FSC VERSLAG 2002 - 2003

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FSC VERSLAG 2002 - 2003

    FSC report 2002 2004

    1. From the board

    a. The new status of the FSC

    b. Formation

    c. New staff member

    d. The series Scripta Franciscana

    e. Study Groups

    f. Research

    g. Education

    h. Future of the Catholic Theological University Utrecht

    2. From the staff

    a. Formation

    b. Education

    c. Managers training Capodacqua

    d. Study Days

    e. Research

    f. Services

    g. Memberships

    h. Publicity

1. From the board

a. The new status of the FSC

    In 2002 the founders of the FSC the Netherlands provinces of the friars minor franciscans (ofm), capucines (ofmcap) and conventuals (ofmconv) have founded the Stichting Steunfonds

    FSC (Support Funds FSC) guaranteeing the subsistence of the FSC for at least 15 years. Moreover, the founders have handed over the administrative responsibility to an independent

    board. Therefore, the articles of the FSC have been changed since 1 January 2003. The founders

    keep the right of appointment of members of the board.

b. Formation

    Prof. mag. dr. A. Smits ofmcap and prof.dr. J. Wissink (KTU - Catholic Theological University)

    have given up their membership of the board at 1 januari 2003 as their term of membership ended.

    At the same date the new board gathered:

    dr. M. van Hemert ofm (chairman)

    drs. Th. Vergeer ofm (secretary)

    prof.dr. M. van Knippenberg

    P.H. van der Veer ofmcap


    Th. Scholtes ofmconv

    zr. R. Kops

    prof. dr. G. Rouwhorst (KTU).

    drs. H. Bisschops (executive secretary)

c. A new staff member

    - On 1 October 2002 dr. Willem Marie Speelman has been appointed as scientific assistant.

    Dr. Speelman is a musicologist and a theologist. His primary interest is the study of the

    actual relevance of the franciscan spirituality, in other words “lived spirituality”.

    - On 1 september 2003 Prof.dr. Gerard Pieter Freeman was reappointed as Professor by

    special appointment of the KTU for the period of five years.

    - On 30 August 2004 dr. Jan van de Eijnden ofm was chosen as Provincial of the friars

    minor franciscans in the Netherlands, and diminished his appointment as scientific

    assistant to one day per week.

    - Student-assistents were Jeroen de Zanger (2001-2002), drs. Wim van de Fliert

    (2002-2003) and Femke Gerretzen (2003-2004).

    - Esther van der Vrie has been executive secretary in the commission for the translation

    of the Writings of St. Francis (2002-2004).

d. The series Scripta Franciscana

    Three new books appeared in the series Scripta Franciscana issued by Van Gorcum, Assen:

    - E. van den Goorbergh & Th. Zweerman, Was getekend: Franciscus van Assisi. Aspecten

    van zijn schrijverschap en de brandpunten van zijn spiritualiteit. 2e druk, 2002.

    - J. van den Eijnden, Franciscus als teken aan de hemel. De preken van Bonaventura over

    Franciscus van Assisi. 2003

    - Bonaventura. Breviloquium. De theologie in kort bestek. Band II Latijnse tekst, vertaald

    en toegelicht door J.C.M. van Winden, 2004.

    The editorial committee of the series has been taken over by the staff.

e. Study Groups

    The FSC has two study groups in which the staff members do not participate: the Study Group Environment and the Study Group Duns Scotus.

f. Research

    In 2002 a new research program was established, in which Dr. Jan van den Eijnden focuses on Bonaventura and the actualization of medieval Franciscan writers in the Netherlands, Prof. dr. Gerard Pieter Freeman on the translation of the Writings of St. Francis and Dr. Willem Marie Speelman on the meaning of the body in Franciscan spirituality.


    g. Education on the Catholic Theological University (KTU)

    - Franciscan Spirituality: In 2002 the FSC taught Franciscan Spirituality as an optional

    subject the Master Professional Theology. But in March 2003 the optional subjects

    disappeared so that this opportunity disappeared. In stead of this course, the FSC now

    participates in a course on Liturgy and Homiletics (3.5 ects).

    - Spirituality: Staff members of the FSC and the Professor by special appointment of

    Augustinian Spirituality have been teaching the course General Introduction in

    Spirituality (2 ects).

    - Master and Minor: the board of the KTU has asked the board of the FSC in Autumn

    2002 to cooperate in the development of a one year master Ethics and Spirituality. But


    at the end of 2003 the KTU decided to wait with start of the master. In Spring 2004 the

    KTU invited the FSC together with the Professor of Augustinian Spirituality to develop

    a minor Christian Spirituality. This minor has started in Spring 2005 with thirteen


    It has become difficult to attain one of the original aims of the FSC, which is to give the students in theology the opportunity to be informed with Franciscan Spirituality.

h. The future of the KTU: Catholic Theological University becomes Faculty of Catholic


    In Autumn 2004 the Bishopsconference together with the three Catholic Institutes for Scientific Theological Education have decided to merge the KTU and the Theological Faculty of Tilburg into one Faculty of Catholic Theology as part of the University of Tilburg, but located in

    Utrecht , responsible for the education of ministers of the Roman Catholic Church. It is not yet clear what the effects will be concerning the FSC.

2. From the Staff

a. Formation

    - Prof. dr. G.P. Freeman, professor and director of the FSC (1,0 fte), member of the

    research group Church History

    - Dr. J. van den Eijnden ofm, university teacher and chef de bureau (until Sept 2002 0,6 fte,

    then 0,2 fte), member of the research group Systematic Theology

    - Dr. W.M. Speelman, university teacher (1 oktober 2002. 1,0 fte), member of the

    research Group Practical Theology and Social Sciences.

    - Drs. H. Bisschops and drs. J. Sloot are supplementary members of the staff. Bisschops

    Works on the PhD thesis Franciscus als mysticus en mystagoog (St. Francis as a Mystic

    and Mystagogue); Sloot works on the PhD thesis De geschiedenis van de Franciscanen

    op Papua (The History of the Franciscans on Papua).

b. Education

    - Every year there is an Autumn course Franciscan Spiritualit, in which the different

    aspects of Franciscan spirituality are organized around the denominator “expanding

    brotherhood”. This course is given by G.P. Freeman and W.M. Speelman.

    - Each year the FSC participates in the course on Liturgy and Homiletics (3.5 ects), in

    which a spiritual approach of the celebration of liturgy is taught. This course is given by

    J. van den Eijnden and W.M. Speelman.

    - Each year the FSC participates in the course Systematic Theology and Spirituality, in

    which the FSC gives an introduction in Christian Spirituality by approaching Systematic

    Theological themes in a spiritual way.

    - Each year the FSC participates in the Minor Christian Spirituality in the Daily Practice.

    W.M. Speelman gives the first module General Introduction in Christian Spirituality

    (which is totally different from the systematic approach mentioned above); G.P. Freeman

    participates in the second module (Monastic Rules - Life Rules) and the third module

    (Organization of Life). W.M. Speelman gives the fourth module (Spiritual Method).

    - Each year W.M. Speelman participates in the course Introduction in Practical Theology.

c. Managers training Capodacqua


    Capodacqua is a course for members of the three Franciscan orders. The aim is to train Poor Clares, Friars Minor and other people connected to the Franciscan way of life in Netherlands and Flanders to communicate the Spirituality of SS. Clare and Francis. The course is an initiative of the Federation of the Dutch Poor Clares, but is also carried by the FSC. The FSC participates in the organization of the course and gives courses. The courses are:

    - The Sources of and about St. Clare and St. Francis

    - History of the Franciscan Movement

    - Monastic and Scholastic Theology

    - Mysticism and Spirituality

    - Latin

    - Methodics, Didactics and Group Dynamics.

    The courses are given in eleven blocks of four days each. Capodacqua started in August 2003 and ended in August 2005.

d. Study days

    On 1 February 2002 a seminar was held on the subject Spirituality and Corporeality. Speakers

    were Prof. Dr. F. Vosman and Prof.Dr. G.P. Freeman.

    On 13 March 2003 Dr. H. van Munster ofm held the FSC-lecture on Peace by St. Francis. Second speaker was Prof. Dr. G.P. Freeman.

    On 15 October 2004 there was a study day Signs from Heaven. Stigmatisation as divine

    confirmation. Main speakers were Prof. Dr. P. Vandermeersch, professor in Psychology of Religion (Groningen) and Dr. O. Schmucki ofmcap, Emiritus scholarly assistent of the Capuchin Historical Institute in Rome.

e. Research

    J. v.d. Eijnden undertook three projects:

    - 1) the supervision of the translation of Bonaventura's Breviloquium, part II, which

    appeared as Bonaventura, Breviloquium. De theologie in kort bestek. Band 2: Het

    herstellend beginsel / Vertaald en toegelicht door J.C.M. van Winden ofm (Assen:

    Van Gorcum, 2004).

    - 2) the translation of Bonaventuras sermons on St. Francis, which appeared as J. van

    den Eijnden (red.), Franciscus als teken aan de hemel. De preken van Bonaventura

    over Franciscus van Assisi (Assen: Van Gorcum, 2003)

    - 3) a pilot study of classical Franciscan spiritual writers in the Netherlands, with the

    question whether or not these authors may contribute to the present day spiritual

    discours. This study was concentrated on Jan Brugman and his mysticism of passion.

    However, after the pilot study Van den Eijnden decided not to continue with the


    - As Jan van den Eijnden was elected Minister Provincial of the Netherlands Friars

    Minor Franciscans his appointed at the FSC was dimished drastically to 0.2 ft (one

    day per week).

    G.P. Freeman

    - 1) The main attention was given to the new translation of St. Francis' writings which

    appeared as Franciscus van Assisi, De Geschriften / vertaald, ingeleid en toegelicht

    door Gerard Pieter Freeman, Hubert Bisschops, Beatrijs Corveleyn, Jan Hoeberichts

    en André Jansen (Haarlem: Gottmer, 2004). In april 2002 Freeman visited the

    congress about St. Franciscus‟ Writings, 25 years after the critical edition of K.

    Esser in Rome.


    - 2) Much attention was given to the workshop on the study day on Stigmatisation and

    gender (15 October 2004) and the publication on the Iconography of the


     W.M. Speelman

    - Speelman started a project On the Corporeality of the Spirituality after St. Francis

    and St. Clare as a research in Practical Theology.

    - He did a pilot study in order to conquer the methodological problems.

f. Services

    - In order to reach also people from outside the University, the FSC holds lectures

    throughout the country, for people inside and outside the Franciscan movement.

g. Memberships

    - Jan vd Eijnden was a member of the Conference of Religious Scholarly Institutes

    (KNR), but handed his membership over to W.M. Speelman. He is also a member of

    the Werkstatt Franziskanischer Theologie of the Middle-European Conference of

    Franciscans, and chairman of the Board of the Franciscan Centre for Spiritual

    Development „La Verna‟ in Amsterdam.

    - G.P. Freeman is a member of the Editorial Staff of Franciscaans Leven, and a

    member of the Società internazionale di studi francescani.

    - W.M. Speelman is a member of the Editorial Staff of Gregoriusblad. Tijdschrift ter

    bevordering van liturgische muziek, and of Franciscaans Leven.

h. Publicity

    - The Staff has drafted a new folder for the FSC.

    - A new website was drafted with a new address:

    - The list of addresses was updated.

    - A short shooting-script of publicity has been written.

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