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    Doc. No. : ANNEX C

     GWP-PM-015; ;

    Rev : Page : SUPPLIER QA 1 of 2 0 QUESTIONNAIRE

    This Questionnaire shall be completed by the SUPPLIER and is intended to help PURCHASER to assessment of the SUPPLIERS’s quality system and the ability to comply with the requirement of this Enquiry.

     1881E 000 MR 2050 001 Rev. B : ENQUIRY NO.

    Clean Room Partition Wall & Ceiling PACKAGE

    洁净室墙面及吊顶 :









I, hereby, confirm that the PURCHASER or his representative will be given access to

    our workshop and premises for a pre-award evaluation, if required. I also confirm that the answers given to this Questionnaire is correct to the best of my




    Name Title /Position Date

    (To be signed by an authorized senior member of the SUPPLIER’s Management )

    GWP-PM-015 REV. 0 / ATT-1.LWP

    Doc. No. : ANNEX C

     GWP-PM-015; ;

    Rev : Page : SUPPLIER QA 2 of 2 0 QUESTIONNAIRE

    1.0 Quality Management System reference standard : ISO 9001

     ISO 9002

     ISO 9003



    2.0 3rd party certification Authority :

    3.0 Date of first certification :

    4.0 Quality Management Representative

     Name :

     Job Title :

     Report To :

     Telephone No. :

     Fax No. :

     E-Mail :

    5.0 Do you have a Non-Conformance Report logbook ? Yes No

     6.0 Do you have a Customer Complaint logbook ? Yes No

     7.0 Do you conduct quality audit on your Sub-Suppliers ? Yes No

     8.0 Documentation to be submitted to support this questionnaire :;

     8.1 A copy of Quality System Certificate

     8.2 A copy of Quality Manual if not certified

     8.3 List of QA/QC Procedures

     (Complete with Document Title, Document No.

    Revision No.)

     8.4 Latest internal audit schedule

     (Tick if attached) ;

    GWP-PM-015 REV. 0 / ATT-1.LWP

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