact Sheet

To enroll in the Entrepreneurship Concentration, please return the completed application to the

    Entrepreneurial Management Institute at SMG 570, fax to 617-353-5003 or e-mail to Please attach a copy of your resume. A faculty member of the EMI will contact you to arrange a time to meet,

    review the concentration requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Name: Expected date of graduation:



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    Company: Job Title:


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    Are you a full-time or part-time student? Full Part Are you interested in entrepreneurial-related internships? Yes No

Which of the following are your key areas of interests?

     Corporate entrepreneurship Independent start-up Small business

     Family business Franchise Nonprofit

     International entrepreneurship Other (please specify):

In which of the following sectors are you most interested?

     High Tech/Communications Medical/Health Care Financial

     Entertainment/Travel/Leisure Transportation Food service

     Retail Other (please specify):

     Entrepreneurial Management Institute Boston University School of Management

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