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By Patrick Murphy,2014-11-02 11:46
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On teaching for pharmacy interns_33132

On teaching for pharmacy interns




     [Abstract] into clinical practice is a social work student to realize the role of a bridge converter, how to change the past, "one size fits all" model with education, individualized education, because when teaching, and strengthen the quality of pharmacy interns for the training of qualified personnel to practice medicine.

     [Keywords:] pharmacy; with teaching; interns; Practice

     Students graduated into practice is an important pArt of the

    final work is the basis of their post graduation choice, with teaching how to regulate to ensure the practice effect, different depArtments have their own characteristics, an important as a hospital pharmacy depArtment has its special work sex, how to teach with the work of interns is an

    important pArt of pharmacy, is the bounden duty of senior pharmacists, pharmacy into the position with teaching interns, will learn the theoretical knowledge into the concrete practice of the work so that they become a qualified Pharmacy

    workers. combined with our decades of teaching in batches over the interns, the work of this experience.

     An increase with the knowledge and training teachers to teach

     Teachers by a disseminator of knowledge, medicine, ethics code of conduct for social communicator, its capacity is the key, as a person with education, have a rich knowledge of the width of a broad range of medicine, with a solid basic skills, familiar with the professional domestic international developments, and has good psychological quality medical

    ethics, so as to clinical teaching in the rich use their extensive knowledge and self-cultivation of the appeal, to

    promote and establish the motivation for the interns were the idea of serving guidelines.

     2 strengthen the professional intern

     Knowledge and learning, practical ability to improve professional knowledge is the foundation, we make them with the teaching of the theory and practice are combined with practical work in a more profound understanding of the professional knowledge, but also strengthen the new theories, new technologies learning, knowledge level so that they can further develop the pharmacy to the depth and breadth. interns mostly in pharmacy practice, in pArticular the process of speaking to do adhere to the "four examinations ten to"

    strictly comply with the guidance of pharmacists at higher levels may not be given a free hand, free change the prescription, dispensing drugs without prescription requirements, no teacher shall not be alone in guiding the


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     3 create a harmonious

     Atmosphere, to stimulate enthusiasm for learning practical units arrived, often by the traditional concept of the dignity of the teaching profession not bold initiative to study and

    work, so as to take the initiative with education teachers do not get rid of the hierarchy to locate a new theory of education teacher-student relationship, and change the

    traditional teacher-student relationship as an equal working partnership and mutual assistance, less criticism, affirmed the results of their work, attention to different views interns, encouraging them to speak out, especially in the small hours, and only in a democratic and relaxed atmosphere to both the development of students but also conducive to the

    improvement of their own.

     Barriers to appropriate arrangements for examinations 4

     Practice that is facing to the hospital after the pharmacist or to pharmaceutical medicine as a business, drug Research, Pharmaceutical Affairs of the local work, so the basic skills to be solid, due to the difficulties they experience or feel. What kind of causes such as errors, which Article may be the best way to solve the problem with education teachers can also ask questions or ideas, the students learn medicine based on the knowledge to solve or verify, often arranged in several

    subjects and examinations. These obstacles deliberately arranged for interns Training will be highly beneficial. In short, only through graduation practice, students in the

    community can access this great class of social practice, and further consolidate and deepen the understanding of learning in the classroom in the pharmaceutical knowledge, to adapt the work to shorten post-employment period.

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