Network Marketing Training Conference of exploration open to help industry_962

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Network Marketing Training Conference of exploration open to help industry_962

    Network Marketing Training Conference of exploration open to help industry




     Research Papers Download News: October 23, the Fourth China Internet Marketing Conference held in Beijing, the General Assembly invited, including executive vice president of

    Internet Society of China Gao Xinmin, including many Internet Marketing experts at the common focus on industry hot spot, in order to explore a new way of network Marketing.

     23 Internet Marketing Conference is divided into three

    modules: an open environment, network Marketing, Research and education; case of traction, school-enterprise cooperation for

    capacity building of China's Internet professional and educational development; model of power - Internet exchanges

    of experience and professional capacity discussion in three areas, ladies and gentlemen willing to speak one's mind, talked about an open platform for integration with network Marketing network Marketing training and capacity building in various aspects.

     Beijing Information Technology Ph.D. future president Duan Jian said: "From the company's own terms, with the form of the game to promote education and teaching, which is made of these years of teaching is very good way to explore the need to find individual school teaching and enterprise between the products of the balance between, and services may find the balance point of the key. "urged companies to do product and the process of cooperation with the school not only on single integrated light, light-weight logic of practice.

     Foreign Trade University Information Dean Chen Jin believes that the current state issued a series of measures to promote e-commerce development, recently developed a lot of electronic trading, online shopping, and many of the normative content,

    and gradually to regulate this market, the nationwide significant impact within the e-commerce has emerged as a

    demonstration, led into the early stages of development.

     Capital University of Economics and Business Administration, said Zhao Gang, director of experiment, it includes many aspects of training, including entrepreneurship, including how to make students start, must be made very specific measures and programs, corporate long-term benefits and short-term

    benefits to integration in together, to find the convergence

    point is very important.

     "E-commerce is not independent of the industry, it has broken through the industrial age caused by the division of the range of professional disciplines, is a new pattern of Information age," Professor Chen Yu in the Chinese People's

    University said: "E-commerce is all industries and businesses need an effective means to enhance, not to draw from the inside to the electronics inside the professional, he is all professional are needed. "

     Based on the development of the industry status quo, ladies and gentlemen in the focus on corporate brand, business case, based on the share, the network Marketing and Internet vocational skills training and practical case studies as a full combination of Internet, new media at the same time also

    include training personnel needs meeting agendas.

     Open innovation in the Internet environment, how to do web

    promotion, Marketing focus will be what? 2011 General Assembly adopted the fourth network Marketing experts, industry participants and guests of the interaction presented one of these priorities. (Source : speed transit network text / West

    Sun Jie Ting)

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