Situation 1 Your school newspaper is seeking student writing

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Situation 1 Your school newspaper is seeking student writing

    On-Demand Instructional Strategies

    Academic Expectation 1.11: Students write using appropriate forms, conventions, and styles to communicate ideas and information to different audiences and for different purposes.

Core Content: On-Demand Writing

    The purpose of Kentucky’s on-demand writing assessment is to determine if

    students can independently apply skills and knowledge of the writing criteria. Under supervision in a testing situation, students produce a single response to a prompt, written in a single, limited time frame. Prompts provide a context which includes an audience, purpose, and form for the piece of writing. The prompts are structured to elicit student writing which narrates an event, persuades, or responds to text, graphic, or chart.

    (Note: Despite the limited time frame of 90 minutes, students are given the opportunity to ask for additional time)

    Common Forms of Written Response

    4 7 12

    Letter Letter Letter

    Article Article Article

     Editorial Editorial


    Common Purposes

    ; Narrate an event for a purpose

    ; Respond to text, graphic, or chart

    ; Persuade

    Instructional Strategies Used Over Time

    Before Writing

    ; Incorporate opportunities for on-demand writing within standards based units

    of study

    ; Utilize teacher generated on-demand prompts for both formative and

    summative assessments

    ; Read and discuss the forms in which students are asked to write (i.e., letter,

    article, editorial and speech)

    ; Analyze techniques writers use in these forms

    o idea development appropriate to mode (i.e., narrate, persuade, respond)

    o organization appropriate to mode

    o sentence structure

    o word choice

    ; Provide students opportunities to select a prompt to which they respond

During Writing

    ; Review with students the requirement of the prompts (i.e., form, audience and


    ; Scaffold this review through utilizing think-alouds, guided practice and

    independent practice

    ; Guide students in selection of a prompt based on their experiences and their

    knowledge of themselves as writers

    ; Scaffold instruction of the independent use of the writing process through

    whole group guided practice, small group practice and independent practice ; Monitor use of the writing process through the phases of development ; Adapt instruction of the stages of the writing process to meet the needs of the


    ; Guide students in use of resources (i.e., dictionary and thesaurus)

After Writing

    ; Provide opportunities for student reflection following on-demand writing (e.g.,

    writer’s notebook entries, exit or admit slips, informal conferences)

    ; Provide specific feedback to students based on writing criteria (i.e.,

    purpose/audience, idea development, organization, sentences, language and


    ; Meet with other teachers to analyze students’ on-demand writing in order to

    inform instruction

    Writing On-Demand

    Sample Prompts

    Situation 1: Your school newspaper is Task 1: Think of a school related issue seeking student writing addressing that you and your peers care about:

    immediate issues and current concerns longer breaks between classes

    of teens in public schools beginning classes later in the day

     building a new wing

     offering an alternative year-

    round schedule

     going to a block schedule

    Choose one of the topics above, or one

    of your own, and write a letter to your

    site-based council that clearly

    expresses your topic of concern.

    Include specific examples of support

    and offer suggestions. Persuade the

    council to make any changes you think

    are necessary.

    Situation 2: Our school district has Task 2: Take a stand regarding snack adjusted their policy on snacks sold to sales in your school. Write a letter to students. This change has caused some your school principal explaining your schools to stop selling snacks all stand and persuade him/her to consider together. your thoughts.

    Situation 3: Kentucky’s state Task 3: Write a letter to the state legislatures are concerned about child legislatures (or an editorial for your obesity. The state is proposing new school newspaper) voicing your opinions

    guidelines about the sale of soft drinks about the sale of soft drinks during the during the school day. school day.

    Situation 4: The newspaper is looking Task 4: Using one of the problems for student articles about current above, or an idea of your own, write an problems at their school such as: article persuading members of the

     new roof to prevent water leaks community to take action and correct

     enclose covered walkway this problem.

     provide a greater variety of

    options during lunch

     seatbelts on school busses

     homework issues

    Situation 5: At lunch each day, students Task 5: Write a letter to the principal are forced to sit at a table with only persuading him to allow children to sit children from their homeroom. Many with friends at different tables in the

    children wan to be able to sit at other cafeteria.

    places with friends.

    Situation 6: the local newspaper is Task 6: Write an editorial for your local seeking student editorials addressing paper persuading your city council to concerns of the cities in the county that build a swimming pool for the public to are building swimming pools. use.

    Situation 7: The advancements in Task 7: Margaret Fuller wrote: “Today a technology and entertainment have led reader, tomorrow a leader.” If this is to a decrease in reading among children. true, how will students lack of interest American students as a majority read in reading effect the future of our less and less every year. country? If it is not true, what has

     replaced “reading” to prepare leaders of

    the future?

    Situation 8: State test scores for the Task 8: Write a letter to inform the th7 grade dropped significantly from the school board of the positive benefits of past year. Imagine the school board has P.E. Use persuasive arguments to made the decision to eliminate P.E. from encourage them to reverse their the elementary schedule. This policy decision.

    was implemented so that students would

    have more time in the classroom on

    academic areas of science, language

    arts, social studies, and math.

    Situation 9: Teachers in your community Task 9: Write an editorial persuading are threatening to strike if the state citizens to band together to help put government does not meet or discuss and keep high quality teachers in public certain demands about salary and schools for good.


    Situation 10: Due to a drop in test Task 10: Write a letter to your scores, administrators have been looking principal stating your view on his

    at data to resolve any problems within suggestion. Tell him why this would or the building. One suggestion the would not work.

    principal suggests is separating males

    and females in all classes.

Situation 11: The number of overweight Task 11: Write a letter to local

    children is on the rise. Your school businesses asking them to donate money wants to create a gym/workout room to for fitness equipment.

    do something to help resolve this


    Situation 12: The noise level and amount