The Alphabet

By Joanne Porter,2014-01-27 04:43
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The Alphabet

    The Alphabet

    English name Letter French name English name Letter French name sounds like sounds like sounds like sounds like

    A as in hay A A as in cat O as in oats O O (oats)

    Bee B bé (bay) P as in peel P pé (pay)

See C sé (say) Q as in cue Q ku

    Dee D dé (day) R as in are R ère, aire (r-r-r)

    E = ee E E (like Beulah the Buzzer) Ess S èss, esse (Bess)

    F as in deaf F èf (as in deaf) Tee T té (tay)

    Jee G Jé (jay) You U U lips as if to say O, but say E

    Ay+Ch H ache (ash) Vee V vé (vay)

    I as in pie I i (equal) double You W double vé (doo bluh vay)

    Jay J ji (jeepers) ex X ix (eeks or icks)

    Kay K kah (cop X cup) why Y i grecque (ee grek)

    El L èl, elle (el) zed Z zède (zed)

Em M èm, aime (em)

En N èn, laine (en)

See how letters whose names sound EE in English come out AY in French ? B-C-D = Bee-See-Dee = Bay-Say-Day in French.

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