On return to the classroom so that students skipping the principles to be followed_53437

By Yvonne Morris,2014-11-02 11:46
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On return to the classroom so that students skipping the principles to be followed_53437

    On return to the classroom so that students skipping the principles to be followed




     In China, the vocational high school students skipping rate is relatively high, the problem if not handled properly, will seriously affect student learning and growth, will also have a negative impact on other students. Therefore, as educators, we have to understand in which students environmental and psychological conditions, to return to the classroom so that students skip class The author of many cases of truant

    students in the survey, Researchers found that the reasons for truancy not only their own factors, including family education, school education and there is misconduct and other issues. And let students skip class to return to the

    classroom, need to follow certain principles: First, the principle of probation Often by family members, teachers reprimanded, punished, often ridiculed by classmates of students with anxiety or low self-esteem are generally

    emotional, sensitive, is wary of educators or reverse

    psychology. Therefore, the adjustment of teacher-student

    relationship and increase mental compatibility, is to help them relieve concerns, get rid of the negative attitude of the most effective way to Second, the principle of seeking truth

    from facts Some students skip class is not by chance, to once corrected, do have certain difficulties, not anxious class, from the actual conditions, specific conditions and try to find a good way of education to help them. Teachers should

    phases to help students identify goals, teacher expectations and student abilities, interests match can lead students to gradually get rid of the habit of skipping if the demands raised too much, too much or appear to be totally rejected repeatedly, will make lost the courage to correct the object of education is conflict or psychological, to the opposite of education, resulting in educational failure. Third, the model demonstrates the principle of To provide a good moral character by example, so that students can be in control,

    thinking, learning two in practice, I pay attention to

    stimulate interest in learning of all students, and create a mutual competitive environment, timely detection of technical expertise to master a good student, took them as role models

    to encourage students to skip class in line to them, and give encouragement and confidence. Fourth, the principle of appropriate punishment Psychological Research shows that no one knows when White has made mistakes, have a heart ready to

    accept the punishment, which is a psychological need for his second guilty only assumed responsibility in order to achieve psychological balance. China Youth Sun Yun Xiao, deputy director of Research Center also believes that no punishment is an incomplete education, education is a fragile

    irresponsible education. punishment is to punish the former Mi, the maintenance of discipline, the punishment of the students to turn over a new leaf, healthy growth so that most students receive education. but to punish teachers for

    students, they must abandon the personal feelings and prejudices, to avoid punishing students to become self-harm,

    body, soul of corporal punishment for students who skip class, the class teacher to calmly analyze the absence reasons, a full-depth investigation, to ascertain the facts, then decide whether to punish, how to punish: to enable students to understand why the punishment, it convinced the treatment of teachers, and from the internal control their own behavior, thereby to achieve self-education purposes. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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