Love Confession in Class

By Jessica Kelley,2014-06-25 14:17
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Love Confession in Class

    Love Confession in Class

     A boy suddenly entered into a classroom , under the teachers permission confessed his love

    to a girl and then gripped her hand, taking her away. What a romantic confession! I indeed praise the teacher for his toleration , forgiveness and understanding to the student, not restraining them and instead showed his blessing despite the fact that they definitely interrupted the lecture. In the society of more openness and tolerant nowadays, it comes no surprise to see young people of vigor and passion confess love crazily in public in pursuit for romance. But any behavior should be grounded on not disturbing others and taking occasions into account. Their genuine affection cannot be neglected, but on the other hand, it is partly inseparable from their motivation to follow the herd to show themselves. How will this kind of love going. We have to hold up suspicion. The young generation, with its openness and fading lines of proximity has jumped on the bandwagon of love so much haste that true love cannot be guaranteed.

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