Writing a Job Application Letter

By Timothy Sullivan,2014-09-10 21:28
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Writing a Job Application Letter

    ; You have seen a job advertisement in today’s Changsha Daily Newspaper. International

    Trade Corporation has placed the advertisement for the following position.

    ; Position: Foreign Trade Salesperson in the Marketing department

    ; Skills required: The company is looking to recruit a graduate student who will graduate

    from university in June 2013. The person should be able to a clear record of academic

    success during their four years at university. Also, as this position will require frequent

    contact and correspondence with customers, applicants should show that they have been

    actively involved in university organizations such as the Students Union, or other student

    organizations. The person must be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills in

    both written and spoken English.

    ; Personality Characteristics: For this position the Company requires an individual who

    is outgoing and not shy when dealing with people. They should also be trustworthy and

    reliable, and be able to maintain a positive attitude when dealing with difficult customers.

    ; Application letter

     applicants should write to Mr. Zhang, Human Resources Manager at:

     International Trade Corporation

     100 Ren Min Nan Lu

     Changsha 629000



     Write a letter of application for the position above and enclose your Curriculum Vitae

    (Resume). Structure the letter according to the examples in that handout.

     Take the opportunity to sell yourself effectively and say why you fell you are the best person for the job. Remember, the purpose of your application letter is to get an interview.


    ; Since you are going to graduate from this university in 2014, you’d better begin to look

    for a job in December. Thus, a C.V. and a covering letter are needed. Write a C.V. in

    accordance with your current situation. Pay attention to the layout and the content which

    should be included.

The body usually consists of five paragraphs:

    ; Paragraph One:

    Why you are writing?

    Conventional opening stating the purpose of the letter, where and when you saw the

    vacancy advertised etc.

    ; Paragraph Two: Useful to 'set the scene' for the reader.

    Who are you?

    What are you doing now or have done recently Paragraph Three:

    Why you can do the job!

    - Key Skills

    - Personal Qualities

    - Relevant Experience, Achievements

    Use the Job Description and Person Specification to 'Fit Yourself to the Job' - give evidence!

    Be positive & imaginative but not arrogant

    ; Paragraph Four:

    What attracts you to the job?

    What attracts you to the Company?

    Enthusiasm, Motivation, Confidence.

    ; Paragraph Five:

    Conventional close - Confirm what you want!

    Circumstances / Availability - for interview or meeting

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