Entrepreneurship and Small Medium Enterprises

By Bernard Rodriguez,2014-07-09 12:20
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Entrepreneurship and Small Medium Enterprises ...

    Entrepreneurship and Small Medium Enterprises

This course introduces the concept of entrepreneurship, small business analysis and topics

    related to ownership, management and starting of new business ventures, and contribution of the

    entrepreneurial ventures to the economy. Course activities will include case analysis and

    business plan writing. Active participation is expected.

    Saturday, August 14 Introduction

     Chapters 1-4

    Case 1A Turner Test Prep Co. Sunday, August 15 Chapters 5-8

    Monday, August 16 Chapters 9-10

    Case 2A = Bizland, Inc. Friday, August 20 Chapters 11-12

    Case 3A NeoMed Technologies Saturday, August 21 Chapters 13-15

    Business Plan Presentations Sunday, August 22 Chapters 16-17

    Case 4B Datadvantage Corporation

    Final Exam (Short Answer / Essay)

Cases (4 cases @ 10 pts each) 40 points

Business Plan (Group Project) 100 points

    Total 240 points


    1. Case write-ups should be limited to two pages

    2. Cases must be written up with a word processor and using an 11 pt. font.

Questions for Cases

Case 1A -Turner Test Prep Co.

    1. What is Jessicas break-even point?

    2. How does Turner Test Prep overcome the competition from NTC?

    3. How can Jessica achieve greater market share?

Case 2A - Bizland, Inc.

    1. Had they compiled an exhaustive list of criteria for their “must haves?” Had some

    important qualities been omitted? Were all of the items really necessary? If he and John

    did make changes, how would the four candidates measure up to the revised list?

    2. Did the four candidates offer any real possibilities? Should they invite any of them for an

    interview with the entire Board of Directors? Or, even though it would further elongate

    the process, should Ravi and John begin considering other candidates not previously

    screened or interviewed?

    3. If Ravi had to make a decision today, which of the four candidates should he choose, and


    Case 3A NeoMed Technologies 1. What are the external environmental factors and internal strategic issues affecting

    NeoMed at the time of the case? How are these factors influencing the company’s


    2. How are the NeoMed leaders maintaining the company morale? What other steps should

    they take?

    3. What are NeoMed’s options at this point in time? Which of these options would you

    choose and why?

    Case 4B Datadvantage Corporation 1. What are the main factors that contributed to Datavantage’s success to date?

    2. What are the aspects of the company’s performance that are directly affected by these


    3. What implications on the Datavantage as a growing organization will the purchase of

    XBR have?

    4. How would you implement the integration of XBR into Datavantage’s organizational and

    business model structure to ensure the company’s long-term success?

Business Plan Project

    Each group is to generate an idea for a new business and write a business plan for this innovative

    idea. This book provides an overview what should be included in this business plan (See Table

    2.1, p. 38 for a quick outline of key sections of a business plan). Write up your business plan

    and prepare your presentation as though your group will be making a presenting to a group of

    potential investors. Two examples of business plans are provided at my website for this class

    ( and


    1. Your group cannot purchase an existing business.

    2. Your group can finance only 25% of the required amount from friends, family and

    your own personal savings.

    3. The business must be able to support all members of your group.

    4. All assumptions must be reasonable (i.e., growth rates, market size, etc.).

    5. There is a 30 page limit to the business plan.

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