Of Music with the impact on maternal and infant massage_45240

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Of Music with the impact on maternal and infant massage_45240

Of Music with the impact on maternal and infant massage




     [Keywords:] mother and child, touch, Music therapy

     In recent years, a new word into the vision of mothers, infant massage Music was more Chinese mother acceptance.

    Infant massage can improve resistance to diseases, to meet the needs of the baby is a simple and effective and the baby health benefits of nursing operations [1]. Music with the touch of the hospital care of the baby role, but also more and more medical care, child development, neuroscience Research attention.

     Music with a touch of the baby

     1.1 Music with the touch can promote accelerated growth and development of infants, increase immunity, enhance food absorption and utilization of infants receiving massage rapid

    weight gain, and can accelerate meconium touch with the music discharged ahead of time to turn yellow meconium, reduced intestinal Liver circulation and reduce the incidence of hyperbilirubinemia, reduce infant physiological jaundice. while the baby massage can reduce blood sugar, increase the infant appetite and promote digestion and absorption of food, speed up the neonatal physical development.

     1.2 infant massage can reduce crying, improve sleep, regulate sleep well, wake rhythm of music with the touch of

    the baby to accept a strange environment can reduce the tension, fear, therefore, have the baby sleep better, cry less , so that the increase in sleep time, help to establish laws of good sleep and reduce the formation of bad sleep habits. Music can make the baby comfortable physical, mental relaxation, emotional stability.

     1.3 Infant massage can promote music with the touch of neural development is conducive to promoting the development of infant brain cells, the brain cells to be used more, baby

    more intelligent.'s Touch is also for infants with oxygen

    saturation, heart rate, respiratory blood pressure have a major impact, can relax the baby's facial expressions and muscle tension.

     1.4 The impact of infant mental process of natural

    childbirth, the fetus have accepted the role of the touch of the birth canal. When the baby is born, the mother to the infant massage not only makes the baby feel great happiness and safety, and accept the music can touch to promote the baby's physical and mental health, can help increase your baby mother and family and family communication, so that the baby feel comfortable, relax, soothe body and mind. eliminate neonatal loneliness, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions, showing satisfaction.

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     2 on her mother's influence

     2.1 touch with the music is conducive to the resumption of postpartum massage while babies do not only satisfy the desire for skin contact between mother and child, and this way the

    mother and emotional stimulation that sublimation will help raise motherly love, mother to accelerate its role transformation. so that in the best condition of maternal psychological experience the mother's sense of happiness and sense of responsibility to reduce the incidence of postpartum depression.

     2.2 Music with the touch of postpartum lactation has a good role in promoting and reducing the chance of maternal postpartum anxiety by touching the baby, put soft music, while the mood was relaxed their comfortable, conducive to the

    secretion of milk.

     2.3 music with the touch of affection between mother and child benefit sharing in the implementation of music with the touch of the infant, the mother's hands, also strongly stimulated by the baby's body, coupled with the warm mother

    language, unpleasant emotions, allowing both sides are feeling the satisfaction, enhance exchange of feelings between each other, give the baby a sense of security and confidence to make even more jealous of their baby, cherish mother, help to

    stabilize mood, happiness forever. Music with the touch of not only speed up the growth and development of infant More

    importantly, the baby skin hunger is satisfied, psychological comfort, is conducive to the development of the nervous system

    and immune function enhancement, for a better life, the first step in creating a firm, let the mother get the infinite relief, is a item costs at the end, effective, easy to master the practical nursing skills.

     [References] 1 HU Yu beauty. Point massage for the

    observed effect of neonatal massage. nursing Journal, 2007,22 (7) :39-40.

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