How to Write a Research Paper4

By Monica Mitchell,2014-05-30 20:53
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How to Write a Research Paper4

How to Write a Research Paper

    By an eHow Contributor

    Writing a good research paper is a tough challenge, but breaking it down into smaller

    pieces helps a lot.

    Difficulty: Challenging


    Things You'll Need:

    ; Dictionaries

    ; Stress Relief Products

    ; Thesauri

    ; Writing Style Manuals

    ; Palm Handheld Organizers

    ; Printers

    ; Desk Lamps

    ; Highlighter Pens

    ; Index Cards

    ; Notebooks

    ; Personal Organizers

    ; Printer Paper

    ; Computers

    ; Bibliography Software

    ; Word-processing Software

    ; Notebooks

    1. 1

    Choose a topic that is broad enough to be interesting but narrow enough to

    be manageable.

    2. 2

    Find your sources. Start with three or four, check their bibliographies for

    additional sources, and repeat the process until you have enough material

    to work with.

    3. 3

    Reserve one index card for each source. Record the bibliographic

    information for the source on its index card, and number each card for ease

    of future reference.

    4. 4

    Take reading notes on index cards, writing down only the material that is

    most relevant to your project. Write the source number on each card. 5. 5

    Organize your index cards by topic and subtopic.

    6. 6

    Use the cards as a basis for an outline (see 'How to Outline a Paper'). 7. 7

    Write an introduction that grabs the reader and plots out the trajectory of

    your argument.

    8. 8

    Write the body of the paper, following the structure you created in your

    outline. Be sure to cite sources.

    9. 9

    Write the conclusion, reviewing how you've made your points. 10. 10

    Come up with a title after you've written the paper, not before: You don't

    want the content of the paper to be hamstrung by an inappropriate title. 11. 11

    Read your paper at least twice to be sure your argument makes sense and

    is presented logically.

    12. 12

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