By Greg Matthews,2014-06-10 20:08
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    Everyday I back to home; I always can smell a delicious smelling floating from the kitchen. And I know, my mum is cooking Chinese meal for us. There is an old saying, food is the first necessity

    of the people. I think this is absolutely right! Especially for the giant population of the China, food definitely means a lot for us.

    Growing up in a typical Chinese family, I always proud that my mum is doing really great job in cooking Chinese food. In her dishes, I can taste the love and the warm heart. In our major festival, food also becomes a central part of the celebration. Each family numbers sitting around the table, chatting, eating and drinking. Everyone got smile on their faces, I can strongly feel the precious value of family reunite together and pretty much, food bring us closer. We also talk a lot during the meal time, you can say its loud, but its the tradition. And I know you may never ever see it in

    Australian restaurants. My parents talk everything in that time, so I learn a lot from now. Such as dont waste anything, when I was ready to through my rice into the bin; study harder, when I finally got my math score, second, last second; being friendly, honest and reliable, the essential quality being a good person also there will be more and more people want to be your friend; ring your grandparents more often, thats the basic respect to them...

    Thing definitely changed when we immigrated to Australia two years ago. Thanks for the multicultural of Australia; we try the food all over the world. For a period of time, we even eat pasta, sushi or pizza almost every day, because my parent are too busy to working so eating these are convenient fast and quite taste. Then gradually, we talk less in the dinner time, I feel the atmosphere changed, the taste changed, the felling we used to have are away from us. My little sister starts to complain the food, so do my father and me. Finally, mum back to her Asian style, doing stir fry on the wok, and the aromatic smelling instantly coming into my nose. I start to bring Chinese food to school for my lunch instead of sandwich, and I share to my friends, they all love it. When I back to home, I said proudly to my mum, mum, my friends loves your food. and my

    mum always jokes, really? Looks like I could open a Chinese restaurant.

    Now, I’m the assistant in mums kitchen, she teaches me to do her signature dishes, and I love to cook to my family, I like to mix Chinese flavor with some foreign cooking techniques, they all say it even taste better than my mums. And my mum will proudly say, my daughter not only study

    hard also cooking great, sure she will find a good husband. I know why she says that, because

    there is another old saying to a woman, if you want to catch a man, then you must catch his

    tummy first. I think it sounds right.

    Tomorrow, were planning to have dumpling, I help my mum to preparing it. Maybe one day I will eating pasta more than rice, using knife and forks instead of chopsticks, still I wouldnt forget the

    homes flavor, the flavor coming from the heart, coming through my childhood memories and the feeling accompany me grow up. Just like my grand mum said in the phone, there is no place like

    home, always back to home and have a look.

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